How To Style Curly Hair Without Products

People with straight hair envy those with curly hair, and vice versa- we see this happen every day.  Whatever the craving is, only a girl with curly hair understands how hard it is to style the hair trouble-freely.

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We all know that curly hair tends to get dry quickly. Therefore, most curly-hair girls or women use different products like hair gel, or mousse, leave-in conditioners to keep them moisturized and frizz-free. Guess what! You can style your kinky, curly hair without using any sorts of products also. Do you want to know how? Then read the steps attentively!

Some hairstyles that you can try

Curly hair is quite unmanageable sometimes. So, here are some hairstyles that the curly-haired people can try out. These simple hairstyles can save your days while giving you attractive looks.  Braids and buns are lifesavers when it comes to curled hair. We also recommend a hair dryer with high wattage power to style curly type hair.

Let’s see how to use variations to get a pretty look.

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One-side front braid

The curls of the front region of your head tend to stick to the face, and it’s difficult to tie them into a hairstyle. What you can do is, make a French knot with the front layers or bangs. Braid it a little more after crossing the ear area. Then secure the hair with bobby pins.

One-Side Front Braid

Braided headband

If you want a braided headband look, follow the steps. This look suits curly and kinky haired people. Start by taking an inch of hair from the ear region (left or right ear- that’s your choice). Separate it into three strands and start making an upside-down French braid with them till you reach the opposite ear.

Braided Headband

You’re making a French braid on the front region of your head that starts from one ear and ends in another. After reaching the endpoint, continue the braid a little more and tuck it under your hair so that the pinned portion isn’t visible.

High ponytail

A high ponytail is a charm for both straight and curly hair. Gather all your hair with a brush and tie it into a high ponytail.

High Ponytail

Top-knot bun

If you have stubborn and unmanageably curled hair, rest assured that a top-knot bun will be your best friend from now. To make it, at first, make a high ponytail. Then separate the ponytail into two hair sections. Take one part, twist it a little, wrap it around the ponytail, and then, tuck the ends with a bobby pin.

Do the same for the second section. This top-knot bun can be a perfect everyday look.

Different type of braids and buns suit curly hair much. If you start experimenting, you’ll find out that curly hair can give you gorgeous looks easily.

Top-Knot Bun

Some habits that you should build up

Here are some practices that you should start building up if you have kinky hair or curly hair. Having frizz is what disturbs the curls and waves most and makes the hair unruly. If you want to minimize frizz to a reasonable extent, you should follow the rules mentioned below!

1. Sleeping with a braid in the night to have defined curls

Sleeping With A Braid In The Night To Have Defined Curls

At night, before going to sleep, comb your hair and detangle the strands carefully. After that, make one or two braids, tie it with an elastic band, and sleep on them. In the morning, untie the elastic and remove the knots.

After doing so, move your fingers through the hair to loosen the curls. This method will give you a different wave, and the curls will look more defined. The best part of this habit is that you get frizz and tangle-free hair in the morning

2. Sleeping with a top-knot bun or using pineapple trick keeps away frizz and defines the curls

Sleeping With A Top-Knot Bun To Keep Away Frizz And Defines The Curls

Whether you go outside or want to sleep on tied hair, a top-knot will always save your day. At night, after detangling your hair, tie them up into a top bun, and sleep on it. When you untie your hair upon waking up, you’ll find your hair look more decent than ever. Tangles and frizz will also stay at bay!

Alternatively, you can try the pineapple trick. Comb your hair and gather it in the top of your head (much closer to your forehead). Tie all the hair up with an elastic band. It’s called the pineapple trick. Sleep on it and discover soft and gentle curls in the morning. Frizzes will be your least remembered friend if you continue this trick every day.

3. Avoiding brushes

Brushing curly hair makes them dry and prone to breakage. To avoid this situation, use a wide-toothed comb.

Woman using wide tooth comb

Start from the bottom of your hair and detangle your way up. Detangling is the most challenging task for kinky haired people. A wide-toothed comb can be a relief for them. They should strictly avoid brushing hair.

4. Using t-shirts instead of a towel

Woman using t-shirt for drying curly hair

After a shower, most people rub their hair with a towel while one should only press it gently to soak off excess water. The process can be harsh on curly hair and increase frizz. Therefore, curly and kinky haired people are advised not to use a towel and use a t-shirt instead.

Use a cotton t-shirt to soak the excess water. Avoid rubbing your hair or moving the t-shirt up and down or left and right while doing so.

5. Using essential oils instead of moisturizing products

Natural oils have more moisturizing products than the store-bought mousses, or creams, or gels.

Natural oils
Coconut Oil, Olive Oil & Lavender Oil

If you see that your hair is too dry, take 2 to 3 drops of coconut, or olive, or lavender oil in your palm and gently run your fingers through the hair strands. Massaging oils won’t make your hair look oily, but will keep them healthy and moisturized.

So, these were some low-maintenance hairstyles and habits that’ll save your hair from excessive frizz and give you a good hair day in no time. I have wavy hair, and I understand how hard it is to have an excellent hair day. However, trust me, these styles and rules go a long way in helping to style curly hair. Try them out, and you’ll notice changes.