Best Blow Dry Spray for Fine Hair 2023

Fine hair can be very dry, fragile, and sensitive. A bit here and there can cause severe damage to this hair type, specially when you apply heat to dry them quickly. The heat from your blow dryer can burn down the strands and cause severe breakage in your fine manes even before you realize it.

But does this mean you shouldn’t dry your fine hair locks and flaunt gorgeous tresses?

Well, No. When you have a blow dry cream for fine hair handy, you can dry your manes without the fear of any burns and damage. This amazing ultra-lightweight hair care product is made up of several heat protectant and moisturizing ingredients so that you can dry and style even super fine hair without any worries.

before and after effect of fine hair using blow dry spray

Now, if you are wondering what components are best for heat protection or what should look for in a blow dry spray for fine hair, let’s help you with that. Look for different lightweight hair oils and hydrolyzed proteins in the spray composition to ensure complete heat protection. These components not only shield your sensitive tresses from burning down but also cut down hair drying time greatly.

In addition to the heat protectants, don’t forget to look for various moisturizing agents like glycerin, fatty alcohols, and others, in the formulation. As fine tresses are delicate and damage-prone, these highly hydrating components will keep them healthy, silky, and manageable even after you blow dry them regularly.

And as it is quite difficult to find a blow dry spray with such an ingredient combination, we have researched the market attentively and listed the best blow dry sprays for fine hair just for you.

Keep on reading to find them out!

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: ColorProof SuperPlump Thickening Blow Dry Spray

We love, love, and LOVE this product!

And there’s a reason for that.

To start with, this blow dry spray provides 450°F of heat protection to your delicate tresses so that they don’t burn easily when you try to dry them with a hairdryer. ColorProof developed the formula of this blow dry product using a revolutionary FlexShield Technology that shrinks wraps all your hair strands and repeals heat so that it doesn’t burn your manes anytime soon.

Besides, this technology, the composition of this spray also has a potent mix of lightweight hair oils to provide additional heat protection, as well as hydration, to the super-sensitive fine tresses. And we like it. It contains Sunflower Seed Oil that not only nourishes your hair to fight frizz but also offers extraordinary heat protection. As it has a smoke point of 450°F, it ensures the highest heat protection against high heat and keeps your fine/ thin tresses away from burns and damage.

The sunflower seed oil also repels UV rays of the sun, and hence, acts as a sunscreen for your precious manes too.

This blow dry spray also has hydrogenated castor oil and pelargonium graveolens flower oil in it to make your fine tresses softer and more luscious. They hydrate your hair strand from deep within so that there is no trace of frizz, static, and brittleness in them.

Moreover, ColorProof also included Hydrolyzed Corn Starch, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Protein, and Hydrolyzed Pea Protein in this haircare spray to make sure that not only protects your hair from heat but also fights dryness, frizz, and breakage actively. While Hydrolyzed Jojoba and Pea Protein penetrate deep into your hair shaft to strengthen and smoothen it from inside, Hydrolyzed Corn Starch increases the volume of your manes for a fuller, more bodylicious look.

That’s not all. This lightweight spray formula has a mighty combination of Silicone Quaternium [a prominent member of the silicone family], glycerin, and fatty alcohols in its composition to provide utmost hydration to your brittle tresses. These components are super lightweight and hence, don’t weigh down your fine hair while adding moisture to them.

And because of the presence of all these ingredients, this blow dry product for fine hair cuts down drying time greatly and makes sure that you don’t expose such delicate tresses to high heat for long.

Another thing we appreciate about this blow dry spray is that is extremely safe. As it doesn’t have any sulfate, paraben, gluten, mineral oil, and salt, it is extremely safe for your delicate fine hair.


  • Provides incredible color protection
  • Lightweight and easy to apply
  • Ensures UV protection too
  • 100% vegan formula for safety
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Available only in one size

What our tester says

I loved this blow dry spray because it has a safe formula. Because my fine tresses are incredibly sensitive, the clean formula suited me perfectly. I would definitely buy another bottle once I finish this up.

Angela Mann

Best Budget: Kristin Ess Hair Style Assist Blow Dry Mist

Even though this Kristin Ess blow dry mist is a budget option, we were utterly surprised by its extraordinary quality. And we bet you would love it too.

What caught our attention in the first place is its clean, safe formulation. This blow dry spray for thin hair was developed without any sulfates, parabens, phthalates and other “hair damaging” ingredients so that it doesn’t cause any further damage to your overly sensitive tresses. We used it on our hair without any worries.

