The Best Chi Hair Dryer 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Hair drying has gone far beyond staying counter bounded and CHI promotes intellectual hair dryers that are famous for their advanced features and ground-breaking innovation. The products are known to be luxurious but these dryers summon up so many modernisms in one package.

CHI Hair Dryers

A Quick Review

CHI Touch 2 Dryer
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CHI Touch 2 Dryer - Small HD35A5$$$
CHI Rocket Hair Dryer
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CHI Rocket Hair Dryer - Small HD35A5$$$
CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer
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CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer - Small HD35A5$$$

CHI Brand: Education, Environment, and Ethics

CHI is an industry-leading brand in this 2018 which provides professional hair care products to the newbies to professional hairdressers. The products by CHI are manufactured by Farouk System, Inc. which was founded by Farouk Shami in 1986. This brand sponsors the most progressive American technologies and makes them accessible to the operators.

They launch hair tools like curling iron, hair dryers and most importantly flat irons that are world-famous. The brand also supplies hair care products like hair oils, hair conditioners, shine infusion, sprays etc.

They are the first brand to use ceramic, infrared heat and touchscreen technologies.

CHI Attachments


Nozzle/Concentrator Of CHI Hair Dryers

The narrow needles that lead you to concentrate in a specific portion of your hair are called concentrator or nozzle. CHI Blow Dryers deliver nozzles with most of their hair dryer for the perfection of styling hair. Using only CHI dryers may dry your hair but also can ruin your hairstyle. If you use nozzles then you can keep your hairstyles unspoiled. CHI provides 2 different kinds of nozzles with their products.

Nozzle ShapeUsage
Narrow NozzleBest for short to medium hair
Wide NozzleBest for long hair

CHI does not sell any nozzle separately but if you need nozzles are going to buy a new dryer then we will suggest you CHI Rocket Dryers as it provides nozzle with the dryer. If you already have CHI dryers then you can choose a universal nozzle that suits every hair dryers. In that case, HAIRART Universal Concentrator will be the best option to choose.


Diffuser Of CHI Hair Dryers

If you have curly hair, a diffuser is a must because when you dry curly hair with a dryer, your hair can be entirely messed up. With the diffuser, you can diffuse the excessive air flow to the whole hair so that air does not ruin your curly hairstyle. Fine hair does not need any diffuser.

Only some of the CHI Blow Dryer models supply diffuser with the dryer set. CHI does not retail diffusers individually. If you have curly hair then you can purchase CHI Touch 2 Dryer hair dryer as it has a diffuser added to the dryer. If you are searching for a separate diffuser for your CHI dryers then Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser is the best universal diffuser for curly hair.

Comb Attachment

Comb attachment with a hair dryer lets you style up your hair into straights for a long time. CHI allows you to use their comb attachment while drying which not only helps in keeping your hair straight but also lets you detangle your hair (if you want to.)

Comb Attachment Of CHI Hair Dryers

CHI brand does not supply any comb attachment separately so you can go for CHI Deep Brilliance Dryer as it has a comb already attached to the dryer. If you do not have any comb attachment with your hair CHI dryer then you can collect a universal comb attachment from any local shop. Red by Kiss Universal Detangling Pik is known as one of the most famous universal comb attachment for any hair dryer.

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Why CHI Blow Dryers?

Ceramic Heater

CHI has the ceramic technology to dry and style hair. As ceramic is the best purveyor of heat, CHI uses the ceramic heater to distribute heat evenly to your hair so that your hair can be dried up uniformly. This heating technology dries hair faster than any other heating method.

3D ION Generation System

CHI has dryers that are not only infused with ionic technology but some of their models have improved the ionic technology into 3D ion generation system. The 3D technology of the dryers emits 3x times more negative ions which make your hair healthy.

As positive ions are harmful to your hair, these negative ions provide your hair moisture and increase shine. These ions break down the cluster of water for the promotion of shine and moisture in your hair. This ionized feature also has 3 different settings for different hair (fine, medium and coarse hair).

Infrared Heat

This brand also introduces you to infrared heating technology which aids your hair to be soft and nourishes along with every drying and styling. Heat damages hair and so does dryers. To lessen the amount of heat-damage, CHI provides infrared heating technology that can close the cuticle of your hair so that the moisture of the hair remains sealed inside. In this way, you can save your hair from heat damage.

