Hair Dryer vs. Hot Air Brush – Finding the Better Tool for Blow Drying

Hair dryers help us dry our hair in less time than air drying, and so does the hot air brush. Both of them will dry your hair but do it differently. Hot air brushes will dry and style your hair at the same time. Since they do the same thing, you’ll experience arguments on the topic that one of these might be better than the other.

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Both blow dryers and hot air brushes help us get dry, silky hair with less effort and save our time. When it comes to a comparison between them, it’s difficult to do that. Still, there are some aspects which have marked differences between these tools. So, let’s check out those facts to know which of these tools is better for specific types of hair.

Hair Dryer

Earlier, hair dryers mainly used to dry hair and do nothing else. Now, they have other functions such as taming frizz, and many more. Blow dryers dry hair by flowing negative ions which break the hydrogen bonds of the water of your hair. The ceramic, tourmaline and ionic technologies help us get the desired hair looks effortlessly.

Blow drying adds volume to flat, thin hair. Ionic blow dryers help to get sleek, smooth hair quickly. Though hot air brushes also come in ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline technologies like the blow dryers, they differ from each other at a reasonable extent.

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Hot Air Brush

Hot air brushes are round and bristled brushes that flow hot air while you can brush your hair at the time of drying. The round brush can be a rotating one or a fixed one. Whichever it is, it’ll help you to style the hair while blow drying. This tool requires more effort of you while styling the hair if you have thick hair. However, for thin to medium hair, the hot air brush can be a blessing.

You can use hot air brushes to curl or straighten your hair. Using some tricks, you can make a hair dryer do that also, but the hot air brush is more appropriate for that.

Comparing facts

Now comes the time for comparison. The hot air brush and the hairdryer are both different tools in looks, shapes, types, and functions. Some facts might be similar, but some are not.

Blow Drying

When it comes to hair drying, a blow dryer is the most effective. A hairdryer is designed for blow drying and not for anything else. It does only this thing effectively.

On the contrast, a hot brush is there to minimize the damaging effects. You’ll get low dried hair with hot air brushes too, but it’ll take more time and effort as they have low-temperature settings for causing less harm.

Hair dryer: Better for blow drying
Hot air brush: Average

Required Time

Time’s a valuable thing, and we don’t want to waste this asset. The total time a blow dryer needs to dry normal hair is 15 to 20 minutes. It depends on the wattage of the dryer. Nevertheless, the time can vary.

A hot air brush takes up more time to dry and style the hair. We already stated that hot air brushes tend to have lower temperature settings than blow dryers. As a result, they cannot dry hair as quick as blow dryers. The average time it takes to dry hair is 25 to 30 minutes in the case of a hot air brush.

Hair dryer: 15-20 minutes
Hot air brush: 25-30 minutes


When it comes to adding some style in your hair, the blow dryer lags behind the hot air brush. You can use a blow dryer to straighten your hair if you follow some tricks, but that won’t last long. On the other hand, you can use a hot air brush to straighten or curl your hair or leave your hair in their natural state.

Hair dryer: Less effective
Hot air brush: More appropriate for styling


A blow dryer doesn’t need you to do much preparation before starting to use it. After coming out of the shower and removing the excess water from hair, you can begin to blow drying it immediately. In the case of a hot air brush, you’ve to detangle your hair first and then make some sections of hair. Otherwise, your hair will get tangled and torn.

Hair dryer: No preparation needed
Hot air brush: Preparation required


Hot air brushes are a little more expensive than hair dryers as they come in equipped with advanced technologies. They have less damaging effects than other hair tools. Hair dryers are much inexpensive. You’ll get many quality blow dryers in less than 20 USD.

Hair dryer: Inexpensive
Hot air brush: Costlier than blow dryers


Hair dryers are suitable for all types of hair- thin to thick, but hot air brushes are perfect for only thin to average hair. If you have thick hair or much-damaged hair, you mightn’t find a hot air brush equally useful as a blow dryer for your hair.

Hair dryer: All hair types
Hot air brush: Thin, average, and less damaged hair

Everyday use

We always worry about our hair getting damaged as most of us use styling tools almost every day. Hot brushes don’t provide much heat; they have low-temperature settings instead. Most hair dryers come with both warm and cold air options, but not all. So, a hot brush is preferable for everyday use.

Hair dryer: Suitable
Hot air brush: Better than hair dryers

Based on these facts, you can choose the ideal hair styling tool for yourself. For both tools, you need to clean them for better performance and durability.

Use a heat protectant before using these tools. Keep your hair and scalp clean, and condition hair regularly to maintain the health of your hair.

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