Best Quiet Hair Dryer 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Quiet, powerful, speedy – are these all can be found together in a hairdryer? After our in-depth research and hands-on experience, we have taken the Berta1875w Professional Low Noise Salon Hair Dryer as our top pick.

You probably own a hairdryer that promises power, speed and does less harm to your hair, but at some point, you feel this annoying to you or your family person or the babies for the irritating noise from your beloved dryer. And if you take a few minutes more to dry your hair in the morning, it can ruin the sleep of your housemates or even can bring you a headache.

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However, some useful hair dryers have the right balance between performance and noise. Today we are going to discuss those noiseless dryers and which things you should have to consider to get the best quiet hair dryers for you.

Among the Plenty of Tested Hair Dryers, Let’s See Which Quiet Hair Dryers Are in Our Favorite List:

Berta1875W Professional Low Noise Salon Hair Dryer
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Berta1875W Professional Low Noise Salon Hair Dryer - Small HD64A1$$
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer - Small HD64A1$$$
MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875W Low Noise Hair Dryer
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MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875W Low Noise Hair Dryer - Small HD64A1$$
Jinri Professional Salon Low Noise 1875W Hair Dryer
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Jinri Professional Salon Low Noise 1875W Hair Dryer - Small HD64A1$$

Quiet Hair Dryer – Buyer’s Guide

What is Quiet Hair Dryer?

The hair dryer motor that has 1600-1875 wattage AC power and produces noise in between 60-75 decibel rating is called a quiet hair dryer.

Generally, a regular hair dryer provides such a level of sound that is very irritating, and sometimes your hearing may get affected by that noise. So, hairdryer companies have been trying to upgrading their motor and other features like removable filters, dual airflow, and AC or digital brushless motor. These things/features can reduce the loud sound of the blowers and keep the noise level at our endurance or pleasant to our hearing.

What Makes a Hair Dryer Noisy?

Hairdryers need to be powerful and speedy enough to make your hair dry so that you don’t need to rush out with water dripping hair. To fulfill the requirements, the hairdryer companies use an electric heating coil, which warms up the air. And for producing high speed, they use small fans, which are powered by universal motors

A universal motor is one kind of electric motor that can operate both on AC or DC. It uses electromagnetic power to create a magnetic field. There are brushes in the motor which rub the slotted armature, and this is exactly where the noise comes from.

Hairdryer creates very concentrated high-speed airflow, which helps to dry out the hair very quickly and effectively. For creating this hot airflow, the motors need to run fast and robust. And thus, the hairdryers become noisy.

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Picking Up the Right Low Noise Hair Dryer – the Must-have Features

Decibel (dB) Rating

The name “quiet hair dryer” is quite self-explanatory, and the decibel rating is key for it. You should check the decibel rating before buying one, and a silent hair dryer decibel should be close to 60-75dB. Most of the hairdryer you will find in the market, has decibel rating around 80 to 85. This noise level is extremely harmful to your ear. So, make sure your hairdryer has a sound level of 60-75 decibels.

hair dryer decibel


Checking the wattage rating of a hair blower is also vital to have an idea about the noise level it would produce. Generally, the hair dryer motors that have more than 1875 watts, are very powerful and can dry the strands more quickly and efficiently. But higher power means a higher noise level.

So, people may suggest you buy a hairdryer with a lower wattage rating, which is between 1200-1400 watts for having less noise.

But there’s no point buying a hairdryer if you cannot dry your strands well and fast with it! Fortunately, companies are now making their hair dryer’s motor with modern technology that can give you a better combination of power and silence.

However, after thorough research, we have found that the quiet hair dryers should have 1600-1875 wattage range. So, if you want to get a silent hairdryer yet powerful, you need to buy the dryer with wattage range.

Motor Types

One of the essential factors while choosing a low noise hair dryer is its motor type. An electric motor works by converting the electrical energy to mechanical force and creates motion. The motor is operated by the force and the interaction between a magnetic field and winding alternating (AC) or direct (DC) current. Now let’s talk about which motor is better for the low noise hairdryer.

AC Motor

AC motors do not have a commutator or brushes inside and work by a magnetic field that generates a constant torque in the rotor. The load moment is also smooth, which makes the fan run smoother and produce less noise. However, if the AC voltage does not get too much of harmonics; instead, it gets constant voltage against a static mechanical load, it will produce the least noise. Thus, the AC motors are quieter and produce less vibration as well. So, we prefer the AC motors for the noiseless hair dryer.

AC Motor

DC Motor

There are mainly two types of DC motors used in hair dryers – Brushed and Brushless. Brushed DC motors work by a mechanical system. So, yes, it produces too much sound while operating. Where brushless DC motors work by an electrical system and have wound armature attached to the center of it. While running, some acoustic noise is emitted during mechanical resonance and produces more noise than the AC motor.  And that’s why we don’t prefer DC motors this time for low sound hair dryers.

