The 3 Best Elchim Hair Dryers 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

When you hear of Italian hair dryers, you probably think of Elchim. This brand is a pioneer in Italian quality professional hair dryers and has come a long way. Elchim dryers qualify more than your $20 hair dryers that you get from the drugstores and ensure promising results with the quality of your hair.

Although we consider dryers and other things we use only as commodities, Elchim as a brand has a completely different stance. Manufacturing hair dryers and other tools are something they have done completely out of passion and not simply with the intention to sell you something better than other brands.

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Elchim stands as a brand uniquely believes in their products and their quality deeply. But to be fair, we have looked deeply into the components of Elchim dryers to bring you a reasonable analysis through this article.

A Quick Review

Here is a quick review of Elchim hair dryers available in the market for your convenience. To know more details about these products, scroll down near the end.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer
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Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer - Small HD160A1$$$
Elchim 2001 High Pressure Dryer
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Elchim 2001 High Pressure Dryer - Small HD160A1$$$
Elchim Xlite 3900 Light Ionic Hair Dryer
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Elchim Xlite 3900 Light Ionic Hair Dryer - Small HD160A1$$$

About Elchim

Elchim is a Milan based company which was established in 1945 right after World War II. This is not just a commercial establishment, it is a family business turned into a million dollar business establishment. In war-torn Italy, “Fratelli Chiminello” was established by two siblings, Egle and Ricardo have now recognized as a world-class hair dryer manufacturer “Elchim”.

Now leading, Luca Sabbitani reminisces the memories of his Grandmother and Granduncle who placed the building blocks of Elchim in the rubble of world war two with hopes and dreams and with sincerity to rebuild the economic backbone of their nation.

Elchim is extremely passionate about their products and there is deeply rooted emotional attachment of the owners with this venture. We often use and discard products and commodities and take them for granted without realizing every product has a story and a person behind it. There is human touch in everything we use and there is a story of their struggle.

Features of Elchim Hair Dryers

Although hairdryers more or less have the same mechanism, if a brand stands out, they do so because of some of their distinctive features. Below are the features of Elchim hair dyers that you might want to know.

Elchim Brand

Elchim is good with 2000+ watts dryers

Almost all of the Elchim dryers are 2000+ watts ensuring you professional grade airflow. For professional dryers, a good wattage is a premium. You will see stylists in hair salon using the same dryer on almost all types of hair. But you might wonder if that really works! Well, it does, but only if the wattage range is 2000 watts or more with versatile heat and speed settings.

1875 watt dryers are usually recommended for fine hair, on the other hand, 2000+ watt blow-dryers work efficiently on thicker hair type. But with 2000 watt dryers, you can try and apply drying and styling techniques on fine hair types as well but with lower heat/speed settings.

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They specialize in Ceramic Ionic technology

Elchim is the pioneer in making Ceramic Dryers. Most of their dryers are made with Ceramic heating Components with the gentle infrared heating system. The combination of powerful wattage, healthy heating facilities powered by Ceramic alongside Ionic technology creates a great combination, hence the name “Healthy Ionic” is almost synonymously used with Elchim dryers.

Although Elchim claims that their dryers are suitable for all hair types, they did come up with a Titanium dryer which is 3900 Titanium. However, this dryer has the name Titanium only because of the exterior barrel. Inside it is the same ceramic ionic system.

Although their Ceramic is best for fine hair because high wattage can be used on other hair types

Elchim dryers are mostly Ceramic dryers and therefore technically are supposed to be only suitable for fine hair types. But that is not the case, because of the high wattage. Ceramic dryers will only be applicable for thicker hair types if it has 2000+ wattage to blow air fast and produce heat intense enough.

The difference of opinion on how much to materials matter among professionals and stylists is because of that. A 2000 watt professional dryer will work on any hair to dry them faster regardless the materials used to make their heating components. Ceramic, however, will ensure healthy cuticles and reduce damage compared to dryers that do not have Ceramic or other materials in them.

