Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair With Diffuser 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Do you have curly hair? Are you one of those people who claim that manufacturers do not make hair dryers depending on the hair types?

Good news! From our research, we would like to inform you that there are plenty of good quality hair dryers available in the market that are very much convenient; “specially” made for curly hair.

As hair characteristics and problems vary from type to type, manufacturers have to take this step for curly hair people.

Featured Image Of Best Hair Dryers With Diffusers For Curly Hair

In this article we are going to discuss:

  • Curly hair and its types
  • Common problems faced by curly hair people
  • How hair dryers can solve those problems

These are the main things we will discuss. We will explain every section, talk about technologies, features, materials, attachments provided by hair dryers that are beneficial for curly hair.

And afterward, we will suggest you some top quality hair dryer products that are considered specially made for curly hair type.

A Quick Review

We have chosen the following products after comparing it with many other hair dryers. These dryers are selected for some specific features that are very advantageous for curly hair. Take a glance at the top-recommended products before we start our article. If you want to read the details about these products, please jump over to the product section.

John 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow Dryer
Check Price
John 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow Dryer - Small HD46A1$$
Infiniti Pro by Conair Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool
Check Price
Infiniti Pro by Conair Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool - Small HD46A1$$
Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000W Dryer
Check Price
Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000W Dryer - Small HD46A1$$$
DevaCurl DevaDryer
Check Price
Devacurl Devadryer - Small HD46A1$$$
Babylisspro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer
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Babylisspro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer - Small HD46A1$$
BestTrendy Professional Universal Hair Diffuser Attachment
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BestTrendy Professional Universal Hair Diffuser Attachment - Small HD46A1$$
DevaCurl DevaFuser Attachment
Check Price
DevaCurl DevaFuser Attachment - Small HD46A1$$

Hair Dryer For Curly Hair With Diffuser – Buyer’s Guide

What is curly hair?

Curly hair is full of curls if we say simply. People who have curly hair are born with it. Our hair is built of protein, keratin that is codified in the hair follicle cells. The proteins contain sulfur atoms and become a portion of the hair shaft. Two sulfur atoms form a disulfide bond when they pair up.

If these two atoms are at a distance in the same protein, and they join to make the disulfide bond, then the protein bends. Your curls are created in this way. The amount of curls is dependent on the number of disulfide bonds between the proteins.

John 6900 banner
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Elchim 3900 banner

Know your curly hair type

Look at the picture. Type 3A, 3B, 3C are the types of curly hair. If you have any of these types, you have curly hair, and welcome! This article is for you. We will emphasize on curly hair only in this content but kinky hair (type 4A, B, C) people also can get some benefits from here.

Type 3 Hair

So you can find out your hair types from the picture. But what the types mean? Let’s find out:

  • 3A: This type of curls is usually loose and big that follows an S-shaped The curls are springy each curl is as thick as a part of sidewalk chalk.
  • 3B: The curls in this type of coarse-textured hair are a little bit tighter. The curls are as wide as a marker pen.
  • 3C: This type of hair is also known as ringlet or corkscrew curls. These curls are very tightly packed and have the perimeter of a pencil.

As we are giving you information on curly hair types, we want to let you know one more important thing.

Hair dryer manufacturers do not make dryers according to the subcategories of curly hair but they make their products to solve the common problems faced by the curly hair people.

If you are confused about your hair types, then you can use blow dryers which are suitable for any type of hair.

Frequent problems that curly hair people face

Now you know the type of curly hair. Before jumping to further discussion, let’s find out the “common” problems faced by curly hair people.

Frizzy hair

Curly hair is very prone to frizz than straight hair. They are dry naturally. The natural oil produced from the scalp cannot reach to each component and hydrate its lengths because of the shape (spiral) of curly hair. So the hair easily loses its moisture and as a result, the dry cuticle of the hair can be lifted and that is what makes your hair frizzy.

Hair knots and tangles

Curly hair people often face a knotty mess of their hair. They commonly face it after waking up every morning, after showering, and many other times. These disgusting tangles are caused when the cuticle (the outer layer of your hair) is damaged and opens up. When they become snagged on each other, knots and tangles are created in your hair.

