What Is Hair Dryer’s White Noise? Is It Harmful Or Beneficial To Humans?

What do you think about the sound that comes out of a hair dryer? Do you like it or it annoys you? You might call it an ordinary and irritating noise, but the sound of a blow dryer is white noise in reality.

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I’ll explain the fact about white noises for those who don’t know about it. We all know that the white color consists of all the other colors. The same goes for white light and white noise too. White noise is a mixture of all sorts of sounds including high and low pitch sounds. A hair dryer’s sound is also white noise.

When you hear white noises, you won’t hear the high pitch sound or the lower one specifically. Instead, you’ll listen to one sound which is a mix up of many sounds. White noises have nerve-soothing abilities. Most researches indicate that they are good for health.

How does a blow dryer produce white noise?

A process that includes moving air particles fast while the components of the device revolve at high speed creates sound. For instance, exhaust fan, washing machine, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners produce white noise.

  • A hair dryer has a fan inside of it which regulates air in and out to generate cold and hot air. When we turn a hair dryer on, the current turns the main motor on, and the heating element starts working.
  • The turbulent then makes the fan to revolve and draw air from outside.
  • The hair dryer’s complete hot air supplying process includes various sounds of all of its components.
  • All these sounds sum up to one sound which seems much like white noise. You cannot differentiate between the sounds when you hear it. It sounds like one sound then.

Some hair dryers of recent days are designed to generate less sound and be much quieter than most previous models. The brands and companies sometimes call these blow dryers ‘white noise machines.’ People buy white noise generating machines for babies and themselves. However, you can have that white noise right at your place without having to buy an appliance for it only if you have a hairdryer.

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Is blow dryer’s white noise harmful for humans?

No, it’s not. Any sort of white noise is beneficial to health. These sounds are not only helpful but also can cure some diseases even (in special conditions). White noises never disturb you in your work. When you’re listening to it, your subconscious mind reaches the most relaxed point, and you can then concentrate on your jobs better.

Most people say that the sound of a hairdryer is loud. Nevertheless, it’s been proved to be excellent white noise, especially for infants.

Hair dryer white noise for babies

Hair Dryer white noise for babies

A hair dryer’s sound can calm your crying baby and put him to sleep. Are you wondering how that’s possible? How can the sound that irritates you ease your baby?

A hairdryer’s sound relaxes babies because infants are accustomed to white noises ever since they had been in the mother’s womb. The womb is not free from sounds. A baby experiences its mother’s eating sounds, breathing sounds, gurgles, burps, heartbeats, and all the other sorts of inner and outer environment’s sounds. All these sounds mix up altogether, and the baby hears them as white noises.

This very habit that the child had developed when he was in the womb makes him agitated frequently after birth. As the baby is used to the rumbles he heard from inside the womb, he cannot cope up with the quiet environment of a household easily.

If your baby is crying or it’s his sleeping time, you can calm him down or make him sleep in no time by turning on your hair dryer. The hair dryer’s sound will act as a background sound and will relax the baby. Don’t worry about anything because the white noises are safe for babies.

You’ll be surprised to know that many websites and apps upload and sell hair dryer white noise audios so that people can download and use them for their babies. Anyway, if your baby is of 4 to 12 months of age, you should know that babies of this age need white noises the most because of many physical and environmental change.

Hair dryer white noise for grown-ups

Hair Dryer white noise for grown-ups

White noises are useful for both adults and kids. When you’re doing something important, if you keep a white noise on in the background, you’ll stay more focused on your work.

Turn your hair dryer on and use its noise as a background sound. Your subconscious mind and the heart function properly when you work in between mild sounds. Moreover, these sounds won’t distract you from work instead they’ll increase your concentration on the chores.


There are both haters and lovers of a blow dryer’s sound. Whether you like the sound or not, any white noise will soothe your nerves. So, it’d be better for everyone to listen to white noises often, stay relaxed, and focused on work.