How Loud Is A Hair Dryer?

In the present time, the scarcity of time has led us to depend on hair dryers like a must one device. Hair dryers are quite reasonable for drying up the hairs within seconds but most of the hair dryer comes with a loud noise. You even might not have noticed how loud a hair dryer can be! Most of the moderate dryers come with a sound range of around 90 to 100 decibel where the constant sound level of 85 decibels can really damage our hearing power.

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Even a small motor comes with noise due to the spinning part of it. And the dryers at present come with heavy motors of around 1600 to 1800 Watts or above. Thus the electromagnetic and mechanical interaction creates high pitched noise. But there are also some hair dryers that flaunt 50db sound level. But a low sound level hair dryer may take some extra time to dry your hairs.

Quiet Hair Dryers, the Solution to Excessive Sound Level

As the article informed that some of the dryers have a moderate or harmless sound level and they are known as the quiet hair dryers. Quiet hair dryers come with the sound level of around 70db to 90db. Even some high-end models can be run at such low levels as 10 to 30 decibels. But the ideal vision of quiet hair dryers comes with around 60db of sound level. As a continuous exposure of 90db sound level can seriously damage your hearing power, it is a wise choice to pick quiet hair dryers.

These dryers have AC motors that relatively less heavy and produce less sound. Panasonic EH-NA65 Hair Dryer with nanoe™ technology and Dyson Supersonic intelligent heat control would be a smart choice to invest.

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Challenges Identifying the Quiet Hair Dryers

Well, whether you call it the business trick or forgery, most of the brands are unwilling to disclose the actual decibel level and decibel level warnings in the labels or packages until they have really low decibel level to show off. But you cannot just pick any random dryers and endanger your hearing ability. In such circumstances, you must check on some features to be sure of the noise level and here they are:

  • You can simply check out the wattage of your dryer. Usually, the heavy motor and high wattage dryers tend to create more noise. Hair dryers between 1400 to 1600 watts act relatively quiet while operation. But the most popular dryers in the market have 1875 watts and they relevantly come with heavy motors thus produce more noise.
  • Hair dryers with Ionic technology also soundless. If you don’t see the decibel level in the packaging, you can choose a hair dryer with Ionic technology.
  • Dual airflow is a setting that has a direct impact on sound level. As it uses the fixed space between the body and the fan, it can really low down the decibel level.