Hot Air Straightening Brush vs. Flat Iron – Which One Is Better For Hair Straightening

When you have to wear your hair straight, you have two options to do that. You either can use a flat iron or a hot air brush. It’s up to you which tool you’d use. However, there’re specific physical and functional differences between these tools. Based on those, some might prefer the hot straightening brush, and some might choose a flat iron.

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Though both these tools do the same thing, they do it differently. Let’s compare flat irons to hot air straightening brushes based on some vital aspects.

Facts that we used to compare these two tools

Everyday use

For everyday use, a flat iron is not a suitable option. You press your hair between two heated up metal plates with a flat iron. When you do that, the hair loses its moisture pretty quickly as a flat iron uses high temperatures to lock down the strands. Using a flat iron every day will make your hair dry, and prone to damage and breakage.

A hot air straightening brush, on the other hand, can be used every day. There’s less risk of damage if you use this tool. It uses lower temperatures compared to that of the flat irons. Moreover, your hair gets a constant flow of air while styling with this tool. So, your hair doesn’t dry out, and the moisture gets locked in.

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Required time

The total hairstyling time is different for flat irons and hot straightening brushes. A flat iron takes more time to straighten your hair than the hot brush. At first, you need to prepare your hair by drying, combing, and detangling the strands properly. Then, you have to divide your hair into some sections so that ironing them gets simpler. Flatiron straightening thus takes much time including the time for preparation.

On the contrast, a hot straightening brush takes only 10 to 15 minutes for the complete hairstyling. You don’t have to do much preparation except detangling the hair. Moreover, this tool will do the job of a hairdryer also. You can start styling your hair from the moment you come out of the shower.


Hot air straightening brushes are equipped with the latest technologies, and therefore, their price is a little bit higher than flat irons. However, flat irons have been upgraded much and nowadays cost almost the same as straightening brushes.


Flat irons do only one thing- straightening your hair whereas a hot air straightening brush does two things at the same time- drying and styling. You cannot use a flat iron when your hair is still wet. You have to dry your hair before using an iron entirely. However, you can use a straightening brush even if your hair is wet. The brush will blow air which will dry your hair, and the silicone bristles will style the hair.

A flat iron is the most efficient if your sole purpose is to straighten every strand of your hair. You cannot use a hot air straightening brush if your hair is kinky, but you can use the flat iron. A flat iron can straighten even the afro-textured hair, but a hot straightening brush fails to do that.

Volumizing effects

If you like to keep your hair voluminous, then opt for a hot air brush. The flat iron won’t give volumes to your hair.


Flatiron has more damaging effects than a straightening brush. Flatirons work on high temperatures, and the hot brushes work on low temperatures. Though nowadays both these tools mostly have temperature settings to use as per the user’s hair type, a flat iron still leaves more risk of damage. You press your hair between two plates of a flat iron while ironing them.

Frequent use of a flat iron can make your hair rough and have split ends. Your hair also gets prone to breakage due to coming in contact of so much heat. A hot air straightening brush is a lot safer in this manner as it deals with air and low temperature.


Based on the facts, we can say that flat iron and a hot straightening brush is both effective in different situations. If you want a styling tool for everyday use, you should go for a hot air brush. On the contrary, if you want an occasional styler, a flat iron will be the best choice.

If you want to get smooth and straight hair strands with less risk of damage, try getting a hot air straightening brush. If you think you don’t need to wear the hair straight every day of the week, you should get a flat iron without thinking twice!

So, understand your situation and get the tool that best serves your purpose.

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