Best 2000 Watt Hair Dryer 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Although there are many other aspects of a hair-dryer that makes it great, a good wattage is a premium. Especially, if you are blessed with great curls or thicker shaft, a dryer with high wattage is absolutely necessary.

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Spending all day to dry those dense locks of yours is not what you’ve been looking up to and hence we have a list of hairdryers that have wattage as high as 2000 and above to reduce your drying time to a great extent.

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Rusk Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Dryer
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Babylisspro Nano Titanium Dryer
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Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-hat Dryer
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2000 Watt Hair Dryer – Buyer’s Guide

What makes hair dryers with high wattage different from conventional dryers?

Conventional hair dryers have wattage ranging from as low as 650 watts to 1875 watts. Unless you have damaged and very delicate hair, sticking to a hair dryer with a good wattage is the best thing to do if you want to ensure fast drying.

However, professionals, stylists and hair salons use dryers that have wattage above 1875 watts. What we consider a 2000 watt hair dryer, is a dryer that has a minimum of 2000 watts to start with or more.

Interestingly, the energy consumption by your hair dryer largely depends on what settings you are using. If you are using low heat and low airflow, it only takes a little above 70 watts.

But, for faster drying, you may want to use your typical hair dryer with high heat and speed settings and that will consume around 1500 + watts. However, for professional-grade drying and styling options, wattage as high as 2000 watts or more are required.

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Who is a 2000+ watt hair dryer most suitable for?

Firstly, salon owners, professional stylists and hair-styling enthusiasts would need these dryers the most. Reasons are the powerful airflow and heat these dryers are capable of producing. Heat can humidity can bend and mend hair more than anything else, using powerful hairdryers make the job more convenient.

Other than what these dryers can do to help you create unique styles, these hair dryers are built with strong and durable interior components which make them last longer. If you are running a hair salon business, you should definitely choose a powerful hair dryer that will continue to give you service as long as possible.

Secondly, it is perfect for curly hair people. A 2000 watt hair dryer will be able to produce the airflow and heat required for hair of such category.

Finally, these dryers are great for curly and African-American hair. If you have waves and curls, or gorgeous Afro, you need one of these dryers.

Ever noticed how you get really great hair at salons but can’t get the same results at home? Although hairdressers have their gifted hands and techniques to bring out the best hairstyles out of your untamable hair, they use powerful hairdryers to facilitate the process.

African-american curly hair

If you have hair that is harder to manage, getting a hair dryer with 2000 watt can make styling your hair a lot easier.

What varieties of high wattage hair dryers are available in the market?

High wattage hair dryers are most popularly available as hand-held devices. However, there are hooded and bonnet hair dryers that come with 2000 watts or above and can help you keep your curls and thick hair healthy and bouncing.

Hooded hair dryers may come in a stand, or have wheels attached to the stand etc. Bonnet hair dryers, on the other hand, are portable and come with a soft hood. Either way, if you are interested in hooded hair dryers, you need to look for options like a timer, heat and speed control and anti-stain interior in the hood, heat shield and height adjustment options.

What are the must-have features of a 2000 watt hair dryer?

2000 watt hair dryers that are available in the market can come with great features, technologies, and great designs to make your hair-drying and styling journey worthwhile. Alongside its prime feature which has 2000 or more wattage, the following are the other essential features of your 2000 watt hair dryer must-have.

Get a Tourmaline 2000 watt hair dryer for curls, afro, and hair of all kinds

A tourmaline-infused 2000 watt hair dryer can do wonders! Tourmaline is a natural crystal, or in other words a rare gemstone that is winning the hearts of hair-dressers world-wide. This rare material is extracted and made into a fine powder to coat the major components of the blow-dryer.

When heated, tourmaline extracts produce tons of negatively charged ions that dry the wet strands 40% to 50% faster. It also emits delicate far-infrared energy that gently and evenly dries your hair without having to penetrate the layers of your hair tissue. Tourmaline with its natural healing and conditioning properties seals and smoothens the cuticles powered by strong 2000 watt airflow to remove frizz and bring great shine to your hair regardless of its type.

Hair types such as curly and natural or ethnic hair that are frizz-prone due to their nonlinear appearance can greatly benefit from tourmaline.

Tourmaline has proven to work equally great on all hair types making it ideal for hairdressers and professionals helping them serve customers better.

High-wattage Titanium dryers to tame the thick locks into great styles

Titanium dryers and thick hair go hand in hand. What ceramic does to thin hair, titanium does the same to thick hair. But experts would know that titanium emits heat too strong for delicate hair types.

