Best Low EMF Hair Dryer 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Cell phones and Electromagnetic radiation, the phenomena relating to this duo is hardly unknown to any health-conscious people in today’s world. But what most of them are surprisingly unaware of is the fact that there are worse producers of such harmful radioactivity just around their households.

The blow dryer is among a handful of other household appliances that are higher in the electromagnetic emission rate than your cell phone.

Featured Image Of Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

Thankfully, hairdryers with low radiation levels have now come to the scenario as healthier alternatives to the regular ones.

And that’s why we have come up with this article to introduce you to the best low EMF hair dryers in the market to help you find the best possible solution.

Quick Review

Before we go into our main discussion, let’s have a quick sneak peek at the best low EMF blow dryers that we have handpicked after hours of researches and a variety of test processes.

Shield Life EMFreedom Hair Dryer
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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
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CHI Professional Low EMF Hair Dryer
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Low EMF Hair Dryer – Buyer’s Guide

What is EMF?

EMF is a term derived from physics. It refers to Electro-magnetic Field, which is a combined force of electrical and magnetic fields. In an electrical device, when a static charge produces an electrical field, and a moving charge (current) creates a magnetic field, they both interact to form a unique force. This force is called EMF, and it may cause emission of faint lines of both high-frequency and low-frequency radiation.

Every kind of electrical device produces EMF be it wired or wireless. Almost all types of wireless devices produce high-frequency EMF, which alludes to Radiofrequency as well. And despite corded tools emit relatively lower frequency EMF radiation, they are nowhere far from affecting the cells of our brain and body.

So what EMF does your hairdryer produce?

Virtually no electrical device is free of EMF radiation. Machines don’t cease to radiate even when they’re shut yet plugged in. Hairdryers are commonly corded tools that are high in EMF radiations. The solenoid of a hairdryer motor is the core of its EMF production. The rotating coil generates moving charge (or current) to create magnetic fields that overlap with the electrical force caused by the anions.

The electromagnetic fields produced in electrical appliances are measured in the mG (milli-gauss) unit by EMF testers, which varies with the distance the device is kept from it.

Take a look at the chart below. It denotes the average amount of EMF produced by our day-to-day appliances in the mG unit.

SourceEmission Level From Up to 4 Inches (mG)Emission level at 3 Feet (mG)
Microwave Oven100-5001-25
Vacuum Cleaner230-13003-40
Hair Dryer60-200000.1-6
Washing Machine8-2000.1-4
Cell Phone10-2500.3-50

So, you can see the exposure of EMF radiation from hair dryers varies from 60 to 20000 milli-gausses, which is pretty high and may prove to be damaging enough to cause fatal health issues. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests the range of 0.5 to 2.5 mG as the recommended safety levels.

How Low EMF Hair Dryers Work?

In recent years, many hair tool manufacturers have come up with the idea of reducing the effects of EMF emission from the hairdryers and other electrical devices. They are developing new technologies in their labs to decrease the amount of EMF radiation, so health-conscious people can effortlessly keep their anxiety away.

The most neoteric edition of technology now is the Back EMF or Counter EMF. They are implementing this technology in hairdryers, which comes up with in-built electromagnetic fields that oppose the direction of the generated EMF back to their source.

Are you wondering about how does this Back EMF technology do the job?

The running motor of the hairdryer consists of a coil that turns into a magnetic field. It produces EMF. The back EMF technology opposes the voltage that powers the motor to reduce its effectivity. As a result, it weakens the EMF driving by the motor, yet the motor’s stability remains unharmed. That’s how low emf is produced despite the motor keeping up with the velocity it produces.

Why is Low EMF Important?

You have probably come across several scientific studies that show how cell phones lead to numerous types of tumors, which include brain cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also classified mobile phones as a potential carcinogen.

Low Emf Hair Dryer

But what we largely overlook is the electromagnetic radiations emitted from our household electrical appliances like hairdryers, washing machines, microwave ovens, and such, which may as well contribute to the cancer risk from using cell phones.

