Cancer and EMFs

Thomas Edison initially presented us with electricity as a light bulb meant to be realistic and durable, destined to lighten up our world and make our lives easier. In a little over a hundred years, electricity has completely re-written the course of history, giving us astonishing amounts of innovation that we once couldn’t even dream of!

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However, with the upsides to electricity, also come the cons or negatives. While we are leading and enjoying easier and more comfortable and easily accessible lives, our contemporary electronic gadgets are inaudibly killing us! Our gadgets release “dirty electricity” or something called electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Most of these frequencies are in fact very dissimilar to any other thing existent within the realm of nature. As our environments continue to become more and more filled with EMFs that are unnatural or man-made, our bodies and whole beings are being disturbed by these EMFs, bringing about detrimental results for our bodies and mind along with a whole list of diseases that were once unheard of.

We are surrounded by an increasing amount of EMFs that harm cell membranes, affect the brain negatively, and influence our DNA replication mechanism in addition to much more. The statistics behind EMF’s harmful effects is growing by the day.

What Are EMFs?

In order to get a better understanding of EMFs, we need to comprehend the four main constituents that fall under EMFs, mainly electric fields, radio frequency, magnetic fields, and dirty electricity. These components affect our well being in both minor and major ways. Only recently have we begun to comprehend the depth of harm EMFs are having on us.

Electric fields are formed at strong levels depending on the distance between the gadget and the electric source. Electric fields tend to become stronger whenever there is a surge in the voltage amount or if the source of electricity is near the conductor being charged.

Radio frequencies are generally produced by electrical charges found moving about an antenna. This is predominantly used in communication devices such as telecommunication towers, broadcasting antennas, cell phones and other wireless technologies (i.e. Wi-Fi routers, certain cordless phones, etc.). Even though these waves are making rapid communication a reality for us, the harms involved are quite serious.

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Magnetic fields are usually produced in electronic machines or appliances that have a transformer or motor. This list of items that give out magnetic field includes things like microwave ovens, hair dryers, refrigerators, digital alarm clocks, washing machines, fluorescent lights, and even dishwashers.

Dirty electricity refers to electricity that is brought into our homes through electrical wiring or through the ground, through methods such as plumbing and other sources such as cell towers. Cell towers often run on direct current (DC), however current reaches them as alternating current (AC), which becomes harmful while being inverted. Health problems that are related to dirty electricity range from migraines, muscle and joint pains, diabetes, anxiety and even suicide!

One of the worst diseases that EMFs have brought forth is cancer. An increasing number of people are being diagnosed with cancer due to the excess use of gadgets and other home electronics, increasing their exposure to unhealthy EMFs.

How to Deal With It?

The reality of the matter is, we cannot live without electronics. Electronics have become an absolute necessity for us to lead our lives. However, we can try limiting our use of electronics as much as possible or use low EMF generated devices. We can also speak to experts on ways in which we can break away from extreme dependency on gadgets and the likes. It is a collective duty that needs to happen within households and not just on individual levels.

Raising awareness, gaining more knowledge on the matter and trying to break away from electronics as much as possible is our best shot at remaining healthier for longer periods of time.