DC Motor

Digital (Brushless) Motor

Inside digital motors, there are 13 blades instead of standard 11 blades. This means the sound level goes above the audible range for human ears. That’s the beauty of digital brushless motors. It can produce ultra-fast speed with the noise that human ears can’t hear. For this, some hair dryers in the market have 1875 wattage but have very little noise. We also prefer the digital motors as these motors work by magnetic synchronization, produce the noise you can’t even hear and have modern technology.

Brushless Motor

Removable Filter

Removable filter comes handy because it can give you the flexibility of regular clean up. You can easily remove the filter and clean the whole front part of the dryer and fan. So, the hair and dust won’t get stuck in the fan for a long time and prevent producing extra noise unnecessarily.

Hair Dryer Removable Filter

Additional Features to Consider

  • Dual Air Flow:It helps the hairdryer to improve drying and make it quieter. It creates a fixed distance of space between the length of the fan and the barrel, which helps to reduce the sound.
  • Length of the Barrel:If the barrel is short, then it does not require much force in the fan speed. As a result, it becomes quieter.
  • Ionic:Negative ions help to keep and provide moisture in hair and disown positive ions from shower water, humid weather, which makes your hair less frizzy and healthy.
  • Infrared:The infrared heating system can work faster and spread exceptionally even heat. So, your strands get less damage and become smoother and shinier.

The Must-Have Features at a Glance

  • Wattage: It should be in between 1600-1875w. This will the perfect balance for having the best powerful quiet hair dryer.
  • Motor Type: AC and Digital Brushless motors are the perfect motors for low sound hair dryers.
  • Decibel Rating: It should be between 60-75 dB.
  • Removable: A perfect noiseless hair dryer must have a removable filter.

Top Quiet Hair Dryers

After testing about half a hundred of low noise hair dryers, we have found these dryers that we think are the best among the dryers we have tested. Our selecting and testing process was not that much easy. We needed to invest countless hours on our hand-on experience to find out the best one. Here we are, presenting you the hair dryers that are silent and have all the necessary features that you need in a perfect hair dryer.

Product Name/ PropertiesBertaDysonMHUJinriRevlonPanasonic
MotorAC MotorDigital Brushless AC MotorAC MotorDCAC
Decibel (dB)70-7272-7574-7572-748552-60
Removable FilterYes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Berta1875W Professional Low Noise Salon Hair Dryer

Berta1875W Professional Low Noise Salon Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Top Pick

We’ve taken it as our top pick as it has the features and functionalities like a flagship low noise hair dryer but costs like a budget one.  The Berta 1875w also has earned its position because of its very low noise, powerful saloon-grade heating feature, and fast-drying capability with very little damage.

The very first important feature for a hairdryer is how powerful the motor is. As we’ve tagged it as our best quiet hair blow dryer, you do not need to worry much about its sound. This Berta blow dryer has 1875W powerful AC motor, which ensures 44% faster drying than other dryers but generates low sound (about 70-72 dB).

Another thing we’ve liked that it has a dual airflow feature thus, this dryer can provide powerful airflow but produce very low noise. The length of the barrel is also short that helps the motor being silent while operating.

There is also a removable filter that prevents the hair and dust get tucked into the dryer and avoids making it noisier day by day.

The Berta1875w low noise hair dryer is fast enough (50% fast drying) and can produce a huge number of ions so that your hair stays neutral, smooth and shiny. The three-layer of ceramic & tourmaline coating ensure consistent, smoother and even heat that the cuticles of your hair get sealed immediately.

Moreover, Berta inserted an overheating protection mechanism to avoid any accidents and produces better heat quality that your hair isn’t exposed to heat for too long. This way, the strands stay healthy.

Additional Feature:

  • Infrared technology
  • Anti-overheating mechanism
  • Cool shot button
  • Dual airflow and shorter barrel length

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Runner-up

Although having the recent technology, inaudible in operation, and top-notch build quality, the Dyson Supersonic has ranked 2nd in our list only for its price tag. It costs more than $350 which is way more than other good quiet hair dryers available in the market.

There are some other features you will not find here like it has no infrared, little heavier than others. Besides, it produces about 72-75 dB of noise which we think is a little bit higher theoretically for a 1600 wattage motor.

But what makes it worth?

The very first thing that catches our mind is that the technology in its Digital brushless motor. Dyson uses Magnet synchronous DC Motor, which is prominent working almost without sound. This type of motor has no contact with the stator, and as it is brushless, it produces nearly no noise theoretically.

However, the 1600 wattage power does not mean that the hairdryer produces weak airflow. It has a great combination of strength and silence, and you love its performance definitely. This blow dryer has a sensor inside, which keeps it from getting too hot by measuring the heat continuously. The fast-drying feature also decreases the drying time and does less harm to your hair.