Also, because it provides heat protection of up to 450°F we are even more reluctant to put this spray on our super fine hair. The salvia hispanica seed oil [chia seed oil] in this hair care product has a high smoke point and offers incredible heat protection to make sure that your delicate hair doesn’t burn because of the heat from the hairdryer.

In addition to protection against high heat, chia seed oil also provides incredible moisturization to your dry, fine hair. Rich in different fatty acids, this hair oil penetrates the hair shaft and seals in moisture like none other. And as a result, we experienced softer, smoother, and more hydrated hair locks- just as we have always wanted.

Along with the hair oil, Kristin Ess also added Hydrolyzed Keratin in this blow dry spray for the highest protection against the heat from your drying tool. This hair protein creates a protective film all over your manes and prevents heat from burning them in any way.

Another component that ensures both heat protection and hydration is the mighty dimethicone [a type of silicone]. This amazing ingredient forms a water barrier over each of your fine hair strands to make sure that the heat cannot enter the shaft and burn them. This film just allows a gentle amount of heat to pass through so that you can dry the tresses without suffering from any damage.

Dimethicone hydrates hair too to fight frizz and static effectively.

Moreover, because these ingredients provide such protection against heat, you can dry the hair quickly with high heat and cut down drying time greatly. You wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time to get fully dried, gorgeous tresses.

One more thing we like about this blow dry spray is that it is loaded with hydrating components to moisturize your manes while also eliminating split ends, frizz, and dryness from them. Kristin Ess poured in glycerin, fatty alcohols, and hydrolyzed pea protein that nourishes your hair strands and makes them healthier and more gorgeous than ever before.

This spray also has a revolutionary Zip-Up Technology that is specially designed to “zip-up” split ends and reduces the appearance of damaged hair perfectly. It also helps to smooth the cuticles and give you the most luxuriously silky hair after each blow dry session.


  • Ultra-lightweight spray
  • Color and keratin safe formulation
  • Moisturizes strands actively
  • Cruelty-free composition
  • Suitable for all types of hair


  • Many might not like the unscented formula

Best for Salon-quality Results: Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Just Blow Dry Spray

Because of its extraordinary blend of ingredients, this blow dry spray from Peter Coppola provides salon-quality results. And after using this spray, we can’t help but fall in love with our tresses over and over again!

As this heat protectant hair care product is loaded with incredibly moisturizing agents, it nourishes your hair efficiently and fights frizz like none other and as a result, your hair is silky, smooth, and beautiful. For instance, the presence of glycerin and Cetearyl Alcohol [prominent long-chain alcohol] in the spray not only makes it potent but also assists in eliminating frizz in no time. Because these components are extremely lightweight, they get into the core of the hair easily and hydrate the strands from within to hydrate them perfectly. And when your manes are extremely hydrated, they not only reduce dryness significantly but also look as smooth and fabulous as ever.

Moreover, we noticed that this blow dry spray also contains the mighty keratin in its formulation to provide additional moisturization to your manes. This magical protein not only nourishes your tresses but also repairs the hair shaft, smoothens the strands, and adds shine to them. And all these benefits ensure silkier, stronger, and healthier locks- just as you dreamt of.

Besides keratin, this hair care product has hydrolyzed soy protein in its composition for further hydration in your fine hair. It gets deep in each hair strand and mends each hair fiber so that there is no frizz left in your manes. This extraordinary protein also increases the hair’s ability to hold moisture to make sure that it remains healthy and gorgeous after each hair drying session. 

Moving on, let’s discuss how this hairspray protected our hair during each blow drying procedure. As the main purpose of this product is to protect hair and cut down drying time by several notches, it contains potent sunflower seed oil to make it super effective. This oil has a smoke point of 450°F and therefore, it not only protects the tresses from burning down but also reduces the hair drying time drastically.

Additionally, it contains dimethicone [type of silicone] too to provide extra protection to your fine, fragile tresses. Because this silicone forms a barrier over the hair strands, it doesn’t let the heat enter the hair shaft and burn them during your hair drying sessions. It keeps your tresses utterly safe and gorgeous!

Besides all these benefits, what we also loved is the fact that Peter Coppola ensured this spray is absolutely safe for frizz-prone fine tresses. Because it is a sulfate and paraben-free blow drying spray, it won’t dry out or damage your hair any further and make it look unpleasant. NEVER EVER.