As you can see from the chart we have presented above; hairdryers are higher in EMF emissions than your cell phone. Some recent studies have shown that if you are regularly exposed to EMF levels even as low as 3 mG, you might be susceptible to fatal brain damages and leukemia, where the threat is even more significant for children.

Apart from Brain cancer and Leukemia, the following diseases can also occur even with minimal exposure to Electromagnetic radiation.

  • Long-term fatigue
  • Chronic headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Ringing ears
  • Hypersensitivity and Depression
  • Loss of libido
  • Hormonal discrepancy
  • Critical pregnancy issues with worsened aftermaths
  • Impotence in the male body
  • Cataracts

However, the sensitivity to EMF radiation may not be the same for all. Where a few may be affected by the slightest of radiation, a few others might not. But we strongly recommend not to compromise a bit when it comes to health issues. So, when buying a hairdryer or any other electrical appliance, checking the EMF emission levels is the best practice.

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Who Can Use a Low EMF Hairdryer?

As we have stated above, not everyone is equally sensitive to EMF radiation. But again, sometimes it’s not the amount of emission that affects a person severely. Instead, it is often the duration of your staying in an EMF emission-filled environment.

Meaning, the radiation may prove to be fatal for you even when it is at not so high a level if you consume it for lengthy periods, or you are habituated to stay around it regularly.

The professionals in hair salons are more susceptible to the harmful effects as they spend long hours with electricity operated hair tools that emit high-frequency EMF radiations. So, all the low EMF hair dryers are primarily designed and developed for them.

Also, low EMF blow dryers are the best suit for those hairstyle enthusiasts who love to try out different styles every day at home and need to dry their hair frequently in the process.

But as long as health issues are your utmost concern, you’ll want to replace your blow dryer with a low EMF hairdryer. More so, it becomes more than just a choice when you think about your little kids who are more vulnerable to Electromagnetic radiation exposure.

The Drawbacks

Higher price tags have to be the prime concern and arguably the only one. The low EMF dryers might be too costly to afford for many.

The manufacturers develop these products, mainly keeping the professionals in their minds. The salon experts are more prone to any potential damage as they spend no less than 5-6 hours with blow-dryers. But it’s not the reason behind the price issue.

The back EMF technology is an expensive technology that solely drives the price range up. It requires specialized motors to be implemented in the dryer, which is costlier than the regular ones.

So for regular people, who use their dryers from time to time and not so frequently, the price is undoubtedly a deterring factor. But as long as safety is your priority, you must overcome this issue.

The Core Features of Low EMF Hair Dryers

Hairdryers with low EMF emission boast some distinctive features enabling them to make the difference.

Down below, we have listed their core features with in-depth details, so you can comprehend how the low EMF dryers bring in all the goodnesses. These features are not available in a normal handheld blow dryer.

The Counter EMF Technology

No wonder this technology is the foremost reason behind the effectiveness of these types of blow dryers. Since its invention, this technology has been the game-changer in many home appliances industries apart from just hairdryers.

Counter EMF Technology

The technology has been engineered with a built-in Electromagnetic force opposed to the generated radiation produced from the motor. It creates a repelling torque that sends the larger percentage of the emissions back to their source.

Although this back-EMF technology cumbers the powering voltage of the motor for reducing the rate of emission, it does not affect the efficiency of the motor. Thus, it produces a reduced amount of radiation while upholding the original velocity of the airflow generated from the source.

It’s a trait missing in the regular hairdryers. This lacking leads to uncontrolled EMF generation, and therefore, the fatal aftermaths we have already discussed above.


The wattage or driving power of a hairdryer is a significant factor that determines the rate of EMF emission. The rotation of the coil, the velocity of the airflow and ions, and hence both the electric field and the magnetic field largely depend on how strong or weak the power source is.

According to the laws of physics, if the electrical current remains constant, EMF increases and decreases with the wattage of the motor proportionally. So the lower the wattage, the fewer the radioactivity.

But again, the airflow rate gets exponentially reduced with a depleted power source. It results in an insufficient amount of hot airflow compared to what is required for a proper blow-drying session. It indeed raises an annoying dilemma.