Hair Damage

The problems mentioned above ultimately cause hair breakage at the end, which is the worst nightmare of every hair conscious person. If the hair is exposed to excessive heat, it can be damaged as well.

How can problems be solved?

So you are seeing that there are few problems curly hair people often have to face. There are some features, technologies, materials that are used in hair dryers to solve the common problems which make the dryer very convenient for curly hair people.

Get rid of Frizzy hair

The use of the following technology or material in a hair dryer can assist you to get rid of the frizzes from your curly hair:

Ionic-Conditioning technology

There are many types of technologies that are used in hair dryers. But the most beneficial technology for curly hair is the ionic condition technology because it helps to reduce the frizzes from hair. Our research shows that the dryer that provides ionic conditioning technology can remove up to 40 percent of frizzes from curly hair.

Use of Titanium

The use of Titanium material is very much popular for using in hair dryers because this can produce high temperature continuously. The consistent temperature assists in styling and controlling the volumes and textures of curly hair and most importantly, it makes your hair less frizzy while drying it very quickly.

No more worries about hair damage

All of our prescribed solutions will reduce the curly hair damage. But in this section, we are going to give a solution to a specific problem that causes a lot of hair damage. And that is – exposure of hair to the extreme temperature.

Use of Tourmaline

The use of tourmaline material in the hair dryer helps to make the heat gentle on the hair while drying by emitting infrared heat and negative ions. It makes hair shiny and removes most of the frizzes. This material ultimately saves curly hair from damaging by not letting it get dry and helps to absorb the moisture.

Wattage system

Though at least 1300 wattage is needed to dry fine hair, it requires at least 1600-1800 wattage to dry curly hair. But if you buy a dryer that offers wattage in this range, you cannot use the low speed/heat settings in your dryer.

That means, your hair will meet the highest amount of heat. It can cause harm to your curly hair; causes hair damage. So we are highly recommending wattage of 2000 at least for curly hair. In this wattage, you can use various speed/heat settings that will save your hair from damage.

Add volumes and get rid of hair knots with a diffuser attachment

In this section, we will discuss diffuser attachments and its benefits vastly. We will explain the major diffuser types and their features as well. but before we start explaining, we would like to let you know the benefits in short:

  • Diffuser attachment helps to maintain the texture of curly hair which will remove hair knots
  • It adds a good amount of volume to your hair roots
  • It reduces hair damage as well.

Now, it’s time to explain the “diffuser attachment”

What is a diffuser and what does it do to your hair

If people use a hair dryer without any attachments to dry their hair, air flows vagrantly on their hair. People cannot control the airflow of the dryer. It is very much harmful to hair and it may cause many hairs to fall.

hair dryer diffuser

However, if people use diffuser attachments with their hair dryer, they can have the opportunity to control the airflow of the dryer. A diffuser attachment (also known as finger diffuser) moderates the air as it comes out of the blow dryer so that people do not get a direct airflow on their hair, but it expands smoothly through your hair rather.

They can expand the airflow on a larger portion of the hair. As a result, air cannot flow vagrantly on the hair. This is why using a diffuser attachment can reduce hair fall vastly.

Diffuser attachment is one of the outperforming attachments, which can be attached to the edge of a blow dryer. It assists in styling hair.

More precisely, it is used to maintain curly hair. It helps the people of any length curly, natural hair to blow-dry their curly hair and not to lose their actual, consummate curls. People of all sorts of hair besides natural and curly like straight and wavy can and must use this diffuser add-on if they wish to transform their straightened hairstyle into curly one.

The Necessity of a Diffuser Attachment

Most of the individuals in this world use a hair dryer to dry their hair. People with straight hair who want to keep their hair straight as always need not a hair diffuser attachment at all. However, people with curly hair can use a diffuser attachment to a hair dryer which assists them to blow dry their curly hair and holds the quality and texture of their hair.

Therefore, they need not follow any other ways to maintain their curly hair and get it done fantastically just with an add-on to their existing hair dryer which is called diffuser attachment. People with wavy hair can use diffuser attachment if they want to change their style into a curly one.