These dryers have high-quality Italian motor

Motors are a premium factor for professional dryers. Salon owners and hair stylists need to spend hours using a dryer and if they look for anything that is good and durable internal components. Elchim dryers are made in Italy and that is good news already. Italian AC motors are the key reason why Elchim dryers are trusted by professionals and hair styling enthusiasts alike.

Elchim hair dryers motor

These motors are not only capable of blowing string airflow and decent heat but also sustains for years to loyally contribute to your hair drying and styling routine. No wonder Elchim swears on its quality so confidently.

Their dryers are designed for professionals

Elchim has made their dryers with a lot of precision and observation. They have observed hair stylists and professionals and their movements with dryers, their techniques discreetly to come up with the best possible outcome with their products. 2000+ watts dryers are also principally designed to meet the needs and demands of the professionals.

These dryers are also great for home use

Although Elchim dryers are professional grade dryers, you can definitely use them at home. In fact, you will find a lot of difference with your $20 drugstore quality dryers when compared to Elchim dryers. If you, however, do not get the results as you do get on salons, do remember that certain blow-drying and styling techniques are best done by professionals.

Classic exterior designs

Elchim dryers are definitely aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Holding an Elchim dryer is a pleasant experience for its sleek exterior and classy outlook. They have their dyers available in different colors too.

Among the good-looking dryers, Elchim 8th Sense dryer with shiny black and 3900 Titanium with silver alloy body are the most attractive so far.

Elchim hair dryer designs

Elchim, however, is not about all that glitters! The outlook compared to its internal integrity is a perfect combination a dryer can have.

Standard Cord Length for the convenience of styling

Elchim dryers have 4 to 6 feet cord length which is a great feature for convenient use of their dryers. Professionals look for dryers with longer cords to be able to use them the way they want to. Although it is true that the cords could be a bit longer too and that could add more value to the dryers.

Lightweight Design for convenient use

Elchim dryers compared to many professional dryers are lightweight and hence stylists love it. Holding a heavy dryer for hours is not an easy task and professionals usually look for dryers that can reduce the strain on their aching wrists. Professional dryers weigh above 2.5 pounds or more. Elchim dryers, on the other hand, weigh below 2 pounds which is definitely an achievement.

Environment-friendly dryers with Low EMF

Elchim dryers have comparatively less Electro Magnetic Radiation and hence, the word “Healthy” definitely goes with Elchim as a brand. Elchim dryers have an electro Magnetic wave protection system in their 3900 series dryers, for example, 3900 Titanium dryer which has won awards (Best Professional Dryer 2014,2015) for being a healthy alternative to conventional dryers with much higher radiation.

A few negative aspects about Elchim dryers

Although Elchim dryers are great in a lot of ways below are a few negative factors about these dryers to be fairer.

Their dryers are expensive

You need to have a budget of $150 to $200 to be able to own one of these Italian grade dryers. Too many, spending this much money on a machine that blows air to dry hair may seem like an extravagance. However, there are products costlier than Elchim dryers on the market. For example Dyson or Harry Josh dryers. Elchim dryers and their service to enhance the quality of your hair are also definitely worth the money.

They have not yet used technologies like Tourmaline

Tourmaline dryers have taken over the hair industry for their brilliance in maintaining the quality of hair. Elchim claims their dryers to be ‘healthy’ because of Ceramic infusion, however, Tourmaline works better compared to ceramic and Elchim still has not considered switching to that and stuck to their orthodox Ceramic components.

They do not have many varieties of hair dryers

Elchim mainly produces handheld professional dryers and they do have a few wall-mounted hair dryers in their collection. However, they have not yet manufactured travel sized dryers and hooded/standing or bonnet dryers. For a company that focuses on hair drying, a little variety could be a great addition.

It is hard to differentiate the models

Elchim has the same hairdryers available in different colors and has also named them according to the color code although internally they are the same dryers. This makes identifying their dryers a bit hard.