  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Increases shine instantly
  • Reduces frizz and statics actively
  • Light, refreshing smell


  • Some might not like the bottle design

Best for Volume: Bumble and Bumble Foam Spray Blow Dry

We wanted to try a volumizing blow dry spray for our fine hair. AND WE FOUND THIS!

This Bumble and Bumble blow dry spray has to be the best blow dry spray for the volume we have tried so far. It provides hold, volume as well as heat protection, and makes your delicate fine tresses “oh so fabulous” after each blow drying session.

This lightweight hairspray was specially designed with VP/VA Copolymer and Acrylates Copolymer in its composition to ensure incredible volume and hold in your otherwise dull and limp hair. These amazing ingredients lift the roots and hold them in place so that your tresses look as voluminous and bodylicious as never before.

It also comes with a salt mineral complex to ensure the texture and even more volume in your fine tresses. After using this spray, we didn’t need to put on any other hair product to add volume and body to our fine manes.

Besides enhancing the body and movement, this haircare product also provides incredible heat protection to your manes. It has a unique blend of lightweight hair oils, like coconut oil, mango seed oil, and kukui seed oil to protect your tresses and care for them too.

The mighty coconut oil has a high smoke point of 350°F and hence, offers maximum protection to your delicate fragile hair from heat burns and damage. It also helps to dry your hair faster and cut down the drying time greatly without damaging your tresses at all.

Moreover, coconut oil, along with mango seed oil, and kukui seed oil nourishes your hair deeply so that it doesn’t show signs of frizz, damage, or burns even after you blow dry them regularly.

It also contains glycerin for additional hydration in your gentle fine tresses.

Besides coconut oil, Bumble and Bumble poured in coconut water too in this blow dry spray to make it even more beneficial for your fine hair. This soothing water promotes cell growth and keeps your hair strong and healthy. It improves blood circulation and fortifies the hair strands so that they not only look good but also are stronger from within.

In addition to all these ingredients, we also noticed that this hair product contains a blend of hydrolyzed wheat protein and hydrolyzed soy protein to take the best care of your fragile hair. While the hydrolyzed wheat protein forms a protective barrier over the manes to save them from the hairdryer heat, the hydrolyzed soy protein strengthens the hair fiber and makes it look as gorgeous as ever.


  • Provides hold and volume
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Easy to use a spray bottle
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Some might not like the fragrance

What our tester says

This product provides what it claims. The volume and body it created in my fine manes are absolutely amazing. If budget is not a problem for you, you should try it out.

Ashlee Cameron

Best Dermatologist-tested Spray: Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

We tried to be extra “boujee” and bought this blow dry spray from Orbie just for fun. And “boy oh boy” it was worth every penny we spent. The lightweight mist formula is dermatologically-tested, incredibly safe for fine hair, and provides just the right level of heat protection for a safe hair drying session- all the goodness packed in one.

To start with, to make it extremely safe and healthy for your delicate fine hair, Orbie used a super safe formula for this blow dry spray. It is formulated without sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, and gluten to make sure it doesn’t harm your manes in any shape or form. And because of such safe formula, this product caught our attention in the first place.

Besides ensuring the health and luster of the fine tresses, this spray also assures incredible protection against heat and makes sure your manes don’t suffer from burns and breakages. It contains the magical Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil [argan oil] with a smoke point of 420oF to protect your sensitive fine hair exceptionally. Rich in fatty acids, this oil also nourishes the strands precisely so that they become smoother and silkier than ever before.

What we were surprised to find in this product is the presence of the mighty avocado oil. This oil has a smoke point of 520°F and hence, it offers the highest heat protection to your already fragile hair. Even if you use the “high” heat setting in your hairdryer, it is unlikely that this blow dry spray would burn your hair.

Moreover, because of such high heat protection, this spray helps you to dry your tresses faster than usual and gives you some extra time for your make-up too!

That’s not all. This extraordinary hair product offers protection against UV rays too and acts as a sunscreen for your precious hair strands. The sunflower extract in its composition repeals the harmful rays of the sun from entering your hair shafts and keeps them from burning down in no time.

All these components also ensure deep hydration to your tresses and promise to keep them silkier, smoother, and more manageable- just like runway models.

The benefits of this hair spray don’t end here. Because Orbie added different types of silicones [Dimethicone, Amodimethicone, and Polysilicone] in its blend, this haircare item is incredibly moisturizing and hydrating for your gentle fine tresses.