The best low EMF hair dryers solve this issue with a motor that has a moderate wattage level. We have run several tests to find out 1500-1800 watts as the perfect range. A motor within this range is capable of keeping the emission rate at minimal while also maintaining an adequate airflow rate required for a complete blow-drying session.


Undoubtedly, the motor is the core of operation for hairdryers. So it’s pretty supposable that it plays a vital role in EMF generation.

The number of revolutions in the solenoid or coil is the key determiner of what amount of emission will come out. However, you have no option to check it before purchasing, since no dryer set comes with this information labeled on it.

Blow Dryer Motor

But what you can do is, check if the motor runs on AC or DC.

AC or alternate current changes its direction perpetually as long as the motor runs. So the electromagnetic radiation diverts its pathways every once in a while accordingly. As a result, the generated EMF has no constant direction while the emission happens. It results in a weakened EMF radioactivity to add up to your benefit.

DC motors, on the other hand, never change its direction throughout an operation keeping its pathway constant. As a result, the emitted radiation heads to a particular one-way route to pull all the effects in that direction. So it inevitably affects the user more significantly than an AC motor.

Nowadays, newly developed digital motors are also found that come with specialized intrinsic EMF blockage mechanism. They are almost as good as AC motors but often more expensive.

Average Emission

As we have stated earlier, EMF emission levels are measured in the Miligauss unit (mG). And the emission level chart denotes that hairdryers emit a more substantial amount of radiation than most other home appliances.

Although the emission rate is often calculated and measured from different distances, it’s no secret that we apply hairdryers from a very close range of our heads. Even a regular exposure to 3-4 mG of emission can cause fatal diseases like brain cancer. So we must opt for the dryer with the lowest average emission level possible.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests the range of 0.5 to 2.5 mG as the recommended safety levels. To stay safe from the dangerous aftermaths of EMF exposure we have discussed above, you must go for a hairdryer that fits within this range.

Ion Generation

These days, almost every hair tool offers the benefit of negative ion conditioning. It’s a feature that helps reduce the frizz and kinks from your hair effectively.

However, it’s not actually the ionic technology that has to do anything with electromagnetic radioactivity. Instead, it’s the flow or velocity of these generated ions that play a part in controlling the radiation along with their number.

Ionic Technology Blow Dryer

The laws of physics suggest that the change of EMF in an area is inversely proportional to the number of ions passed through it. So with more ions, there’s lesser radiation. Also, the amount of EMF increases with the increment of the airflow rate. That’s why the best EMF blow dryers offer a moderate airflow rate, which neither gets too high nor too low.

Copper Barrier

Copper shielding or RF shielding has been the most common and most effective way of reducing EMF levels in cell phones. And now a few manufacturers have come forward with the idea of implementing them in hair dryers.

Copper is a conductive material that absorbs most of the radiated electromagnetic emissions in electrical devices and grounds them away from your body. A copper barrier is used for enclosing the interiors of such contraptions to separate the unit from the surroundings.

So when a hairdryer is shielded with a copper barrier, the emission is much less than when it’s not.

A Few Additional Features

Among the other notable features of a low EMF hair dryer, you may find the following.

  • Ceramic, Tourmaline Ceramic, and Digital heating materials.
  • Infra-red technology.
  • Multiple heats and speed settings.
  • Advanced moisture adjustment settings.

The Must-Have Features of an Ideal Low EMF Hair Dryer

All the low EMF blow dryers are professional salon-grade, and they are more expensive than traditional dryers. The fact that you’re spending huge bucks on a purchase, you won’t want the dryer to miss out on any of the key attributes. So make sure your hairdryer ticks all the boxes in the following list.

  • The wattage must be within the range of 1500-1800 watts
  • The motor must be running on alternate current (AC)
  • The average emission level must be limited within the range 0.5-2.5 milligauss (mG)

Top Low EMF Hair Dryers

It’s no wonder that protecting ourselves from the harmful radioactivities is the sole purpose of purchasing a low EMF hairdryer. But at the same time, you would naturally want your hairdryer to provide you with all the amenities required during a blow-drying session. So, choosing the best low EMF hair dryer is essential to get the best possible services.

