Do EMF Protection Stickers Work?

There’s no denying that cell phones, along with a bunch of other household appliances, emit a notable amount of noxious EMF radiation. And many research works have shown how harmful this radiation can prove to be for your health. From anxiety to hyper depression, or chronic headache to even brain cancer, the number of health hazards because of EMF exposure is near limitless.

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And these concerns are the reasons behind EMF stickers to hit the mass market, which many people trust as their holistic anti-radiation shields.

But do EMF protection stickers work? Do they really do what they’re meant for? Let’s help you find out all the answers.

What Do EMF Stickers Do?

Anti-radiation stickers or EMF stickers stick to your electronic gadgets and devices like phone, laptop, hair dryer, microwave oven, washing machine, and other similar daily appliances that radiates radio waves or electromagnetic fields.

These stickers are known to allure and absorb such radiations for keeping your surroundings free of harmful EMF. However, they claim to work in various ways, depending on the type of build they have. Most stickers have metallic assemblages. Those metals are believed to be electromagnetic frequency repellents that deflect the EMF or turn them into something non-harmful for our body.

Regardless of the model types, one thing is evident among EMF experts that it’s nearly impossible to test them for real. Also, metals are proven conductors of radio waves, which leaves the question unanswered- where do the conducted radiations go?

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Do EMF Stickers Really Work?

Several scientific studies have worked on finding the answer to the question mentioned above. And that has led to more researches only to raise more questions on the effectivity of EMF stickers. But finally, the studies and analyses have reached an associated agreement to the answer to the question- “Do anti-radiation stickers work?”

And that answer is- “No, they don’t.”

According to the Federal Trade Commission of the United States, the EMF protection stickers are total scams. And this claim became more evident in 2009 after the Chicago Tribune published a thoroughly explained story, supporting this fact, which also mentioned the lawsuit they had launched against EMF measurements.

Later on, Samsung and Apple also championed this lawsuit by publishing articles that expressed how strongly they’d doubted the effectivity of EMF stickers. In 2017, CBS reported about a study that found EMF stickers have no minimizing effect on radiations emitted by radioactive devices.

Surprisingly, though, there have also been studies, which showed that some EMF protection stickers do precisely the opposite of their claims. They increase the emission levels in cell phones, laptops, and other communicating devices by boosting their signal outputs.

What do the Researches say?

The National Library of Medicine, in association with Motorola Research Laboratories and Corporate EME Research Laboratory, published a scientific study, which found evidence on the complete inefficiency of EMF stickers. This study used SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) measurement methods for testing cell phone radiations.

Testing EMF Protection Sticker

They’d conducted the SAR measurements by placing a cell phone near several phantom bodies, like those designed to impersonate a human head or other organs. Radiation detecting contraptions then measured the amount of radiation passed through that body part from the cell phone.

SAR measurement, however, can measure the precise amount of radiation that human tissues absorb. After all, radiations are only dangerous when our body absorbs it.

The scientists used nine different EMF shield stickers for this test and ran SAR through them. And despite those stickers claiming to fend off 99 percent of EMF radiation, they all failed to affect the SAR levels by any margin.

More Evidence

EMF sticker producing companies consistently failed to provide convincing scientific evidence that would back up their claims, which itself proves their inefficiency.

Manufacturing these stickers is also very cheap, and the manufacturers, therefore, found it remarkably easy to make their claims. So consequentially, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fined such two companies back in 2011 after running their own researches, which said they found no evidence that the stickers they produce can actually work. The study also marked their claims to be complete fabrications.

Here’s another thing- if EMF shield stickers worked, they would be ubiquitous among electronic gadgets by now. Companies would start incorporating them within the phone cases, or they would ship their radioactive products the same way.

Indeed, why would there be any reason for phone companies to ignore EMF stickers if they were truly the magic absorbers of radiation? They would’ve shown their efforts in producing and endorsing their own EMF stickers had it any sort of credibility.

Why Don’t EMF Protection Stickers Work?

So why don’t these anti-radiation stickers work after all, despite the hypes and exaggerations?

Emf Protection Stickers
  • EMF-shielding stickers usually come in pretty smaller shapes, and you can attach them to only tiny space of your device. Since an emitting device can radiate from each part of its body, a sticker can’t absorb all the emissions while sticking to only a single piece of it, even if it actually works.
  • As we’ve said earlier, some studies have found that EMF stickers make the communicating devices drop their signal strength. And it’s a known fact that EMF emissions occur mostly when a low-in-signal device tries to receive a signal. That’s how EMF stickers increase the radiations instead of decreasing them in most cases.
  • What’s most evident about EMF stickers is that the materials used in it can’t absorb any emission at all. The SAR measurement has proven it on several occasions. Although some stickers have shown that they absorb a fair amount of heat, they do not block EMF radiations by any means. They can’t even deflect or disperse the radioactive lines.

Final Thought

So, that’s that. If you kept looking for an answer to “do EMF protection stickers work?” you’ve undoubtedly found it through this write-up. They are of no use, and any investment in them is utterly pointless.

However, some newly developed EMF phone cases have emerged in recent years, which are said to be the real alternative to anti-radiation stickers since many users are claiming that they actually work.

They are designed specifically for cell phones, and they can cover the entirety of it. But the studies to prove their effectiveness are yet to be conducted, so we can’t recommend them for now. If you’re concerned about EMF emissions, what we can least suggest is always to keep an eye on their updates.