Another feature we have liked it that after drying with this blow dryer, your hair will not get stuck in it. Dyson has placed the vent to the bottom handle, and the filter is removable. So, there will be no chance of getting hair caught on the back vent, and there will be no hair burnt smell.

Besides, this motor is smaller and lighter, which also helps the dryer to produce lesser sound. In terms of hair protection, Dyson Supersonic is engineered in such a way that it occurs lesser damage to your hair. The company says it increases the smoothness of your hair by 75%, shines by 132%, and it reduces frizz about 61%.

If you really want to try a premium quality, powerful yet low sound hair dryer and you are not on a budget, this can be the best bet for you (considering the money, of course!).

Additional Features:

  • Heat measuring sensor (Intelligent Heat Control)
  • Heat damage protection
  • Precise speed and heat settings
  • Magnetic attachments that can let you adjust easily and quickly

MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875W Low Noise Hair Dryer

MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875W Low Noise Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: 2nd Runner-up

We had to take this as our 3rd pick because it is a little bit noisy compared to other hair dryers on this list. There are also a bunch of reasons and the differences are marginal. Only MHU hairdryer lacks heat protection/shockproof and has a higher price tag (except Dyson). Besides, this is not a good hair dryer for very thin or fine hair.

If you want a product with a solid feel, optimum performance, and the best product for thick and curly or kinky hair, but can consider the little bit noise (not too much), you may buy this hair dryer if you prefer brand value and build quality.

However, telling about the features we must mention that this blow dryer has 1875W very powerful AC motor with a sound level of 74-75dB (which is higher than the first one on our list). It has a removable filter that comes handy to help your hair dryer stay silent for a long time.

With far-infrared and having a huge amount of negative ion technology, it becomes one of the best quiet ionic hairdryers and with it, you can dry your hair fastest way possible. There will be no frizziness or heat-damage to the strands also.

Additional Features:

  • Heating indicator
  • Non-flimsy, durable build quality, and excellent grip
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings
  • Infrared and ionic
  • Comes with airflow concentrator and diffuser

Jinri Professional Salon Low Noise 1875W Hair Dryer

Jinri Professional Salon Low Noise 1875W Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 4

Our Opinion: Best Budget

Jinri is a very budget-friendly hairdryer and generates less than 74dB sound. The 1875W powerful AC motor made by Jinri creates airflow for up to 90 km/h without making much noise or vibration, which really surprises us. We chose it as the best affordable quiet hair dryer because of its low price and other praise-worthy features.

However, it has also a removable filter so that hair will not remain inside, and you can clean it quickly without much hassle.

You can get rid of frizziness with its better working far-infrared technology, cool shot feature, and three attachment tools. The whole mechanism works together to lock moisture in the cuticles, dry to the hairs’ core and ensures perfect heat distribution.

Another important thing is that the dryer comes with a concentrator, diffuser, and comb. As a result, both men and women with any hair length can use this tool to style their hair.

Additional Features:

  • Infrared and ionic
  • Dual Airflow
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable heat and speed settings
  • The cool shot option helps you seal the drying without any frizz

Other Considerations

In case if you want to learn about more noiseless hair dryers, these two dryers can be in your consideration. Both the Revlon and the Panasonic are very good and well-known brands though, at this time, we have not picked the hairdryers from these two brands as our top pick for several good reasons. Read our explanations below:

Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet Pro Ionic Dryer

First of all, Revlon RVDR5045 uses DC motor and produces more than 80 dB, which was not our preference for low noise hairdryer. Another reason for it’s being too noisy is it has no dual airflow feature which can assist to minimize the noise while blowing.

Revlon lightweight quiet hair dryer does have not any infrared heating technology also. You know the importance of the infrared for any type of hair while using heat on your strands. So, we cannot ignore this feature this time.

Besides, it costs more than all other hair blowers on our list (excluding Dyson supersonic). But it can’t offer similar specs and features. In our opinion, you will not get the best value for money with this Revlon RVDR5045 blow dryer.

Panasonic EH5305P-T Low-Noise IONITY Hair Dryer

Having all the perfect features of a noiseless hairdryer, this Japanese Panasonic blow dryer couldn’t take place on our top list only for its 1200w motor and having no removable filter feature.

But in terms of noise-producing, it generates only 52-60dB of sound which is amazing and better than any other hair dryers we have tested.

But we have said earlier, “there’s no point buying a hairdryer if you cannot dry your strands well and fast with it!” Although this super quiet hair dryer produces the very least amount (almost no sound), we cannot accept this as the best silent hair blower for its low powered motor. It takes a longer time to dry out your hair and you may become irritated with its low powered airflow.

And as it has no removable filter, it would be hard to clean it properly and there will be a chance of becoming noisy day by day.

Final Words

So, this is all we’ve got for today. If you do not want to get your hearing affected from the everyday use of your blow dryer, you must replace the current one (if this is not much silent). However, with this long guide and excellent piece of information, you can now buy the perfect low noise hair dryer for you and make your morning peaceful.

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