Diffuser Add-on of A Hair Dryer for Curly and Natural Hair – A Requisite Gadget to Maintain Curliness of Hair

People of curly hairstyle look very charming, classic, and extensive. However, to maintain a curly hairstyle people need many assiduities. Chaotic knots of hair that often occur upon people’s hair, which turns down the actual artistry of curly hair is called the frizz of the hair.

If curly hair is dried naturally or with simply a hair dryer, frizz can occur in your head. Besides, no one on the earth would like to have tangles, strong knots, or any other bugs in their hair.

Shakira with curly hair

A diffuser is a hair dryer accessory, which is used to reduce the frizz that occurs in the hair when people simply dry their hair with a blow dryer.

For your hair’s density and latitude, your hair may remain a plane if you already have a curly hairstyle. Also, this add-on will help to bring back the textures of your curls. Nevertheless, a diffuser accessory can assist you to maintain and moderate your curly hairstyle pattern more than anything.

Classification of Diffuser Attachments

There are primarily two types of diffuser attachments. They are:

  1. Sock Diffuser
  2. Exclusive hand-shaped diffuser
  3. Bowl Diffuser Attachment

Sock Diffusers

Though this type of diffuser is available in the market, it is not that much effective for curling up hair.

This diffuser looks like a sock, and it fits over most of the hair dryers. It has an elastic band at the opening to fit over the nozzle of the dryer.

Sock Diffuser

This diffuser is not just for the curls but adds volume to any hair type. The superior phone quality is for longer wear and better airflow. Unique shape provides for better overall heat dispersion. This diffuser replaces large and bulky plastic diffusers.

Mesh diffusers are other kinds of diffuser. However, it works quite the same as sock diffuser.

Exclusive Hand Shaped Diffuser Add-on – Best for All (Short, Medium, Long Length) Hair

This is a hand-shaped diffuser attachment which is the unique designed diffuser in the market, and it is so much famous for its universality. It fits on most of the hair dryers because it has an elastic piece around the lower part of the diffuser.

Therefore, it stretches to any size of hair dryers. This quality is very convenient. It is the only kind of diffuser that has holes in the inside portion and has holes in the outside portion as well. Therefore, you can stick the whole hand in your hair and you can be benefited in various ways.

hand shaped diffuser

This diffuser dries from the inside outward, so your ends will not be frizzy and fried by the time your roots are dry. Your curls will be beautiful with a ton of volume. This accessory will give your hair a nice lift off my scalp. Besides, the rest of the curls will be able to dry quickly with ambient air, and they will look well defined.

Bowl Diffusers

Bowl diffusers are the best. It is the most advantageous type of diffuser. Quite all of the hair dryers’ attachments AKA diffusers are bowl-shaped. Diffusers of some conventional designs are available in the market. Like:

Design 1 – Usual One! Best for Medium and Short Length Wavy, Natural, Curly Hair

This type of diffuser is made of plastic. It has small prongs inside the cups. Some people call it bowls also. It has sufficient holes to flow the heat. The little prongs help to make the hair curly.

The utility of these types of diffuser attachments mostly depends on the bowl size. Hence, these kinds of diffusers have small bowls; it cannot contain a lot of hair in it. Namely, bowls are not deep. As a result, it cannot give much volume on the hair root and cannot curl up many curls, but it can warm up nice curls.

medium and short length wavy natural curly hair diffuser

Therefore, people of short length naturally curly hair can use this without any flaw.

Design 2 – Collapsible Hair Diffuser – Best for Short Wavy, Natural, Curly Hair

The manufacture of this type of diffuser attachment is mainly plastic. This type of diffusers has a contractile quality, which is the specialty of these add-ons. People can compress it as they want.

For this condition, this kind of diffuser is commonly used while traveling. It has not a deep bowl where the orifice is much wider and bigger, round-shaped and the surface of the container is flat.

Collapsible Hair Diffuser

As a result, it covers a lot of hair but comparatively it cannot hold as much as hair it covers. This is why it fails to curl up the curls and give much volume to the hair root.

