Best Blow Dry Cream for Frizzy Hair – Ultimate Guide

Frizzy hair is unruly, unappealing, dry, and damaged. And when you try to blow dry it, this hair type becomes even more unpleasant and awful. The heat from the hairdryer sucks all the remaining moisture and nourishment from the already dry, dreaded strands and makes them even rougher and frizzier.

But does this mean you shouldn’t or cannot dry your frizzy hair with a blow dryer and enjoy some seriously beautiful manes?

Well, you can always use a blow dry cream on your frizzy tresses to make them silky, smooth, and frizz-free after each blow drying session. Specially formulated with moisturizing ingredients, like glycerin, hair oils, fatty alcohols, and others, this product fights dryness and frizz from deep within and makes your hair as flawless and smooth as ever.

a model with frizz free hair after blow dry

Fighting frizz is not the only advantage of a blow dry cream for frizzy hair. Being true to its name, this haircare product protects your delicate tresses from the heat of a hairdryer so that they don’t burn or get damaged when you try to get a stunning blow dry.

A blow dry cream also cuts down hair drying time drastically so that you don’t have to expose your sensitive frizzy tresses to heat for longer and cause any further damage.

However, because the composition of a blow dry cream is very unique and has a very distinctive set of ingredients, it might be quite difficult for you to find the right one for your tresses.

To help you find the best blow dry cream for your frizzy hair, we have researched the market extensively and used some of the top products so that we can provide you with first-hand opinions.

Keep on reading to find them out.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: R+Co Park Ave Blowout Balm

There are several reasons to love this blow dry hair cream for frizzy tresses. For starters, this hair care product is extremely moisturizing. This means that it can tame and eliminate frizz from your frizzy tresses effectively while leaving them silky and smooth- just like we have always wished for. 

The potent formula of this blow dry cream contains a mix of fatty alcohols, glycerin, rice protein, Vitamin E, and Pro-Vitamin B5 to make it super hydrating and frizz-controlling.

While the rice protein in it conditions the hair, the antioxidant-rich Vitamin E nourishes each strand from within so that they can fight frizz and static more efficiently. These amazing components also strengthen your manes and make them look shinier and healthier than ever before. Our hair felts extremely soft and manageable after using this particular cream.

In addition to all these amazing hydrating components, R+Co didn’t forget to include the mighty glycerin in this cream formulation to make it even more potent and efficient in fighting frizz. As glycerin is a natural humectant, it attracts moisture from the environment and stores the hair strands so that they don’t dry out and become frizzy easily.

That’s not all. We also found out that the formulation of this blow dry cream contains Cetearyl Alcohol [a type of fatty alcohol] to make it even nourishing and more potent. Besides moisturizing your tresses and removing frizz from them, this incredible component also forms a waxy barrier over the manes so that they don’t get damaged by the heat from your hairdryer.

Cetearyl Alcohol is not the only ingredient that we found in this product that fights frizz while also ensuring incredible heat protection. The thermal polymers as well as the silicones [dimethicone] present in this Park Ave Blowout Balm not only seal the moisture in your unruly strands but also protects against the heat from your blow dryer tool.

Moreover, this blowout product also contains Hydrolyzed Soy Protein in its composition to make sure that it provides utmost protection against heat damage and further hair frizz. This hydrolyzed protein creates a protective barrier over each hair strand so that heat from the blow dryer cannot pass through and burn them in any way. Even after having super sensitive hair, our tresses didn’t suffer from any damage after using this extraordinary blow dry cream.

Besides heat protection, this protein also increases hair’s ability to hold moisture and makes sure that your tresses are silky, smooth, and touchable after each blowout session.

One interesting component we found in this cream is hair oil. R+Co incorporated hydrogenated castor oil in its composition to make sure that you never feel disappointed with this balm ever. This “magical” oil has high smoke or burning point of 428°F, which ensures that it won’t burn down your precious tresses anytime soon. It doesn’t matter if you have fine, thick, thin, or sensitive tresses, because of the presence of this oil, this cream won’t let the heat burn your tresses down.

Moreover, because this oil is rich in amino acids and moisture, it also nourishes your hair from the inside to remove frizz actively.

Another notable thing about this hair balm we absolutely loved is its “clean formulation”. R+Co didn’t use any “hair damaging” ingredients including sulfate, paraben, and phosphate in this product to make sure that it doesn’t dry your tresses even further and cause additional frizz and damage.


  • Safe, vegan formula
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Restores luster and shine
  • Provides a smooth, sophisticated look


  • The packaging might not feel appealing

Best Budget: Cake Beauty GraceFull Blow Dry Frizz Control Hair Cream

We were looking for a budget-friendly blow dry cream for frizzy hair and WE FOUND THIS!