They do not have any dryer with dual voltage facilities

Elchim makes wall-mounted dryers which you will probably find in good hotels. However, they do not have any travel dryers. In fact, none of their full-sized dryers have dual voltage facilities and thus, we must say, traveling with dryers is certainly not an idea they have considered seriously yet.

Although they produce diffusers, they have to be separately bought

Elchim does produce diffusers. But these diffusers do not, however, come as a package with the dryers and needs to be separately bought. This can be an annoyance for many users, especially when the dyers are high priced and cheaper dryers provide diffusers. Also, for those who have curly and natural hair, dryers without diffusers make no sense.  It is wiser to buy diffusers manufactured by the same company because they are more compatible with the dryers. Elchim’s Cocoon Hair Dryer Bidiffuser is compatible with 2100, 3900 models and their latest 8th Sense Dryer.

If you do not like this brand, then you can choose other brands by clicking here.

Top 3 Elchim Hair Dryers

Elchim has vowed to make their hair dryers all inclusive. Which means, although they specialize in Ceramic dryers, they have made sure the wattage is sufficient alongside versatile heat and speed options so that they can be used on all hair types.

Following are the best 3 Elchim dryers that we have chosen after much scrutiny and comparison with contemporary brands. Please note that these dryers can be used on all types of hair.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Iconic Elchim dryer ensuring healthy hair drying

Elchim 3900 Healthy ionic is the Iconic Elchim dryer of this decade. This dryer is a classic Ceramic Ionic dryer with powerful wattage to ensure proper drying with lesser time. Ceramic’s even infrared heating and moisture balancing properties toppled with ionic conditioning and 2000+ watts justify its name ‘Healthy Ionic”.

This dryer is the reason why people still trust Ceramic dryers over newer technologies. We have compared this dryer with another popular blow dryer GHD Air Hair Dryer so come to a fruitful conclusion about why Elchim Healthy Ionic stands out more prominently.

FeaturesElchim 3900 Healthy IonicGHD Air Dryer
Wattage2000+1600 watts
MotorAC (Italian Grade)AC
Weight 2 pounds3.2 ponds

We have compared Elchim 3900 with a Tourmaline dryer. Yes, you have read that right! Although Tourmaline is greater than Ceramic in a lot of ways as a material, it does not necessarily mean every Tourmaline dryer performs up to that potential. The reason why we checked out GHD air dryer is its poor wattage and heavyweight.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic dryer outperforms with Italian grade AC motor, 2000 + wattage and weighing only 2 pounds. Whereas GHD Air dryer weighs 3.2 pounds with a wattage of 1600 only. Tourmaline alone can’t do everything a hair dryer needs to do. Following are the pros as cons of Elchim 3900 healthy Ionic dryer.


  • Infrared heating system powered by Ceramic components are very gentle on your hair and will protect it from damage.
  • Long lasting Italian grade AC motor will let your dryer give service for years to come.
  • 2000+ wattage will provide quality airflow and heat to dry hair faster.
  • Ionic technology will help fight frizz.
  • 2 integrated Concentrator Nozzle allows you precise drying and brushing facilities.
  • Cool shot button for setting your styles hair the way you want.
  • Ergonomic handle with raised hemisphere for a better grip.


  • This dryer does not come with diffuser attachments and needs to be bought separately. Try Elchim Cocoon Hair Dryer Bidiffuser compatible with this dryer if you have curly or coarse hair.

Elchim 2001 High Pressure Hair Dryer

Elchim 2001 High Pressure Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Old School Classic Ceramic Ionic Dryer

This dryer is the classic 2001 Elchim dryer that has won several awards including Allure Magazine’s Best in Beauty 2013 awards and In Style Magazine’s Best in Class-2014.

Just like every other Elchim dryer, this dryer has Italian grade AC motor with promising durability and powerful wattage. We have compared Elchim 2001 High-Pressure hair dryer with Solano SuoerSolano Professional Hairdryer below.

