Unconventional Hacks: 9 Surprising Ways to Use a Hair Dryer

It’s incredible to be able to find different ways to make use of common objects. Here are 10 surprising uses for your hair dryer in situations other than hair drying!

Featured Image of Surprising Ways to Use a Hair Dryer

1: Drying Nail Polish Faster

Drying Nail Polish with hairdryer

No more worries if you don’t have the patience to wait for your polish to dry. Power your hair dryer up and let your wet nail polish drying the blink of an eye. Stay careful about placing the tip of the dryer. Never place it too close to your nails as it may create the formation of air bubbles.

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2: Getting Old Photographs Out from Album

Using Hairdryer For Unsticking Old Photo from Album

You may love to spend hours going through old family photographs. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get those photographs out from the album. One who has hair dryer shouldn’t be worried at all. Gently blow warm air onto the back of the page until the photo peels away easily.

3: Defogging a Bathroom Mirror

Defogging a bathroom mirror by using hair dryer

Mirrors in your bathroom will often be fogged up after a hot shower. Nothing to get worried about if you have no time to wait for them to dry up. Accelerate the process with a quick blast of hot air across the surface!

Make sure you have a proper electrical socket in your bathroom before doing this and never do this over a full sink of water.

4: Defrosting Freezer Easily

Defrosting freezer by using hairdryer

Defrost your freezer quickly using a blow dryer. First, turn your freezer off and remove all the food. Now activate your hair dryer at maximum power and run it over the ice blocks of your appliance!

5: Perfecting the Frosting or Icing

frosting with hairdryer

You may find this weird, but you read absolutely right! Indeed, even in the kitchen, a hair dryer will prove valuable! Glazing a cake or cupcake that you have chilled in your refrigerator is easier than you think if you have a hairdryer. Power your hair dryer up and pass a low-heat blow over the entire cake in order to soften the glaze.

6: Removing Labels or Price Tags

Peeling off label with hairdryer

Use a hair dryer to remove the annoying label or price sticker without leaving any pieces of paper behind. Heat helps to remove the sticky label or price sticker without being too difficult. Now grab your blow dryer and put it on. Set the heat setting to its highest and point its hot air directly at the label or price sticker. After one minute of direct heat, check whether it peels away effortlessly without leaving a glue mark. If it doesn’t, proceed with the hairdryer treatment one more time and then start peeling off the label or sticker.

7: Removing Candle Wax from Fabric

Removing wax from fabric with hairdryer

Do not panic if you spilled some hot wax onto your bed sheets or carpet. To pull it out without causing damage, you just need to have some paper towels and a hairdryer. Put some hanky or sheets of paper towels on the wax and blow air simply over the problem area on high heat. You’ll see the wax will transfer to the paper towel. You will just need to utilize a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess.

8: Removing Unreachable Dust

Removing dust with hairdryer

If you have shelves full of books or delicate ornaments that you can’t clean or polish, breath easily as hair dryer will do it for you. Turn the dryer on cool and point it on dusty shelves. Give them a good blast of cool air from a high wattage hair dryer to blow the debris right off.

9: Warming Chilly Shoes

Warming shoes with hairdryer

Putting feet into cold shoes or chilly gumboots is so awful. Simply warm them up with a quick blast of hot air from your blow dryer.

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