This amazing hair cream from Cake Beauty totally won our hearts because of the results it provides at a very reasonable price tag.

We also appreciate the fact that this hair balm is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Cake Beauty made sure not to pour in any parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils in this product formulation to make it safe and “non-damaging” to even the most sensitive of hairs. Because of the absence of such components, this cream is not drying, and hence, didn’t cause any damage or further frizz in our manes.

The mild, vegan formula isn’t the only “goodness” that we have found in this blow dry cream. As it is specially formulated to eliminate frizz and protect frizzy hair, it is loaded with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients to make your tresses look “oh so amazing” after each hair drying session.

For starters, Cake Beauty incorporated glycerin in this hair balm to hydrate your unruly tresses from within. As glycerin is a natural humectant, it draws hydration from the surroundings and keeps your manes plush so that no frizz shows off. Also, even though it is incredibly hydrating, the glycerin in this cream won’t weigh down your tresses and make them look flat and lackluster in any way.

In addition to the mighty glycerin, the composition of this hair balm also contains Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol to provide additional nourishment to your unpleasant frizzy tresses. Both these long-chain alcohols hydrate the hair strands from deep within to fight frizz and static like none other. And as there are zero frizzes in your hair, it looks as gorgeous and flawless after the drying session as ever.

Also, being the fact that it is a budget option, we were utterly surprised to find that it contains shea butter in it. Rich in vitamin A and E, this naturally derived butter adds moisture to your frizzy manes and helps to restore the shine and luster in them quicker than ever.

Besides all the hydrating ingredients, Cake Beauty added a handful of heat protecting components to this blow out cream to be true to its form. The presence of Dimethicone and Amodimethicone [silicones] in this cream protects your fragile tresses from burning down from the heat of the hairdryer while also ensuring enough hydration to them. They do this by creating a moisture film on each hair strand that bars the heat to enter your hair shaft and burn them down in any way.

For extra nourishment and heat protection, this blow dry cream for frizzy hair contains the mighty coconut oil in its composition. This lightweight oil has a smoke point of 350°F that ensures extraordinary heat protection against the heat from the blow dryer and keeps your manes damage-free even after a blow drying session.

Moreover, as this oil allows you to use high heat on your tresses without the risk of burning them, it helps to cut down drying time greatly saving your time on busy mornings.

In addition to all the amazing ingredients, the formulation of this blow dry cream contains hydrolyzed rice protein and hydrolyzed soy protein to offer maximum heat protection and moisturization to your unruly frizzy tresses.

And because of such heat protection, you can use this GraceFull Blowout Hair Balm on your super sensitive tresses too.


  • Cruelty-free, vegan formula
  • Suitable for sensitive hair too
  • Lightweight and non-greasy


  • Some might not like the fresh coconut scent of the cream

What Our Testers Say

Considering the price point of this hair care product, it has to be the best blow dry cream I have used in a while on my frizzy tresses. It’s lightweight, non-greasy and most importantly, it didn’t burn my hair till today.

Angela Mann

Best for Fast Drying: Joico Dream Blowout Thermal Protection Crème

We fell in love with this blow dry cream for frizzy hair because it dries wet hair up to 50% faster and hence saves a lot of our time, especially when we are having a busy day. It contains a handful of amazing fast-drying and heat protecting ingredients that ensure such faster results.

To begin with, Joico developed the formula of this incredible blow dry cream with Dimethicone in it to protect your precious tresses from burning down. This silicone forms a protective layer over your manes and makes them heat repellant. The heat from your hairdryer won’t penetrate this barrier, and hence, your hair won’t suffer from any damage anytime soon.

Besides extraordinary heat protection, dimethicone also provides the required hydration in your unruly tresses to eliminate frizz and flyaways actively.

Joico also added the mighty hydrolyzed keratin in this blow dry cream composition to make sure that the formula is strong enough to fight frizz and heat efficiently. The hydrolyzed keratin, too, creates a protective barrier over each hair strand to protect them against the high heat of the blow dryer.

However, we were absolutely amazed by its cellular repairing process. Hydrolyzed keratin reaches deep inside your hair shaft and nourishes it from deep within so that it doesn’t show any signs of frizz and static after the drying process.

That’s not all. This hair cream contains a combination of lightweight hair oils to make it even more potent and effective in making your manes smooth and beautiful. Joico incorporated safflower seed oil, rosa canina fruit oil, and crambe abyssinica seed oil in this product to make sure your frizzy tresses are not only flawless but are also well-protected.