This diffuser has little prongs, and the prongs’ heads are silicon covered. Silicon covered prongs also prevent you from having volume in your hair root. Most of the time this diffuser cannot be heated much and give results quickly. It has many holes to flow the heat, but for its contractile quality, those holes are not enough to flow and heat-up the attachment.

Therefore, there are many reasons why it takes comparatively a lot of time and effort to have your work done by using this type of attachment.

Design 3 – Large Bowl Hair Diffuser – Best for Long Length Wavy, Natural, Curly Hair

It is full of plastic. The design of this sort of diffuser is a little bit different from others. It has sufficient holes to flow the heat.  Its bowl is round just like other diffuser add-ons, but the surface is not flat. It is pronged on the surface of the round bowl.

Besides these prongs, there are few more inside the bowl. The bowl of this diffuser is way wider than others and deeper as well. As a result, it can cover a lot of hair, and it can hold the same amount of hair inside its deep bowl.

Large Bowl Hair Diffuser

Therefore, people can get much volume in their hair root, curl up lots of curls by using this kind of diffuser and have their job done awesomely.


Sizes of diffuser attachments of a hair dryer are necessary because diffuser add-ons of different sizes have different efficiency. Like-

Diffusers of bigger size – Recommended for Long Length Curly Hair

The Large size of diffusers can mitigate your toil a lot because it has a large and deeper bowl. As a result, a lot of hair can be contained in that bowl and diffused at a time. Deeper bowls also help to curl up the curls more accurately. Bigger sized diffuser attachments are highly recommended for those people who have medium and long length hair. However, people of short length hair also can use this diffuser add-on and get their hair nicely curled.

The diffusers of Small Size – Recommended for Short Length Curly Hair for faster result

The small-sized diffusers can only alleviate the labor of the people of short hair to get faster results than using bigger sized diffuser attachments. Otherwise, it will augment the work undoubtedly because small-sized diffusers have narrow bowls. The depth of the bowls is not enough to contain a lot of hair.

As a result, it cannot give much volume to the hair root and fails to curl up the curls perfectly. Besides these disadvantages, if people with medium or long hair use small-sized diffuser attachment, they need to be very patient and spend many times to have their work done.

Universal Diffuser Attachment

All sorts of diffuser attachments of a hair dryer can be purchased individually. Not every single diffuser is compatible with every hair dryer. There are some diffusers available in the market, which are compatible with any branded hair dryer. They are called universal diffuser attachment.

Universal diffuser add-ons can only be bought severally. No hair dryer brand offers a universal diffuser accessory for their hair dryer. Solano Universal Finger Softstyler Diffuser is one of the most popular universal diffusers on the market.

The feature you should also look for

From the above discussion, you know which material, technology, and feature make a hair dryer convenient for the people who have curly hair. But there is another feature which will assist you to save your hair from damage. If you find this feature in the hair dryer, it will give you some extra benefits unquestionably.

Heat and speed settings

When we talked about the wattage, we mentioned the heat/speed settings of hair dryers above. This feature of a dryer is very much beneficial for the curly hair.

Different hair dryer products have different sets of heat/speed settings. Some have heat and speed settings individually some do not. Some have 3 settings and some have 2. Whatever the set is, you will be needing this feature to have control over the power of your dryer that will save your hair from damaging greatly.

We have done informing and explaining the most important factors about curly hair and hair dryer features, technology, and materials that are useful for curly hair. Since it was a long discussion, we would like to give you some thumb rules depending on our explication above by which you will be able to find the best product for your curly hair at ease in the following:

5 thumb rules to choose the right hair dryer for curly hair

  1. Material:
    • 1st Preference: Tourmaline
    • 2nd Preference: Titanium
  2. Must have the technology:
    • Ionic Conditioning
  3. Wattage:
    • Not less than 2000 wattage
  4. Diffuser Attachment:
    • Bowl (round) or hand-shaped diffuser is highly preferred
  5. Major features:
    • At least 2 different heat/speed settings

Top Hair Dryers For Curly Hair With Diffuser

For the people who want to buy a new hairdryer product

JOHN 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow Dryer

JOHN 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow Dryer

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Top Pick

Why we picked this product

PropertiesJOHN 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow DryerWarmlife Professional Salon Powerful Ionic Blow Dryer
Ionic conditioningYesYes
2000 or above wattageYesNo
2 or more Heat/speed settingsYesYes

JOHN is one of those manufacturers who has not made a large amount of hair dryer products but has made a few very good quality products. So is Warmlife. This is why we have compared two hair dryers from these two companies.