Titanium heats up quicker than ceramic does, at the same time creates heat intense enough to dry, smoothen and bring shine to thick strands of hair which ceramic does not for thick and coarse hair types.

As thick hair has a coarse texture and thicker layers of tissue compared to fine hair, it needs stronger heat to smoothen rough hair out. Titanium powered by 2000 watts can team up greatly to create the suitable heat and airflow to tame the thick locks and style them in desired ways.

Make sure you have Ionic conditioning options in your dryer

Powerful airflow and heat are not sufficient on itself. To ensure healthy drying, your hair dryer should have a technology that nurtures your hair by conditioning it and prevents it from damage induced by heat and harsh air.

Ionic technology in your 2000 watt hair dryer will dry your hair faster and care for your cuticles at the same time by releasing plenty of negative ions into your hair shaft. Negatively charged ions that are emitted from your hair dryer’s internal components via corona effect, shrinks the water droplets in your wet hair into tiny H20 molecules and blow them away to accelerate the drying process.

It also puts back necessary amounts of water back into the hair shaft to retain moisture. This technology works great on all types of hair which is vital for stylists to meet the varying needs of the customers. To know more about ionic technology, read our article on Best Ionic Hair Dryer 2018.

Check if your blow-dryer has AC motor

AC motors are important for professional hair dryers. These motors are larger and heavier compared to DC motors and are more expensive.

They have slower RPM (1500 to 2000) compared to DC motor but that does not make it less efficient in any way. In fact, AC motors last longer than DC motors.

Hair dryer ac motor

Most importantly AC motors are able to create an extra powerful airflow which is perfect for a 2000 watt professional hair dryer.

Get a dryer with higher torque DC motor for speedy drying

If you cannot get a dryer with an AC motor, get a dryer with high torque DC motor. Higher torque provides more acceleration in DC motors.

This enables the blow dryers to work more efficiently to create the desired outcome. A professional hair dryer with wattage as powerful as 2000 watts would work great with motors that have a DC motor with higher torque.

Hair dryer higher torque dc motor

Variable heat and speed is a vital styling tool!

Different types of hair need different temperature and airflow to dry properly. While fine hair dries easily with low or medium airflow and heat, thicker and curlier varieties require more heat and speed.

Therefore, variable heat and speed are important. The correct temperature and the controlled airflow can help you unleash your creativity with hairstyles as well.

Hair dryer heat and speed settings

Cord length is important too!

Professional dryers should have a longer cord length than conventional dryers. If you have ever tried drying and styling hair with hairdryers with shorter cords you would know! It gets really clumsy and inconvenient to dry and style hair with short cords, twisting your wrists and doing all the tricks can disconnect the dryer frequently and create annoyance.

Hair dryer cord

As a professional, you wouldn’t want embarrassing moments like that and should look for longer cords in hairdryers. Also, it is the cord that decides the voltage your hair dryer can take.

Thorough dry thick locks or straighten your curls with Concentrator nozzle!

Concentrator will enable you to dry your hair thoroughly. It allows you to flow the desired airflow to the selected sections of hair and thus dry it precisely.

Hair dryer concentrator nozzle

This tool will help you to smoothen out those breakages and frizz that are killing the whole look. If you are trying to give the sleek straight finish, your hair dryer powered by 2000 watts can do wonders with a good concentrator nozzle.

Diffusers are a must for curls and afro!

If you are not a fan of straight hair and are proud of those coils and waves, keep it real with a diffuser! Get a universal diffuser attachment if not provided already for a softer afro and smoother and healthier curls.

The diffuser will decrease the velocity of the airflow to suit your curls and make them frizz-free.

Hair dryer diffuser

You are lucky if you get a professional hair dryer with lightweight!

Dryers that consume wattage as much as 2000 watts can be heavier on the scale. Because it takes a good quality motor and great acceleration to create such powerful airflow. Great motors generally have a heavier weight and are durable.

Although these dryers give great service, their heavy design can cause you to have wrist aches and sprain your muscles with frequent use. For professionals, this gets even harder.

However, some hair dryer manufacturers have come up with solutions to heavyweight. Their clever engineering to reduce the weight to increase the convenience of the users has worked well! If you can get one of those lightweight yet powerful dryers, you have won!

Are high wattage hair dryers suitable for fine hair?

To be honest, high wattage hair dryers are not recommended for fine or delicate hair types. Because these hair types can undergo damage if too much heat is applied. Also, airflow as powerful as 2000 watts is unnecessary for fine hair since it does not take that much of a time to dry.