LCD Touch Screen and Speedometers

LCD Touch Screen & Speedometers Of CHI Hair Dryers

CHI is the first brand in the entire world to promote TOUCH SCREEN hair dryers. They have different dryers having 2.4 Inch and 3 Inch Touchscreen with which you can select your preferred settings by touching it once! The touchscreen has 3 screens that include home-screen and 3 unique speedometers for controlling temperature, speed, and ionic output.

Temperature Settings

Where less heat cannot dry and style up your hair properly, excessive heat can burn your hair. And so 3 different temperature settings are included in the CHI dryers for the different types of hair so that your hair gets an adequate amount of heat.

Heat SettingsBest for
Low HeatBest for thin and fine hair
Medium HeatBest for regular hair
High HeatBest for thick and coarse hair

Speed Settings

Some of the CHI Dryers have 2-speed settings like High Speed and Low Speed and some dryers also include 3-speed settings for various hair type.

Speed SettingsBest for
Low/Warm SpeedBest for fine and damaged hair
Medium SpeedBest for ordinary hair
High/Hot Speed Best for coarse and rough to dry hair

Ionized Settings

According to the hair type, the ionized settings can also be adjusted. Ion provides shine to your hair and so fine and smooth hair needs less amount of ions, regular hair needs a medium amount of ions and rough and coarse hair needs a lot of ions.

SettingsHair Type
Low IonsFine and Smooth Hair
Medium IonsRegular Hair
High IonsRough and Coarse Hair

Unique Memory Settings

With the dryers of the CHI brand, you can recall the recent setting of the dryers! Yes, CHI is the first brand to promote unique memory settings which allow you to select the previous setting with which you had done the previous hairstyles. It saves you time in selecting the drying and styling setting and minimizes your drying time.

Powerful Motor

Powerful Motors Of CHI Hair Dryers

The motor of CHI Dryers is the prominent source of their powerful dryers. Usually, when it comes to blowing dryers, any dryer that has motor over 1300 wattage is considered to be powerful. In that sense, 1800-1875 watt CHI hair dryers are brilliant to provide high air volume to your hair.

Most of the motors of CHI is AC motors (Alternating Current), but this brand also allows DC motors (Direct Current) for a better result. DC motors can provide a high flow of air and can dry faster than AC motors. But AC motors are more durable than DC motors.

Cold shot button

Cold Shot Button Of CHI Hair Dryers

The hair dryers by CHI contain a cold shot button and this button allows you to discharge cold air from the dryer. Hairstyles created by cold air are prolonged and perfect and the other reason to add a cold shot button is cold air does not damage your hair as the hot air does. The cold shot button is optional, if you need cold air then you can press the button to get your hair drying and styling done.


Most of the blow dryers by CHI are lightweight for the ease of bearing. Few dryers may seem a little bit hefty to you but most of the dryers are easy to carry and travel with. The weight of the dryers varies from 0.75 pounds to 2.4 pounds though most of the dryers are of 1 pound to 1.1 pounds and on this basis, the dryers may be stated as travel-friendly (inside the USA.)


Fine Grip Handle Of CHI Hair Dryers

All of the dryers of this brand have an ergonomic handle which leads a fine grip. So the CHI dryers will not fall down from your hand while styling. Rubberized finish assists you hand in a stress-free and relaxed drying and styling. With a rubber finish dryer, you can easily hold the dryer for a long time and can style up perfectly without any aching on the hand.

Hanging Loop

Some of the dryers by CHI brand include hanging loops for the comfort of storing and using. You can save space by hanging the dryers if you have a shortage of storage.

Drawbacks of CHI

The absence of Dual Voltage feature

Most of the dryers of CHI brand do not feature dual voltage of 220v and if you want to use these dryers out of the USA or Canada then it is not possible to do so as it has a single voltage of 110v. You can use a dual voltage converter (voltage converter can turn the voltage from 110v to 220v) to use the device in any country. We recommend you Simran 1875 Watts International Travel Voltage Converter as it is a famous dual voltage converter.


The other drawback of these dryers is, CHI is an expensive brand and many people will not allow paying so much for an only hair dryer. But if you compare the qualities and features of these dryers such as 3D Ion Generation System, LDC Touch Screen etc. with the other brands then you will get to know that these dryers worth every penny.

Top 3 CHI Hair Dryers

CHI Touch 2 Dryer


Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Best for all type of hair (thin, thick, regular, coarse, damaged, fine and rough hair)

CHI, the first hair dryer brand on launching LCD touchscreen dryer, has improved their previous technologies and upgraded them to a new model. The Touch 2 Dryer by CHI is the 2nd generation 2.4 Inch Touchscreen hair dryer by CHI which allows you to use the latest technology with only one-touch.