Both of the products are good but when it comes to recommending to the curly hair people, JOHN professional dryer is the clear winner. It has the required material which is very much advantageous for curly hair. It also offers the perfect wattage of power that is needed for curly hair and can save your hair from being fragile.


  • Tourmaline material is used which makes your hair strong, healthy by enabling it to prevent the high temperature which ultimately saves your hair from damage.
  • Ionic conditioning technology is good for removing frizzes and it removes 40% of your frizzes
  • Collapsible round diffuser which is great for curly hair. It adds a good amount of volume to your hair, helps to maintain the texture of the curls.
  • The dryer is infused with micro conditioners which gives you 5 times better protection from damaging.
  • Narrow and wide nozzles are provided for precise air flowing
  • Provides ALCI safety plug which will save you from electric hazard
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings and one cool shot button is provided
  • Removable filter to keep the dryer clean
  • Weight is 1.3 pounds
  • 9 feet long cord is provided

Infiniti Pro by Conair Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool / Hair Dryer

Infiniti Pro by Conair Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool / Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: 1st Runner-up

Why we picked this product

PropertiesInfiniti Pro by Conair Advanced Brushless Motor Styling ToolInfiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt Full-Size Salon Performance AC Motor Styler
Ionic conditioningYesYes
2000 or above wattageYesNo
2 or more Heat/speed settingsYesYes

Conair has always been a great option for people who are very conscious about their hair. This company makes very good quality products just like the two we mentioned above.

But as we are recommending the best hair dryer products that are specially made for the people who have curly hair, undoubtedly we have to go for Infiniti Pro by Conair Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool as it equivalent to a 2,000-watt professional dryer, offers the perfect material dries and attachment that are beneficial for curly hair.


  • Conair has used titanium material in this hair dryer that consistently produces a high temperature which is very much good for drying your hair amazingly
  • Brushless motor that works with a combination of electronics and magnets which provides a 10x longer life than an AC motor dryer.
  • Ionic conditioning is very much good to remove the frizzes.
  • Infrared heat is provided to protect the hair from damage.
  • Bowl diffuser is provided so that you can add some extra volumes to your curls.
  • Patent-pending noise reduction technology is used to reduce the noise up to 40% than other dryers
  • Concentrator nozzles are provided to dry hair fast by flowing the hair perfectly
  • 3 speed and 2 heat settings to control the power
  • Cool shot button to set the hairstyle
  • 7 feet long cord is provided


  • The weight of this dryer is 1.7 pounds, where we consider a dryer light when its weight is up to 1.5 pounds. So it is not a lightweight product, theoretically. Though the extra 0.2 pounds will not bother you at all.

RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000w Dryer

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: 2nd Runner-up

Why we picked this model

PropertiesRUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt DryerRUSK Engineering Deepshine Professional 1875 Watt Dryer
Ionic conditioningYesYes
2000 or above wattageYesNo
2 or more Heat/speed settingsYesYes

Both of the above hair dryers are good RUSK products. But we have chosen RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer because it has a better power system of 2000 wattage. Though both of these dryers do not provide any diffuser attachment, the first product is better than the other in material and other features as well.


  • Ionic conditioning for frizz-less hair
  • Tourmaline material is used to make hair shiny and healthier by making the heat gentler on hair
  • It emits far-infrared heat to infiltrate hair more deeply and eliminate frizzes while dry hair fast
  • 2 concentrator nozzles for accurate airflow
  • Lightweight (around 1 pound)
  • 3 heat/speed settings
  • 8 feet cord
  • Removable filter to clean the dryer


Special Consideration

The following dryer is of 1600 wattage, but we still have chosen this product and highly recommended the curly hair people for its exclusive handed diffuser attachment which is the best in the market without any doubt. Check out the other information about the product:

DevaCurl DevaDryer

DevaCurl DevaDryer

Ranking Position: 4

Our Opinion: Alternative Preference


  • Ionic technology is very good for a frizz-free It also makes your hair shiny while drying it fast
  • 1 exclusive hand-shaped diffuser attachment is provided. It helps to flow the air in 360 degrees which is a great advantage for curly hair. It dries, adds volumes and textures in curls to the point.
  • 2 heat/speed settings
  • 1 concentrator nozzle that helps to flow the air very specifically
  • Lightweight, around 1.5 pounds


  • No tourmaline/titanium material is used.

