How Does A Hair Dryer Work?

In the globalized world, who doesn`t want to be stylish in their way of lives? A hair dryer is one of the most important elements and quite easy to use. It will be quite fascinating to know the internal system of it and it is not a complex one. It follows the scientific principle of the nexus between evaporation and humidity. The practical outcome of this nexus is used for drying and styling hair.

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The principle a hair dryer follows:

Humidity is the ratio of the amount of water that air holds at the highest level and it changes with the temperature. When the air is heated, it`s relative humidity decreases, which implies that it can hold more water than the previous amount. In a hair dryer, this principle is followed by which air is heated and then the heated air absorbs more water from hair. Actually, it considers the theme that warm air can contain more moisture than the air at room temperature.

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The mechanism behind a hair dryer:

  • Basically, the hair dryer is maintained by 2 switches; on and off. In some dryers, there is an extra switch for regulating temperature.
  • It is made of two main elements; the motor is driven electric fan and heating component.
  • The heating element is actually a resistor, which resists the flow of electric energy and turns into heat energy. It is made up of nichrome wire.

The procedure for a hairdryer:

  • It dries hair by speeding up the evaporation of water from our hair.
  • With the growth of temperature, more water turns into gas form from the liquid form and thus it works

Types of Hair Dryer:

There are different types of a hairdryer and each dryer creates different styles. The range starts from 5/8 inch to 2 inches. Hair dryer varies mainly on hair type and one should choose the perfect hair dryer according to one’s hair type.

How does it work?

  • Within the plugging of the hairdryer and pressing to the on the button, current flows to the dryer.
  • The circuit at first supplies power to the heating element that converts into kinetic energy and thus the electric fan starts spinning.
  • Then the air flows over the heating element and gets warmed as it also gets converted into thermal energy.
  • Finally, hot air comes out of the nozzles of the hair dryer.

Science Behind the new form of hair:

A hairdryer follows a scientific method for the magical transformation It basically transforms the alpha-keratin system into beta keratin system.

  • Alpha Keratin: Our hair is made up of a protein named keratin. It is a chain of protein, called polypeptide chain, held in place by hydrogen bonds. These bonds determine the actual shape of the hair, whether it is curly or straight. This stage is called alpha keratin stage.
  • Transformation to Beta Keratin system: When our hair is wet, the bonds are broken and it is easy to reform the bonds. The reformed stage after the drying is called beta-keratin. This transformation basically presents a new form of hair.