How Do You Bring Life Back To Dry Damaged Curly Hair?

Curly hair has its own beauty. But I didn’t like my curly hair. When I was the teenager; tried most of the time to straighten up my curls with chemicals and blow-dryers. Gradually I understand the fact that getting the hair curl is very much beautiful than turn it away from its original pattern. Now I love my curls.

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Today my concern is for those who are trying to attempt for making flat fall hair with harmful chemicals and as a result, causing dryness, damage, and roughness to their lovely hairs.

We can’t also deny the fact that sometimes it is tough to resist the seasonal hairstyles, blowouts or any flat look of hair. But overdoing any style that effects pressure on your hair can make your hair losing its natural shine and sound health.

But the good news is, it is never too late. You can regain your shimmering hair by making some changes in your daily hair routine and applying some natural remedies.

Here are some fundamental changes that help you to bring back life to dry, damaged curly hair.

What Shampoo Are You Using

Different types of shampoo

Check on once what type of shampoo you are using. As, there are different categories of shampoo available for the particular type of hair; for example, for rough type hair, you should choose mild kind of shampoo. Like this, for curly hair, you have to select sulfate free moisturized shampoo. Applying appropriate kind of shampoo on your curls will help you to recover the dryness.

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Are You Taking Enough Care On Your Curls

Taking care is a great solution to every problem. Then why not take care of your curls? Twice in a week, it is compulsory to use a hair mask that suits your hair type. For boosting up your hair from that damage you caused in attempting for the flat hair you need treatment of deep conditioning. This treatment gives extra nourishment to your curly hair and avoids frizzing.

Natural nourishing ingredients of damaged curly hair

You can do natural nourishing treatment with eggs, avocado, olive oil, coconut milk, lavender essential oil, honey etc. Deep conditioning and nourishing treatments help you to restore the fragile curls.

Avoid Heat

Avoiding heat is a wise step to prevent your hair from being dry and rough. While cleaning, you should use cold water to rinse it. It is helpful with shine as well as frizz.

I was made on doing blow-drying my curls and was fascinated to get straight hair. Usually, I was habited to do flat irons 2 to 3 times a week. And no wonder, my curls got crumbly and friable. Then I didn’t know the tricks that would allow me to do style with saving the curls from roughness.

Although you need to use heat then should use the heat protection. Do not do hair straighten from wet to dry hair. At blow drying use the cool shot option. Believe me; these steps will give you sleek and shiny looks of your curls.

Do You Trim Your Curls Regularly?

Trimming curly hair

Trimming gives your hair good growing and less breakage of hairs. So try to maintain regular trimming of your hair.

When your hair gets damaged it is good to cut down the damaged part to continue the natural pattern. Because the damaged section of hair make the end split and then break. If you do not trim the damaged edge of the curl the damage just grow and grow by splitting the end.

So better get trimmed today!

Give Rest To The Curls

I bet you have tried a lot over getting slim slick hair; maybe you have colored your hair thrice in a month. Now it is time to give it a rest Honey! I know you are looking gorgeous. But what about the poor hair? Draw a gap limitation for styling the curl.

Once you bring a gap in modifying the curls, you will start to feel the difference between before and after effects. This gap will bring back the good health of your hair.

Have A Balanced Diet

Balanced diet menu

Till now I was just saying about external actions. But it is simultaneously important to check on your intestine immunity that is assured only by a balanced diet and impacts on the beauty of the hair. Drinking a lot of water, taking healthy fats, Fish and fruits- all these help you to bring life back to dry, damaged curly hair.

Hey Girl! You look stunning in your curls. Just don’t spoil the natural beauty. Trying to get the opposite type of hair will only cause damage to your cute curls. I am telling you from my own experiments as well as experiences. It is better to walk on the right than going on in the wrong direction.  Just be patient and take good care to bring life back to dry damaged curly hair.


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