How to Create Beach Waves in Fine Hair

Summer is coming, and you still have not had your new beach wavy look? Do not worry. We will lead you to the path from where you will learn to create this trendy and classy style in your fine hair. Fine hair is such type of hair that is naturally smooth, silky and shiny. The most significant advantage of it is, any style can be created with fine hair. Its texture and hair density allow doing that and does not require many products. Stick with us till the end to know the tricks which will help you in any situation whether you are at home or planning for a vacation or like to go to saloons for a hairstyle.

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1. Fine Hair Beach Waves with Flat Iron

Flat irons can produce lovely beach waves that you want in your fine hair along with hair straightening. They enable your hair to hold curls for a long time. According to your hair length and your preference of shapes of waves, choose flat iron plates. Experts suggest 1-inch wide plate for short hair. Mid or long hair needs 1.5-2.5-inch-wide plates. As excessive heat can be harmful to fine hair, you should use flat irons having tourmaline material for minimal damage.

Fine Hair Beach Waves With Flat Iron
  • Wash your hair or use a dry shampoo
  • Blow-dry your hair
  • Apply heat protectant spray
  • Take one section of hair into the flat iron plate, wrap your hair around the iron
  • Twist your hand to create curl and pull it away from your face all the way to the ends
  • Then proceed for other sections, follow the same towards different directions
  • Texturize with hair spray and tousle up your hair with fingertips

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2. Create Beach Waves with Curling Iron

Curling irons can be the best choice for you if you want a soft and natural beach wave look. It is less time-consuming with less effort and gives a variety of shapes in different directions. Curling irons with interchangeable barrel sizes let you style according to your hair length. Typically, 0.375-1-inch barrels are good for short hairs. Long hairs surely need large barrels which are within 1.25-2 inches. Your process will be much easier if you prefer curling irons with the auto-rotating system.

Create Beach Waves With Curling Iron
  • Wash off your hair with a mild shampoo
  • Blow-dry your hair
  • Apply heat protectant
  • Grab 1 inch of hair and start curling from the top by wrapping around the barrels
  • Curl in different directions
  • Tighten clamps for 3-5 seconds to hold the hair in place
  • Follow the process to the ends

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3. Hot Rollers Hack for Beach Wavy Curls

Another effective method to create beach waves in your fine hair is using hot rollers. They are like small tubes, comes with many numbers and sizes, and not so expensive. Hot rollers do the same as other heating tools do but with less heat. It is suitable for sensitive hair, gives extra body to the hair. Many brands offer different sizes of hot rollers for people’s convenience. Small (¾ -inches) rollers are good for short hair, medium (1-inch) and large (1 ¼ -inch) size rollers are good for medium to long length hair and jumbo (1½ -inch) or super jumbo (1 ¾ -inch) rollers are recommended for the people who have very long hair.

Beach Waves With Hot Rollers
  • Rinse your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo
  • Dry your hair with a hairdryer
  • Create a good side part of your hair and apply mousse
  • Make sections evenly of hairs
  • Vertically place the rollers in each section’s center
  • Wrap hair around the rollers to make coils and lock them with clips
  • Let the rollers be cool and slide them out from curled coils
  • Give finishing touch with sea salt spray/ hair spray

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4. Hair Dryer Technique for Beach Waves

In every method, you need to blow dry your fine hair before using any other heating tools. But here is an impressive technique from the experts. By adding a diffuser attachment with the hairdryer, you can get that beach waves in your fine hair. Blow drying with diffuser adds extra volume to hair. When using a diffuser, it covers a large area by dispersing the airflow. Resulting from that, you can effortlessly have a beach wave look for the entire day.

Beach Waves With Hair Dryer
  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and use a conditioner
  • Apply texturizing spray and mousse to your hair when it is still damp
  • Section hair and twist them into ‘S’ shape
  • Put the strands into the diffuser and start drying
  • Dry until it absorbs all the water
  • Pull out the dryer, and apply sea salt spray
  • Finger comb hair for tousled waves

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5. Beach Waves by Towel-dry Method

You will be surprised to know that, just with a towel you can have beach wave styles. This domestic solution cuts down your time and saves money — no need for heating tools here. A microfiber towel is more workable in this regard. It soaks all the water so fast and continues moisture in the hair. If you want no hassle, you can give it a try.

  • Get a fresh shower using conditioner moderately
  • Apply mousse to damp hair
  • Twist hair of each section and clip it to hold at the top
  • Cover with towel/microfiber towel and wait for 15 minutes
  • Pull it off and let hair air-dry
  • Gently finger-comb your hair to separate them
  • Spritz some sea salt spray as the finishing touch

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6. Overnight Beach Waves by Braiding

Making braids is not that tough. Women like to have braids for style; it changes the look. But now let us surprise you that braids can be a medium for achieving overnight beach waves in fine hair. Through its intricate pattern consisting of one or more strands make this process successful in finding out your covetable style.

Overnight Beach Waves by Braiding
  • Use conditioner for silky and shiny body
  • Use a blow dryer to dry fine hair until 75-80 percent
  • Spritz hair spray/sea salt spray
  • Part your hair into small sections
  • Make as many braids as you can
  • Unbraid strands and discover waves in hair
  • Finger comb your hair gently

7. Headbands for Waves

Headbands are standard beauty tools in your dressing table kit box. They are always near your hand, and you can make use of them when in a hurry. We suppose you are among them, who avoid heat-generating tools. Fear not. Every night before making up to the bed, wear headbands following our instructions, sleep on it and naturally find beach waves next morning in your hair when standing in front of the mirror.

Headbands for Wavy Hair
  • Comb your hair to release knots
  • Apply mousse to your damp hair for more texture
  • Wear an elastic headband no wider than two fingers
  • Make a loop of hair into the band
  • Create curls with strands
  • Similarly, do the same over the head
  • Lock by clips to hold hair
  • Use a hair spray and go to sleep
  • Wake up and remove the headband and make your style with new beach waves

8. Beach Waves Using Bobby Pin

Bobby pins are one of the simplest and basic ways of hairstyling. They have endless uses as well as creating beach waves. As we said earlier, fine hair is very suitable for any hairstyle. So simple with a bunch of bobby pins and with the help of your hands, you can originate beach waves and feel the summer beach staying at your home. This method is very workable in your damp hair. Check the processes in the following:

Beach Waves Using Bobby Pin
  • Apply hair products to damp hair and add moisture and texture
  • Make different sections and use your fingers to wrap them from the bottom to the top
  • Considering your hair length and wave priority, use one or more fingers
  • Lock the curls with bobby pins
  • Use hair spray, wear silk cap and keep it for half day
  • Remove the bobby pins when time and finger into hair for natural tousled waves

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9. Homemade Sea-salt Spray Trick

Beach waves are created naturally because of the salty air on the beach. But you can easily make your sea salt spray at home rather than buying. In an empty spray bottle, mix two teaspoon sea salt with lukewarm water. Add adequate coconut oil, aloe vera gel, essential oil for fragrance into it, and your spray is ready to apply. It will drink up moisture and give texture to your hair.

Homemade Sea-salt Spray
  • Wash your hair properly with a shampoo
  • Apply mousse to your hair for extra moisture, volume, and body
  • Make different sections of hair
  • Air-dry hair
  • Spray a right amount of sea salt spray and notice the difference
  • It results best when you have not washed your hair for 1 to 2 days

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Final Words

We have spoken about every point and the ways through which you can have beach waves in your beautiful fine hair. Now, it is your time to experiment with what you have learned and to let us know how successful our effort is. Make this summer season your own whether you are on vacation or not.

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