Many companies have come up with low EMF dryers over the past few years. CHI is the most notable among the big names to have produced a handful of them. CHI Pro, CHI Turbo, CHI Rocket, CHI Deep Brilliance, Ultra CHI Low EMF are a few names worth mentioning. But apart from them, there are also Elchim, Barbar, Hot Tools among plenty of other brands with a variety of models.

With so many models, choosing the right one can be a daunting task, indeed. Besides, although most of them come labeled as low EMF dryers, there’s hardly any valid way to verify their credibility or actual competency without running tests because none of them provide information about vital traits.

So, to spare you the hassle, we have handpicked some of the best-rated low EMF hair dryers among a few dozens after long hours of in-depth researches and numerous test processes. But before we go into their reviews, take a look at their overall comparison in the chart below.

A Comparative Table for Clarification

PropertiesShield LifeDysonCHIElchimBarbarTrezoro
Wattage (Suggested: 1500-1800 watts)180016001500240011002200
Motor Type (Suggested: AC)ACDigitalACACUnspecifiedDC
Average Emission Level (Suggested: 0.5-2.5 mG)0.911.
Price ($)Around 170Around 400Around 100Around 200Around 150Around 50

Shield Life EMFreedom Hair Dryer

Shield Life EMFreedom Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Top Pick

Shield Life Beauty is a company dedicated to producing “Radiation-guard” household products. With the objective of an EMF-free environment, their EMFreedom hairdryer is such another product that promises to deliver professional-grade, risk-free blow-drying sessions.

The blow-dryer tops our list with only 0.9 mG of average EMF emission level, the lowest in the market up until now. With such a flat emission rate, it reduces the chances of potential health risks regarding EMF radiation more than the rests in the list.

Meaning, no matter you are a professional or a regular user at home, you can remain free of health concerns when bringing the unit close to your head. More so, it’s the best suit for those who are looking for the safest blow-dryer to use on their grade-schooler kids.

The unit runs on a competent 1800 watts AC motor. Where the alternate current helps weaken the radiation levels with a continuous change of directions, the precise wattage level helps maintain the perfect flow of air required for a quicker and efficient blow-drying session.

It boasts a proprietary technology of negative ion spring to help maximize the moisture retention capability of your hair strands. But more than that, this technology contributes to the overall EMF reduction, which is your utmost priority.

Well, the goodness of EMF demotion with this hairdryer doesn’t just end here. The company’s patented EMF shielding technology also includes a copper barrier in its interior, which absorbs up to 75% of radiation to boost the EMF reduction process.

If you’re seriously concerned about the safety of yourself and your child, this EMFreedom hairdryer has to be the real deal for you out there. With its innovative technologies, ergonomic design, and apt drying mechanism, the dryer provides a complete blow-drying experience every hair-care enthusiast craves for.

A Few Additional Features

  • Ceramic-Infrared heating technology helps achieve faster shines and retains valuable vitamins and moisture.
  • The negative ion spring feature helps maintain the balance of natural oil levels of your hair.
  • It comes with two-speed settings and three heat settings.
  • Cools down instantly when switched cool.
  • An ergonomic and lightweight design for effortless maneuvering.
  • It provides relatively more silent blow-drying sessions than other models.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Runner-up

Renowned for manufacturing vacuum cleaners, electric purifiers, and electrical automotive, Dyson is entirely new in the hair tools industry. Their newly developed supersonic hairdryer has caught the eyes of hairstyle professionals with its unique technologies and excellent capabilities.

However, in terms of EMF emission, the hairdryer falls slightly behind the winning spot in our list, as the relatively lower emission level and the copper shielding gives the EMFreedom the edge. Also, the humongous price tag may even scare off some potential purchasers.

The dryer emits an average of 1 mG to give you the freedom of using it from any of your preferred positions without having to worry about health issues.

Dyson Supersonic boasts a digital 1600 watt motor that is engineered to provide much-reduced radioactivity while keeping up the airflow rate at a suitable range. The astutely developed mechanism comes with the patented Air Multiplier technology that produces a high-speed jet of airflow. It expedites your drying sessions with the utmost precision of hairstyling.