But if you still have to use a 2000 watt hair dryer under special circumstances, use low heat and speed settings and that would work. Also try to use Ceramic dryers, since they are gentle on hair and evenly dries your hair without overheating. Another variety of ceramic dryer is Porcelain dryers that are more refined than ceramic.

The effect of porcelain is similar to that or ceramic but the difference is that it takes lesser drying time compared to conventional ceramic dryers. While is it great for fine hair, its quick heating makes it befitting for all hair types.

Best hair dryer with 2000 watts

Although there are many professional hair dryers that have wattage lower than 2000 watts available in the market, sticking to a 2000 watt hair dryer will make you feel the difference. Following are the Top three 2000 watt hair dryers in our list.

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000W Dryer - V5 May

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Lightest professional dryer with Ceramic and Tourmaline Technology for curly and African American hair

RUSK Engineering has created this masterpiece of a hairdryer that comes with wattage as powerful as 2000 watts but surprisingly lighter in weight.

While most professional hair dryers weigh above 2.2 pounds, this dryer is below 1 pound in weight! No wonder this dryer has such a befitting name ‘W8less”!

This dryer is infused with Tourmaline and Ceramic coating in its interior components to bring out the best looks out of your hair. Although Ceramic works great for fine hair, the combination of tourmaline has made this dryer versatile and especially great for curls and afro.

Regardless of the texture and shape of your hair, tourmaline will ensure the better integrity of your cuticles by smoothening and sealing the breakage with its natural conditioning qualities. Your curls will bounce! Tourmaline will produce negatively charged ions to reduce the drying time by 40% to 50% less. Ceramic and Tourmaline will together produce far-infrared gentle heating to evenly dry your hair.

It has 7 heat and speed settings to ensure versatile drying. It has a cool shot button that enables you to lock the style in place which you have to keep pressing. It comes with a concentrator nozzle in the package. However, for great results with curly or afro hair, use a diffuser. Try Xtava Black Orchid diffuser which is great for curly and natural hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Best 2000 watt professional hair dryer for thick hair great for styling

This hair dryer is a great creation by BaBylissPRO. With Nano -Titanium technology, this hair dryer is lighter in weight but has a powerful interior to produce strong 2000 watt airflow. Titanium is great for thick hair for its quick heating properties.

Therefore, your thick hair will dry fast and have a silky and sleek finish. Titanium works better in sealing roughly textured cuticles and is a great alternative to ceramic for thicker hair.

This hair dryer is also ionic which helps in further conditioning and contributes to keeping necessary moisture balance.

Because titanium is a lightweight metal, this dryer also less weighty. Lightweight 1.8 pounds body and ergonomic design make it much easier on the hands and convenient for styling. It also has a nine-inch cord that allows you to move around freely while drying and styling your hair without having to worry about disconnections.

Powerful 3 controllable airflows and 3 variable heating with cool shot button and concentrator nozzle make this a perfect styling tool. Because of its ergonomic handle, it allows you to direct your wrist movements to flow air in the correct direction to bring out great styles.

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard Hat Dryer - V8 June

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: Best 2000 watt hooded dryer for salon use

This BaByliss Pro standing hooded dryer comes with powerful 2000 watts to suit your salon needs. This dryer is infused with switchable ionic technology. Switching the ionizer on will enable the dryer to release abundant negative ions and dry your hair faster than ion-ionic counterparts of hooded dryers.

This dryer can give great services for hair therapies, deep conditioning and treating damaged hair with oil treatments etc. It also works great on frizzy hair and removes frizz like a pro!

With 3 adjustable heat settings, this dryer can work with great versatility. For hair treatments use, low and medium settings to see great results. The high heat setting, however, is befitting for thick and curly hair types, including African American hair. It’s even heating is soothing and relaxing and thus gives both the professional and the clients a pleasant experience.

This dryer comes with brushless AC motor making it strong and durable but also quieter than other hooded dryers. Its interior is easy to clean and thus helps to refrain from stains to develop from hair treatment residues. It can fit people as tall as 6 feet and above for its adjustable height leveler.

Its stand has five wheels attached for convenient moving and two of the wheels can be locked to keep the dryer fixed in place when in use. All of these makes this dryer a great professional tool perfect for salons.

Final Verdict

A powerful hairdryer is a prime tool for a hairstylist and higher wattage ensures efficiency with time and helps you manage multiple clients at a time. If you are a hair-styling enthusiast and don’t have to worry about business, it can still help you create the styles you want with your hair with its strong flow of air and variable heat and speed. Owning one of these recommended dryers can help you experience the flavor of professional hair-styling at home too.

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