FeaturesElchim 2001 High PressureSolano SuperSolano Professional Hairdryer
Wattage2000+ watts1800 watts
MotorAC motor (Italian grade)AC motor (Italian Grade)
Weight1.1 pounds1 pounds

Both of these dryers are made in Italy and have a great reputation. A fair comparison, however, shows the major differences. Elchim 2001 High pressure wins in terms of wattage range, and material. Although the weight is more or less the same for both dryers, Solano dryer feels heavier when used, maybe because of its design. Following are the pros and cons of Elchim 2001 classic hair dryer


  • This dryer has an extremely durable AC motor ensuring 2000+ working hours.
  • Ceramic components ensuring gentle heating.
  • Ionic technology to ensure frizz ease and healthy cuticles.
  • Direct grip filter for easier cleaning.
  • The narrow front section that ensures precision of heat and airflow.
  • Lightweight design for convenient salon and home use.


  • Does not come with a diffuser Elchim Cocoon Hair Dryer Bidiffuser is compatible and needs to be bought separately.
  • Only 2 heat and 2-speed settings which could be more for more versatile drying and styling options.

Elchim Xlite 3900 Light Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim Xlite 3900 Light Ionic Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: 35% lightweight hair dryer for convenient and Eco-Friendly usage

Elchim is a bit orthodox in terms of using technologies in dryers. Elchim Xlite is one of those dryers that is very much effective in terms of its functions but with the same heating element used, which is Ceramic. This dryer is named after its lightweight design with the classic effectiveness of ceramic on damaged and other hair types.

This dryer is also environment-friendly because its made from 100 recyclable material. And of course, Elchim’s durable and powerful AC motor is always there. We have compared this dryer with Parlux 3200 Ceramic Ionic dryer for your ease of understanding of its quality.

FeaturesElchim XliteParlux Compact Hair Dryer
Wattage2000+ watts1900 watts
Weight0.8 Pounds3.1 pounds

As you can see, Elchim 3900 light ionic is way ahead of Parlux Compact Hairdryer. Both Elchim and Paralux are Italian dryers and have a good reputation. But of course, all dryers cannot the of the same quality. Elchim is better in terms of wattage and components as well as weight. Following are the Pros and Cons of Elchim Xlite.


  • Healthy for hair for its Ceramic components.
  • Healthy for the environment because of the recyclable materials used.
  • Energy efficient for consuming less electricity by drying hair fast.
  • Helps fight frizz and static with ionic technology.
  • Easy of your wrists for the lightweight design of 0.8 pounds of weight only.


Elchim 2001 vs 3900

Elchim 2001 models were great dryers for past times and present too. However, 3900 are a lot more upgraded. Back in the days when Ionic technology was brand new, Elchim was leading with their ionic dryers. Their dryers are award-winning and for valid reasons.

Elchim 2001 model versus 3900 models

However, the key changes in 3900 series are added heat and speed options while 2001 models were limited to 2 heat and 2 speed. However, the quality motor was always a plus point for Elchim dryers.

Not Recommended Dryers

Elchim dryers that we do not recommend are because of some minor flaws. For example, Elchim 3800 series dryer which was prequels to 3900 series dryers. Compared to 3900 dryers, these dryers are mediocre.

This might only be suitable for fine hair types and not thicker or other hair types because if its wattage range. It is also 2.1 pounds in weight and hence other Elchim dryers are better with the same Italian Motor and Ceramic components. Another dryer we do not recommend is Elchim 3800 Kisses, which is the same as idea ionic dryer but pink.


Elchim is a brand that believes in quality over everything else. Although they are not as ambitious as their contemporary brands who the trying out the latest technologies like Tourmaline, Titanium etc. Elchim still stands by their classic Ceramic dryers confidently.

It seems they want to make a statement about ceramic ruling the industry for decades and are not interested in jumping into the bandwagon. Hence, Elchim is still successfully running their business because of their sincere involvement and passion that drove them to strive since 1945.