The unit provides optimal static reduction and heat damage protection with negative ion generation and infrared heating, which also helps maintain the low rate of EMF emission.

This highly durable hair dryer offers convenient adjustability with magnetic attachments. The lightweight, ergonomic design and long hours of usage allowance make this low EMF hair dryer a perfect choice for salon professionals.

A Few Additional Features

  • Infrared heating technology allows gentle heat flow for a pleasant drying experience.
  • Digital V9 motor provides much faster blow-drying operations.
  • Intelligent heat sensors to protect your hair and the attachments from heat damages.
  • Precise levels of multiple heat and speed settings.
  • Supersonic technology delivers nearly inaudible drying sessions.
  • Magnetic attachments include a styling concentrator, a diffuser, and a smoothing nozzle.

CHI Professional Low EMF Hair Dryer

CHI Professional Low EMF Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: Best for Budget

If you’re frightened by Dyson’s price tag and you can’t afford the EMFreedom either, you may consider this model from CHI. It’s available at a comparatively lower price with an adequately flat emission rate of the electromagnetic field.

The blow dryer emits an average of 1.5 mG of EMF radiation, a bit higher than the previous two models we’ve discussed above. But it does fit within the recommended range given by the EPA. So you can surely pick this one with your hand down.

This unit runs on a 1500-watt AC motor, a bit less powerful than our top two. So you may not get the exact amount of airflow those two provide. But the fact that it successfully checks the emission rate, you can be free of worries regarding EMF issues.

The CHI pro is a salon-grade dryer that also features a ceramic infrared heating mechanism providing damage-free gentle drying sessions. Also, a hefty amount of ion generation feature adds up to your benefits with EMF blocking assistance and professional-grade finish.

If you’re low on budget yet uncompromising about radiation issues, this hairdryer from CHI is undoubtedly worth your money.

A Few Additional Features

  • Ceramic-Infrared heating technology for the gentle blow-drying experience.
  • Produces abundant negative ions for a shinier finish.
  • Comes with a filter for an easy cleaning process
  • The attachments include a concentrator and a diffuser.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design.
  • 11-feet long salon-grade cord.

A Few More Alternatives

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim, the Italian brand has been producing quality hair care products for more than seventy years. The 3900 healthy ionic model is a salon-quality hairdryer they claim to be radiating low electromagnetic emissions.

However, although it does emit a relatively low level of radioactivity (3.2 mG) than most other models in the market nowadays, it’s not adequately low to fit within the safety range.

So if you happen to use it, you’ll have to be extra precautions to keep it at a safe distance from your head. And that must be a bit annoying since it’ll make the airflow will struggle to reach your hair strands properly.

The unit does boast a powerful 2400-watt AC motor, which produces a massive flow of air to make the process somewhat less daunting. But again, the heavier the flow is, the stronger the emission level gets. So in order to use it safely, you cannot but keep the airstream at the lowest setting every time, and therefore, compromise with the prolonged duration.

Regardless of these issues, the model is a quality one that can provide excellent salon-grade results. We recommend going for this unit only if you’re not a frequent user of a hairdryer, or you can cope with those concerns regarding maneuvers.

Barbar ECO8000 Blow Dryer

This blow-drying contraption from Barbar emits an average of 4.1 mG of EMF radiations, more than all the above models we’ve discussed till now.

If you’re concerned about all those harmful effects of radioactivities, this can be the sole factor in deterring you from purchasing this product. After all, why would you sacrifice your easeful movements while not getting the proper amount of airflow from a distance?

Yes, this issue gets more conviction from the fact that the unit runs on a weak 1100-watt motor. So you cannot expect adequacy of heat flow for a proper drying session.

Noise might be another reason for you not to choose it. The dryer gets really loud after a few minutes of running.

More so, the dryer costs nearly a hundred and fifty bucks, which is definitely not worth it, since it neither protects you from EMF nor it delivers close enough a perfect drying experience.

Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Dryer

Trezoro ionic professional dryer is a low-budget model that gave us an outrageous average EMF test reading of 26.5 mG!

So it’s needless to say that it has already got subdued by the rest of the models in our list.

