Myths And Facts About Hairdryers

A blow dryer or a hairdryer is an electrical device which expels heated air to fasten the drying of water from wet hair. Hair dryers help hair to be shaped better in a salon. The styling is sassy but extremely prone to humidity. Blow dry effects to hair disappear with one single wash.

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In this article, some myths and facts will be shared about hairdryers.

Myths about hairdryers

Drying hair with a hairdryer is bad. Rumor has it that drying hair with a hair dryer can make hair straw like and unhealthy. This is untrue and hair fallen from this act grows back immediately. The hair loss is temporary.

If the hairdryer is set to the hottest setting and put on very wet hair, using it can be very bad. This is opposite if the lowest temperature setting is used on slightly wet hair with a distance of six inches.

It is true, that wet hair should not be combed while drying with a hairdryer as wet hair is in a much weaker position when compared with dry hair. The hair dryer should be used independently. Against popular beliefs, using a hair dryer in the low-temperature setting is actually good compared to just air drying.

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Facts about hairdryers

If hair is not dried by a hair dryer, it has to be dried by air. Hair drying better styles hair and is faster than drying naturally. This natural drying process is not as good as we believe. Air drying causes deeper damage to hair within follicles. According to people researching on hair drying, the inside of the hair inflates when saturated with water for long time periods. The swelling put more pressure on hair proteins, causing splitting to begin. This process continues as long as the hair is wet for.  So the best way to dry hair is to use the hair dryer in the lowest power setting and putting it six inches away from the mane. It should be taken care that the dryer is not focused on one place for a long period of time.

Using a towel can cause hair to have split ends. This is truer when too much rubbing, pulling and twisting is done in between the folds of the towel. Nutrients are also disturbed in the process. Brittle hair can be a result of air drying. Hair dryers, on the other hand, are beneficial in the process if used in the right setting and right conditions.

The number one tried and tested method to dry hair to simultaneously using air drying and blow drying. First hair should be dried as much as possible by air. Then blow dryer should be set to low-temperature setting (as much as possible) and moved over almost dry hair from a 6 inches distance for the best setting. This is a better technique than just drying hair by air as, in this manner, less essential oils and nutrition leaves the hair and the hair is styled really great.

A final conclusion can be, people can dry hair in front of the air conditioner in hot countries by putting the hair dryer temperature on a very low setting. In cold countries, they can use a medium setting for best drying of hair.

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