Steps To Fix A Blow Dryer

First of all, take a deep breath and don’t panic. If the blow dryer doesn’t turn on don’t think it’s broken already. Have a little patience and let’s see how to fix a blow dryer step by step

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Wait for 30 to 40 minutes:

If it was working fine until it suddenly stopped then probably it became too hot.

Most of the hair dryers these days come with a safety feature that will turn off the hair dryer automatically if it became too hot

It won’t turn on until it’s cooled down completely so in this case, you will have to wait about 30 to 40 minutes approximately

Meanwhile, do the following investigation

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Unplug the blow dryer and turn all the switches off. Start your investigation by sniffing literally. Inhale deeply and answer the following questions patiently,

  • Is there any burning smell in the air?
  • Is the blow dryer too hot to touch?
  • Is there any oily substance on the blow dryer?
  • Is there any kind of liquid oozing out from the blow dryer?
  • Is there any sign of melting near the plug or anywhere on the blow dryer?
  • Are all the switches okay or any of those are missing/stuck/damaged?
  • Did you drop the blow dryer on the floor or in the water?
  • Did you leave the blow dryer near the stove or on top of a microwave?
  • Is there any black burnt spot or sign of melting on the electrical outlet?
  • Is there any rattling sound like something is loose or broken inside if you gently shake your blow dryer when it’s unplugged and switched off?

Warning: Never shake your hair dryer when it is plugged in or switched on.

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any one of those questions above then practice caution and contact the helpline


If the answer to all the questions above is, ‘No’; then just wipe your blow dryer off with a clean and dry cloth and let it rest for five more minutes. Meanwhile, take the following necessary steps

Necessary steps:

  1. Look for the ‘Reset’ button on the plug or on the blow dryer
  2. Read the instruction manual of the blow dryer for a solution
  3. Search for the helpline number for your particular blow dryer
  4. Look for the warranty certificate and if you are covered

Note: You may look for an instruction manual online too. Search for an instruction manual online with the specific brand name and model of your blow dryer

Now do the following:

  • Read the instruction manual for your particular brand and model of your blow dryer then look for the direction to ‘Reset’ the blow dryer
  • When you find the ‘Reset’ button press it once and leave it to rest for five minutes
  • If your blow dryer is dual voltage then follow the instruction manual to change it to the correct voltage according to your country and particular model
  • before plugging in, if there is any visible hole in the cable then wrap cello-tape neatly over and around the hole couple of times going a few millimeters below and above the hole too
  • Switch it to a different electrical outlet, preferably in a different room other than where you used it the first time
  • Check the electrical outlet first by connecting some other electrical appliance like an iron to see if it is working properly or not


After checking all the necessary components, plug the blow dryer in and turn the switch on. Most probably you will see it’s working now. If it doesn’t get hot or makes unfamiliar noise then turn it off immediately and call the helpline for support.