A powerful DC motor (2200-watt) has been implemented on this unit for a better flow of hot air, hence quicker drying sessions.

But when a direct current is passed through it, the unit forces the direction of the EMF emission to remain constant. So there’s no way for the radiation to get weakened by any means. Thus, the high emission rate.

The unit lacks any other possible EMF blocking mechanism, hence it’s hard to recommend this product despite the faster drying sessions it provides.

A Few Additional Tips for EMF Protection

By now, it’s no more unknown to you how dangerous EMF radiations can be. So here we’ll share a few tips with you on how you can fend off the harmful emissions.

  1. Just as we have made it clear already, keeping distance between the source and your body is the key to deal with EMF exposures. The higher the gap, the lower the exposure.
  2. Try not to use your hairdryer unless it’s an obvious necessity. A limited time spent near a device lowers the exposures.
  3. Keep up the practice of towel drying your hair after showers. Better if you use microfiber towels as they are more effective moisture absorbents than the regular ones. This way, the need for using a hairdryer will become a lot less.
  4. You can use EMF neutralizing devices for all household appliances. You will find a few plug-n-play devices that effectively absorb the radiation for a safer environment. The eLink EMF Family Neutralizer is a name worth mentioning here.
  5. You can also try out a few protective crystals found in nature. Flint, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Amazonite, Green Adventurine, Rainbow Fluorite, Smokey Quartz, Fulgurite, etc. are a few mineral crystals that absorb electric and magnetic radiations from your surroundings when you keep it near electrical devices. However, their effectivity is too low to depend on completely.

We suggest that it’s essential for you to get a low EMF hairdryer to administer a complete overall safety.

Final Say

From our thorough discussion, we can conclude that the best low EMF hair dryers can be a great asset for us in defense of ourselves from the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Yes, the vulnerability may not be of the same degree for everyone. But purchasing a low EMF blow dryer can be the wisest investment when you’re not the one to compromise a bit about health concerns.

Hopefully, our recommendations above will be helpful enough to assist you in selecting the perfect solution with the best EMF protection.


  1. Hi,

    I sleep with a blow dryer on my bed for noise and slight warmth. I always keep it at least 3 to 4 feet away from me. It’s a standard 1875 watt tourmaline ionic blow dryer from Conair. I usually keep it on low speed and low to medium heat setting. You can basically put it to your skin and not get burned at that setting.

    I know it’s a bit weird, but I know I am also not the only one out there that does this. Am I at risk of exposure at this distance or am I safe?

    Anyway, great article! Thank you.

    1. Hey Joe!

      First of all, thanks for the kind words.

      Secondly, we would like to assure that from the distance you have mentioned, your EMF exposure would be close to zero. The main risk from hairdryer EMF radiation is the close proximity to your head when you’re using it, which really isn’t an issue for you here.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hello there,

    Very, very useful and informative article! Enjoyed reading every part of it!

    And it was a sigh of relief when I learned that the Solano Super Solano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer is considered as a low EMF hairdryer because I have been using this drying tool for quite some time now.

    Good work guys!
    Keep it up!

  3. Going through your article was quite a journey for me. Step by step you have listed and explained all the effects of EMF that now I am afraid to use my hairdryer even for once.

    I shouldn’t have read this article.

    Nevertheless, great article! I am quite surprised that you have come up with a very serious topic and wrote about it. Great job!

    1. Dear Christian,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      And we are really sorry to hear that you are frightened to use your blow dryer. You can either air-dry your manes or use a low EMF hairdryer like the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer to save yourself from the bad effects of EMF.

  4. Hello there,

    Nicely written article with lots of useful information!

    But I would like to mention that I have clicked on all the three links of amazon you provided and only one of them is valid with the dryer available.

    I would appreciate if you had provided some valid links or changed the dryer list overall so that your reader could actually buy (obviously, who are willing).

    I do appreciate the information though; your website is so helpful.

  5. Hey,

    Thanks for the review.

    I’ve been wondering if the EMF levels checked represent all directions of the hair dryer? Also on the handle where your hand is when holding it, and not just the direction pointing to your head?

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