Is EMF Dangerous?

The very common word of our daily household familiarity is- EMF.  How can be a word harmful? Though most of us are yet in ignorance of the fact of EMF, it is doing what it has to do with our health. You may have read somewhere that, there is no problem to live with EMF or it’s not that dangerous- come on really? In this content, I am going to put on in what way EMF is dangerous and how. I know it very well as I have seen my closer one to suffer due to the side effects of this.

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Let’s be clear our concept about EMF before it is too late.

What Is EMF?

EMF means Electromagnetic Field. Everything that is naturally created including the human body produces electromagnetic fields. Furthermore, all that artificially made things produce electromagnetic fields, but in a low intensity. Technology creates much more forceful of that which can affect human health by electromagnetic radiation.

For example in a human body there are fat and sugar in both good and bad formats, similarly there are both safe and harmful EMF’s that can cause health issues for our body. This cannot be seen or heard. But if you stay at excessive time duration in the environment where artificial EMF’s are producing, you are sure to expose by it.

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IS EMF Dangerous?

Science says that human bodies are designed with its own EMF. Low waved electromagnetic spectrums are produced from household appliances at 50 to 60-hertz power ranges. They are harmful when for an extended period of time they are close to our body.

High-frequency waves of radiation cause significant health issues from sleeping problems to Cancer. The high-end RF or radiation frequency is produced from mobile phones, wireless phones, mobile antennas, broadcast towers, electrical security systems and many more.

Though scientists say that bioelectrical signals contribute to operating various processes of the human body; but powerful EMF’s can enter the body and hamper the natural way of working procedure of the body and end up with the sleeping problem to over stressing and sometimes harmful for the DNA and affects the immunity system.

Low emf devices like Mobile, Home Appliances, Hair Dryer are not bad for health.

Sources Of EMF

Have a look on the below points that describes how EMF is dangerous and how you get in touch with this-

Mobile and Smartphone

EMF from mobile

The mobile phones and smartphones produce strong radiation and we keep it using constantly. Research shows that a high quantity of this radiation can enter the brain even from the distance of 2 to 6 inches.

Electrical stress from computers

The highest period of time you are to the computer the forceful the electromagnetic field. The electrical stress risks the health that comes from the computer monitor, tablet or laptop.

Electrical Home Appliances

EMF from home appliances

Many of our electrical home appliances are the hotspot for dangerous EMFs like routers, TV, computer, microwave oven etc.

Surrounded radiation while traveling

An unsafe level of the radiation field can be edging you while traveling by airlines, buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and trains.

Wi-Fi Router

EMF from wi-fi router

Wi-Fi router is a very important part of our daily life but these constantly sending harmful signals around us. The toxic signals sent from Wi-Fi routers, antennas and modems can enter through the walls and spread the entire house as well as buildings.

Electrical Power Lines

It is proved from a number of researches that if you stay near the high voltage electricity lines and other electricity transferring network increase the chance of cancer and other health risks.

Mobile Towers

EMF from mobile towers

Mobile towers and antennas overflow the territory for miles to miles around with forceful high-frequency radio waves boarding large amounts of strong wireless microwave radiation to remain us connected.

Earth radiation

Earth radiation is the radiation of natural geomagnetic that produces through the earth is the hidden origin of electromagnetic pollution. Living over these contort fields can cause serious health problems.

Underground Metal Pipes

EMF from underground metal pipes

Underground situated metal pipes are the source of EMFs. Since the merely landed electricity lines produce significant EMFs, this enables to radiate your house as well as property.

With more technical developments invite the high-end radiation frequency. Our life gets easier and faster but the side effects are so poisonous to us, to our health. Only if we make our connectivity to these sources limited, we can be safe from the dangerous EMF.