While antioxidant-enriched safflower seed oil nourishes your tresses and protects them from environmental stressors, it also has a high smoke point of 320°F for utmost heat protection. Such a high burning point not only assures the utmost safety of the strands but also cuts down hair drying time severely. You would get gorgeous, dried hair much faster than ever before.

However, the rosa canina fruit oil and crambe abyssinica seed oil don’t have high smoke points. These oils moisturize your frizzy hair efficiently so that your tresses don’t look frizzy and unhealthy anymore.

These oils are not the only nourishing ingredients in this blow dry cream for frizzy hair. It also has glycerin and fatty alcohols in its composition to ensure utmost hydration to your damaged frizzy tresses.

One more notable thing about this blow dry cream is that it promotes a clean, safe formula. Its composition doesn’t have any sulfate, paraben, or any other harmful ingredients that might potentially harm your manes in any way.


  • Provides incredible softness and shine
  • Ensures quick drying
  • Enriched with vitamins and nutrients
  • Reduces breakage effectively


  • All might not like the smell

Best Repairing: Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry Cream

This cream is another of our favorite among the lot. We absolutely love this cream because it not only protects your fragile frizzy tresses from burning down but also repairs them for a smoother, more gorgeous outlook.

While talking about its repairing properties, let’s mention that this hair product is loaded with nourishing ingredients that reach deep into the hair shaft and restore them from within. Bumble and Bumble formulated this cream with the mighty glycerin, and long-chain alcohols to provide incredible hydration to your dry, fragile tresses. As these components are super lightweight they can reach deep inside the strands and nourish and repair them actively.

Besides fighting frizz and restoring your tresses, we admire that this blow dry cream offers extraordinary heat protection too. The presence of silicones in its formula [Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and Amodimethicone] coats each strand with a barrier so that they can repeal heat effectively when you try to dry them with a hairdryer. As this barrier doesn’t let heat enter the hair, your tresses won’t suffer from burns anytime soon.

Silicones also hydrate the manes and contribute to fighting frizz greatly.

Aside from the mix of silicones, the formulation of this blow dry cream also has a combination of hydrolyzed protein in it to offer maximum heat protection and moisturization to your hair.

It contains hydrolyzed wheat protein that forms a shiny, lustrous film on the surface of the hair so that heat cannot enter your hair and burn it. This extraordinary hair protein distributes the heat gently over the hair strands to make sure all your manes are dried effectively without getting burnt or fried.

Moreover, the presence of hydrolyzed vegetable protein and hydrolyzed corn starch make this cream incredibly hydrating and provides the maximum level of moisture to your frizzy manes.

Additionally, Bumble and Bumble used hydrogenated castor oil to make this blowout cream even more effective for your fragile hair. This amazing hair oil has a smoke point of 428°F, which means that it can tolerate an extremely high amount of heat before frying your hair.

In addition to all these amazing components, we love the fact that this hair cream is safe and “not drying”. Because there are no sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils in it, this product will not cause any further frizz in your manes and make them look unpleasant anytime soon.


  • Serum consistency for easy absorption
  • Also suitable for color-treated hair
  • Never tested on animals
  • Safe and non-damaging


  • Might not provide a superior hold

Best for Thick Frizzy Hair: Garnier Hair Care Fructis Style Smooth Blow Dry Anti-Frizz Cream

This Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Cream from Garnier is yet another blow dry cream that we used and loved for our frizzy hair. It is hydrating, safe, and provides incredible protection against heat and damage. Moreover, it is considered the best blow dry cream for thick frizzy hair because of its ability to repeal high heat [450°F] and protect the stubborn thick tresses from burning down.

As thick manes require more heat to dry quickly, this cream act as the perfect barrier to protect them from any burns and harm while you try to blow-dry them.

Garnier especially formulated this cream with argania spinose kernel oil [most commonly known as argan oil] to ensure the highest heat protection and moisturization for your frizzy hair. This magical oil has a high smoke point and can tolerate up to 420°F of heat before burning your precious tresses down. Also, because of such a heat tolerance level, it speeds up the hair drying process and cuts down drying time like none other.

Another amazing thing about this mighty seed oil is that it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and therefore, it nourishes your frizzy strands from deep within for a silkier and smoother appearance.

Besides argan oil, this blow dry cream also contains hydrogenated castor oil in its composition to provide added protection against heat and frizz to your beloved tresses. Loaded with amino acids and moisture, this oil also shields the hair from heat burns while also hydrating it for a smoother appearance.

