Different Ways to Master Waves With Your Blow Dryer

Do you use your blow dryer just to dry your manes? If so, then you are totally wasting your dryer tool; that’s because a blow dryer is a very versatile tool that can not only dry your hair but at the same time can also style them if you know the right techniques.

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Below, we have discussed in great detail how you can use your hair drying tool to create and enhance luscious waves in different types of manes easily and effectively.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how to master waves using your favorite blow dryer.

1. How to Enhance Natural Waves

The best way to enhance and flourish your natural curls effortlessly is by using a diffuser attachment. A diffuser attachment is a lifesaver for all the naturally wavy-haired girls out there. This amazing spiky hairdryer attachment spreads the airflow from the dryer over a larger area and makes sure that the dispersed air doesn’t affect the wave pattern of your tresses. Moreover, a diffuser also helps to dry hair quicker than usual without causing any frizz and flyaways.

Natural Waves

Now let’s move on to the actual process of enhancing your natural waves. Start off by applying a handsome amount of heat protectant all over your towel-dried tresses to protect them against the heat. We prefer the John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum as it not only ensures severe heat protection but at the same time also eliminates frizz and static to provide an excellent base for the styling.

Then dry your manes with your blow dryer (don’t forget to attach the diffuser) to get your natural wave pattern come out quicker. Just keep moving the blow dryer up towards your head and let the hair strands scrunch up onto the diffuser to enhance those waves. Repeat this process until your manes are completely dried.

We prefer the Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer not only because it comes with an excellent diffuser attachment but also because this dryer comes with ionic technology and Micro Conditioner Technology, both of which keeps frizz at the bay and helps to moisturize your manes for a silky, shiny outlook.

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2. How to Tame Curls for Polished Waves

Every now and then curly-haired girls might want to switch their hairstyle and wish to have gorgeous waves in their hair. Usually, turning curls into waves require a lot of time and patience because you need to first straighten them with a flat iron and then create the waves. But, with the right techniques and an incredible blow dryer for curly hair, you can tame down the curls and create luscious waves in your manes easily and quickly.

Polished Waves

First, find a hairdryer for curly hair that comes with a concentrator nozzle. We are suggesting a concentrator nozzle because this flat attachment can get a more polished and controlled look by concentrating on drying afterward section of your tresses at a time and produce the best results quickly and efficiently. And as for the hairdryer, we would recommend trying out this Wazor Professional Ionic Hair Dryer because, aside from coming with a concentrator attachment, this blow dryer incorporates infrared emission technology that dries your hair effortlessly from the inside out in a very short time. Furthermore, its ceramic tourmaline coating makes it gentle and perfect to use on delicate curly hair.

Now, let’s move on to the actual process of creating lustrous waves in your curly hair. Begin your styling process by preparing your hair with a heat protectant spray to keep burns and damages away.

Then, section off your tresses into several different parts and clip them all for a controlled styling session. After that, take one section at a time and using a round brush blow dry your hair and smoothen the curls. Once the section is dried and smooth, use the same brush to twist the hair around and create the wave you always wanted.

Repeat this process for the rest of the parts until you have a head full of gorgeous waves.

Then run your fingers through the waves to interconnect them and finish off the styling by spritzing on some holding spray (we prefer the L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray) to keep the waves intact in place for hours to come.

3. How to Make Straight Hair Wavy

This might seems quite impossible but you can actually get the most lust-worthy waves in your straight hair locks just with a hairdryer. This fun little hack would not only add volume and dimension you’re your tresses but at the same time would also provide you with a very versatile look.

Straight to Wavy Hair

Start the styling by applying a handsome amount of texturizing mousse into your towel-dried manes to add some volume and bounce to them. We recommend the Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse as it is lightweight yet builds a super long-lasting base for your hair styling.

Now, using a hairdryer, roughly dry all your manes upside down to add some more bounce and body to them. You can also attach a concentrator nozzle and blow air to the roots to lift them up and make your tresses even more voluminous.

After that, create several braids in your roughly dried tresses; the larger the braids, the more loosely the waves will be.

Once you are done braiding all your manes, continue using your blow dryer to dry them completely. Then pull out the braids lightly from your dried tresses and reveal gorgeous waves in your straight manes afterward.

Now, remove the concentrator and give your hair the last blow of hot air before splashing a burst of cold air to lock the style in place.

Scrunch your tresses to interconnect between the curls so that they look uniform and not out of place.

Finish the styling session by spraying on some setting spray to make your style hold long and last for an extended period of time.