This hair dryer is best for all hair types because of the innovative 4 screen feature with 1875 wattage power. The 4 screen feature of the dryer includes speedometer for setting and controlling temperature, speed, and ionic output.

You can select among 3 different temperatures, 3 different speeds and 3 different ionic outputs for thin, regular, thick, coarse, fine, damaged and rough hair. This super lightweight dryer of 1.7 pounds has color-coded dials along with a diffuser and a concentrator for both curly and straight hair which makes it the dryer for all hair types.

CHI Touch 2 Dryer vs. CHI Bling Hair Dryer: Comparison Chart

FeaturesCHI Touch 2 DryerCHI Bling Hair Dryer
Drying TimeFasterFast
Wattage 1875W1300W
Motor DCAC
TechnologyIonic TechnologyCeramic Technology
LCD Touch Screen YesNo
Speed Settings3 Speed Settings2 Speed Settings
Heat Settings3 Heat Settings2 Speed Settings
Ionized Settings3 Ionized SettingsN/A
Unique Memory SettingsYesNo
Cool ShotYesYes
Dual VoltageNoNo
Weight1.7 pound2.4 pound
Concentrator YesYes
Warranty2 years2 years
Best ForThick, thin, fine, coarse, damaged, rough and regular hair Thin and fine hair

CHI Touch 2 Dryer is capable of being the best hair dryer for all hair types as it is better in terms of wattage, ionic technology, touchscreen technology, speed and heat settings, and weight.

CHI Rocket Dryer


Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Best Professional Hair Dryer

Changing its name, the CHI Rocket Dryer by CHI Brand is now known as CHI Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer and is a perfect for drying and styling hair just like a pro! It is called to be professional hair dryer because it has Turbo 1800 watt motor that certifies heavy flow of air to the hair and so you can dry hair faster and can form any hairstyle easily.

The other reason to be called as a pro blow dryer is it heats up rapidly because of the ceramic technology and it also bears a cold shot button (you do not need to hold on the button, you only need to use the button as a switch, this relaxes your hand) so that you can professionally make hairstyles that last long.

It includes a concentrator nozzle and a comb attachment for perfect hairstyling. Adjustable heat and speed settings, lightweight body (weight 2.1 lbs.) with is a salon-grade dryer as it also features ionic technology and infrared heat for healthy hair.

CHI Rocket Dryer vs. CHI Pro Dryer: Comparison Chart

FeaturesCHI Rocket DryerCHI Pro Dryer
Drying TimeFasterFaster
Wattage 1800W1500W
Motor Turbo MotorDC
TechnologyCeramic TechnologyCeramic Technology
Ionic Technology YesYes
Infrared Heat YesYes
Speed Settings2-speed settings2-speed settings
Heat Settings2 heat settings2 heat settings
Cool ShotYesYes
Dual VoltageNoNo
Weight2.1 pound1.5 pound
Concentrator YesYes
Warranty2 years2 years
Best ForThick, thin, fine, coarse, damaged, rough and regular hair- all types of hair Only for fine and regular hair, not for thick hair

Comparing on the basis of wattage, motor quality, and attachments, CHI Rocket Dryer will be the best choice for you when it comes to a professional-grade hair dryer.

CHI Deep Brilliance Dryer

CHI Deep Brilliance Dryer

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: Best Affordable Hair Dryer

CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer is considered as one of the most affordable hair dryers by CHI which is not only economical but also effective. This hair dryer does no feature ionic technology and infrared heat but as a low-priced dryer, it distributes so many qualities that some expensive dryer of other brands cannot provide. This dryer has an AC motor of 1875 wattage which provides perfect air flow to your hair.

Having ergonomic handle and cool shot button, the dryer also includes a comb attachment and concentrator nozzle. This lightweight dryer is only 1 pound and can smooth highly-textured hair.

Not to Buy List

CHI Turbo Professional Dryer


  • Has only 1300W power
  • Takes time to dry hair
  • Heavy

CHI Elite Ceramic Dryer


  • Gets excessive hot that can burn your body parts
  • No attachments included
  • Not durable


In this world of changes where hair dryer has transformed into improved and technologically advanced versions, CHI has been one pioneering brand to captivate those potentials and industrialized them for women of today. Evaluating this luxurious brand on the basis of technical strength, we highly recommend CHI Hair Dryers.