One thing we didn’t like about this blow dry spray is that it doesn’t come with any type of hydrolyzed protein in its composition. Hydrolyzed proteins are important for fine hair because they not only hydrate your tresses from within but also provide heat protection to the strands to keep them from burning away.


  • Ultra-lightweight composition
  • Repairs split ends, softens and strengthens the hair
  • Gives the hair a healthy body and shine
  • Cruelty-free formula
  • Approved by PETA


  • Many might not like the packaging

Best for Humidity-resistant and Fine to Medium Hair: Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Mist

As Kenra blow dry spray for fine hair has been on the talks recently, we decided to try it too. And we were awestruck by its ultra-lightweight formula and its heat and humidity-resistant capabilities.

For starters, this blow dry product contains copolymer in its formula to resist humidity and ensure holds perfectly. This incredible ingredient lifts the roots and creates texture in your fine to medium hair after each hair drying session to make sure that your hair doesn’t become flat anytime soon.

Besides creating volume, this haircare item also provides amazing protection against heat so that your sensitive fine hair doesn’t get burnt or damaged from your blow drying sessions. Because its composition has potent safflower oil [smoke point 510°F] and jojoba seed oil [smoke oil 383°F], it offers extraordinary heat protection to delicate hair strands. The presence of these non-sticky, lightweight oils shields your manes from burning down and ensures beautifully blown-out hair, every single time!

However, one thing we didn’t like about this Kenra blow dry spray is that it doesn’t have enough moisturizing components in its formulation. Even though the blend of lightweight oils nourishes your hair deeply, other hydrating ingredients [like glycerin, silicones, fatty alcohol, etc] could have made it even more potent and effective for delicate fine tresses.


  • Ensures long-lasting results
  • Eliminates frizz and provides smoother results
  • Ultra-lightweight fine mist formula
  • Safe,  potent composition
  • Available in different sizes


  • Lacks moisturizing ingredients

Things to Consider Before Buying A Best Blow Dry Spray for Fine Hair

Even though the market is full of blow dry sprays from different brands, you just cannot buy any spray that comes in handy. As fine hair is super delicate and usually dry and frizz-prone, you need to keep in mind a few important factors. Let’s discuss them further.

Plenty of Moisturizing Ingredients

Because fine tresses are generally dry and brittle and frizz-prone, highly moisturizing components, like silicones, hydrolyzed proteins, glycerin, and fatty alcohols, are important for them. While buying a blow dry spray for your fine hair, look for one or more of these ingredients in the composition because they will hydrate your hair from within and make them look as fabulous as ever.

Heat Protectants are Important

As a blow dry spray is also a heat protectant spray, remember to look for heat protectant ingredients in it. Different types of hair oils, hydrolyzed proteins, and silicones help to create a shield over your sensitive manes and protect them from burning down anytime soon.

A Safe Formula

Always remember that your fine manes are sensitive and fragile. And therefore you just cannot put anything and everything in them. Make sure that the blow dry spray you are spraying on your precious tresses is free from sulfates and other harmful ingredients to protect their health and looks perfect.


Why do you need a blow dry spray for fine hair?

Fine hair is delicate, sensitive, and fragile. And that’s why protecting it, especially from the heat of your hairdryer is a must. A blow dry spray does just that. This incredible product not only makes sure that your fine hair locks are silky, smooth, and healthy after each blow out session but also cuts down drying time greatly.

Are there any drawbacks of a blow dry spray on fine hair?

A blow dry spray is a magical product for your fine hair. However, if you spray it too much or use a heavyweight spray, it might weigh down your limp fine tresses even more and make them look flat and unpleasant.

Why do experts say yes to blow dry spray and no to blow dry cream for fine hair?

Even though a blow dry cream also features similar components and protects hair effectively against heat, its texture isn’t as lightweight and non-sticky as a spray. And when you apply something such heavy on your already limp, flat fine tresses, it weighs them down even more and makes them extremely flat. Even a blow dry wouldn’t lift your manes after applying a cream.

Wrapping Up

Using a blow dry spray on your fine hair is an excellent way to protect it while also reducing hair drying time by several notches. And the sprays we have listed and discussed above do just that. These blow dry sprays each have a potent formula and offer incredible safety to your precious tresses. Choose any of these products, and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed- they would provide you with more than you have asked for.