Travel-Friendly hair dryer for curly hair people

People often visit places and they need a compact dryer ready for taking care of their curls. When it comes to a travel hair dryer, you have to forget the thumb rules we mentioned above to buy a hair dryer for curly hair. It is because the main feature of a travel dryer is it’s lightweight, easy storage system; its compatibility. They do not provide high wattage and many features like others but it will satisfy by its quality service. We are recommending the following travel hair dryer which is very good for curly hair:

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

Ranking Position: 5

Our Opinion: Very Lightweight


  • Dual voltage system. You can use either a 110v or 250V setting. It is very helpful for people who often travel around the world.
  • Ultra-light. The weight of the dryer is almost 0.7 pounds.
  • Folding handle features to store the dryer anywhere easily
  • Tourmaline is good for curly hair as it saves the hair from high temperature
  • Titanium is great for drying curly hair rapidly by continuously producing high heat
  • 2 heat/speed settings


Author’s Note

This model is not available right now. So that we have looked for an alternative hair dryer that is very beneficial for travelers and we have come up with an amazing product – “JINRI Travel Hair Dryer”. JINRI hair dryer has all the necessary features that a travel dryer needs and we are highly recommending this blow dryer for all types of hair.

Economic solution for the existing hair dryer users

You can buy any of the following products if you already have any hair dryer and cannot afford to buy a new one which is recommended especially for curly hair. All you have to do is to attach the universal diffuser to your dryer and start maintaining your curls.

BestTrendy Professional Universal Hair Diffuser Attachment

Why we like this

This universal diffuser attachment is so much famous for its universality. By using this diffuser, your curls will be beautiful with a ton of volume.

This accessory is for the people of all length (short, medium, long); naturally, curly hair and it will give your hair nice lift off the scalp. Also, the rest of the curls will be able to dry quickly with ambient air, and they will look well defined.

This bowl diffuser can be attached to the dryers that have a nozzle diameter of 1.4 inches – 2.7 inches; most of the dryers.

DevaCurl DevaFuser Attachment

Why we like this

This hand-shaped universal diffuser attachment is a product of the unique design of the market and greatly appreciated for its universality. This diffuser dries from the inside outward, so your ends will not be frizzy and fried by the time your roots are dry.

It is capable of adding the very good amount of volumes to your hair root and make your curls more textured. It fits on most of the hair dryers because it has an elastic piece around the lower part of the diffuser.

Therefore, it stretches to any size hair dryers (can fit with the nozzles that have a diameter of 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches. It is the only kind of diffuser that has holes in the inside portion and has holes in the outside portion as well. This quality is very convenient.

Final Observation

So we have explained all about curly hair in this article. Now, you know the types of curly hair, the problems that curly hair people face in their daily life. We have recommended the best products in the market after hours of deep researching. But before that, to eliminate your doubts and confusion, we have explained the traits that a hair dryer must have to be an advantageous tool for curly hair.

All of the recommended products are of very high quality. Now, the decision is up to you. You do not have to worry about the quality anymore, just check out the comparison tables, pros, cons of the product and buy the dryer that meets most of your desires. It will blow your hair and your mind as well.


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    1. Hello Gabriella, at first we would like to thank you for being so supportive of us.

      Well, the hair dryers we have suggested here are guaranteed to cause a minimal to zero damage to your precious tresses.

      But then again, if you are so concerned, we would suggest you use a heat protectant like this Briogeo – Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection and Heat Protectant Crème before drying your curly locks for extra heat protection.

      Hope this would help you!

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