Moreover, we appreciate the fact that Garnier incorporated silicone in this haircare product to make it even more potent and efficient. This blow dry cream comes with both Dimethicone and Amodimethicone to provide all-around care to your dry, frizzy hair. As both these silicones are extremely nourishing, they eliminate frizz from your tresses and make them look as flawless and beautiful as ever. Additionally, they form a protective barrier over the manes and stop the heat from entering the shaft and burn them in no time. 

Even though this blow dry cream has such extraordinary components, we are quite surprised to find that it is packed with extremely nourishing ingredients too. The potent composition of this hair product incorporates glycerin and fatty alcohols to eliminate disturbing frizz actively. And because of such immense moisturization, your hair would never feel better or less frizzy.


  • Officially-approved cruelty-free formula
  • No sulfates or paraben included
  • Ensures long-lasting blowouts
  • Non-damaging and safe


  • Doesn’t provide any stronghold

Things to Consider Before Buying A Best Blow Dry Cream for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is not the easiest to maintain. And you know that too. To tame such kind of hair and also to maintain its looks and luster, you need to look for special ingredients in a blow dry cream for frizzy hair. Let’s look at these components for a better understanding.

Silicone Matters

The presence of silicones in a blow dry cream for frizzy hair is extremely important. This is because it is extremely hydrating and moisturizing and therefore, fights frizz like none other. Also, as silicone is a bad conductor of heat, it will protect your precious manes from burning down when you apply heat to dry them perfectly.

Heat Protectants

Heats protectants are important in a blow dry cream for frizzy hair because they shield your manes from the heat of the dryer and protect them from burns and damage.

Moisturizing Agents

Because we are talking about frizzy hair here, you must also look for moisturizing agents in the formula of your blow dry cream for frizzy hair. The more moisturizing ingredients the better because they will eliminate frizz actively and make your manes appear smoother and silkier than ever before.

Safe Formulations

Your hair is sensitive and precious. And that’s why get a blow dry cream that comes with a safe formula. Make sure that the cream you are buying for your frizzy tresses doesn’t come with sulfate, paraben, or SLSa so that your already frizzy hair becomes frizzy and damaged again.


Why do you need a blow dry cream for your frizzy hair?

There are several reasons you need a blow dry cream for your sensitive frizzy hair. Let’s discuss them so that you never skip applying this product the next time.
·         Protects your frizzy hair from burning down due to the heat from the hairdryer.
·         Cuts down hair drying time greatly while also reducing the styling time.
·         Controls frizz and statics greatly.
·         Leaves hair glossy, shiny, and manageable too.

Are there any disadvantages of a blow dry cream for frizzy hair?

We haven’t found any particular disadvantages of a blow dry cream for frizzy hair. However, as this product is loaded with moisturizing agents, it might weigh down your tresses and make them look flat if you apply it for an excessive amount.

When should you apply a blow dry cream to your frizzy hair?

To protect your manes from burning down and also to eliminate frizz effectively from your hair, you must apply a blow dry cream right before you dry your tresses. It’s always recommended to apply this cream on damp tresses so that when you blow dry them, they are well-protected and safe.

How long does a blow dry cream for frizzy hair take to work?

Because blow dry creams for frizzy hair are potent with amazingly effective ingredients, they start working almost immediately after you apply them to your hair.

To enjoy the best results out of a blow dry cream, smear it evenly on all your tresses. This way it will not only protect your manes to a T but also make them look silky and smooth after each blow dry session.

Does blow drying hair make it frizzy?

Blow drying can definitely make your hair frizzy. However, if you apply a blow dry cream for frizzy hair beforehand and also follow the correct steps of drying your hair, there are zero chances that your manes will suffer from frizz and static afterward.

How do I stop my blow drying hair from frizzing?

There are quite a few ways you can stop your blow drying hair from frizzing again. Let’s discuss them to make sure you always have healthy, gorgeous-looking hair after every blow dry session.

How often should you use a blow dry cream for your frizzy hair?

You should apply a blow dry cream to your frizzy hair every time you use a hairdryer to dry it out. As this cream protects your manes and cuts down drying time greatly, there is no reason to skin it before each drying session.

Is alcohol needed in a blow dry cream for frizzy hair?

Fatty alcohols or long-chain alcohols are hair conditioning agents that hydrate your hair and eliminate frizz actively. Its presence in the cream formula definitely makes the cream more potent and helps it to fight frizz more actively.

However, we cannot say the same about drying alcohols, or short-chain alcohols. As the name suggests, these alcohols are drying and would make your tresses even frizzier. Avoid them in the cream formulation at any cost.

Wrapping Up

Now that we know about some of the best blowout creams for frizzy hair, getting gorgeous, frizz-free blow-dried hair is just a matter of time. Select the one that fits your preference from the above list and flaunt the most flawless tresses of your life.