How to Moisturize Natural Hair

Natural hair is such a type of hair that has unique characteristics and it needs a great hair care routine consists of moisturizing. Your hair becomes dull and lifeless without proper moisturizing. Several ways are there by which you can add moisture to your natural hair. The process of moisturizing natural hair entirely depends on your hair type and hair porosity. You have to choose your right approach based on these matters. In our article, we have discussed all the methods of moisturizing natural hair positively.

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1. Adding Moisture Before Shampoo

Usually, you shampoo your hair twice/ thrice in a week, or according to your need. An excellent method that you may follow is to moisturize your natural hair before doing shampoo. All you need for this method are a few natural ingredients like honey, eggs, oil, and conditioner. You may use castor oil or coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil for this process. So, whichever day you choose to shampoo, make sure you go through this first. This process will add extra moisture to your hair follicles and will prepare your hair for facing shampoo with rough ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

  • Make your mixture, choose the oil wisely according to your hair porosity
  • Apply it evenly to your hair from the roots to the ends
  • Cover your hair using a plastic bag or a conditioning cap
  • Use your hairdryer with soft bonnet attachment to get hot conditioning
  • After that, use a moisturizing shampoo that contains sulfate, which will clean your scalp and hair shaft. As a result, sebum, sweat, dirt and other product build-up elements will be removed.
  • Selecting the right shampoo is important because clean hair retains moisture most

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2. Moisturize by Conditioners

Using conditioner is another useful method to moisturize your natural hair. After going through the shampooing process, your hair cuticles are open and raised. Your scalp is mostly dry and hungry for moisture. A qualitative moisturizing conditioner can be a good friend to your hair in this regard. You should choose a conditioner with water as the first element in it, and it is better if the conditioner has natural ingredients too. This conditioning process will moisturize your hair shaft and retain the texture.

Hair Moisturizing With Conditioners
  • Have the right amount of conditioner in your palm
  • Apply it evenly to the hair strands
  • Keep it for 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse it off with water

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3. Deep Condition Your Natural Hair

The in-depth conditioning process once a week is beneficial for your natural hair. Deep conditioning products are like thick pastes. These pastes are applied and kept for a long time so that it can moisturize your hair by interfusing hair shafts, which makes the hair soft and manageable. You can do this twice/ thrice in a week for better results. You will find some natural ingredients in your pantry, which will make good deep conditioners. Here we will let you know the necessary components and processes. It is recommended that you make your regimen according to your hair type and availability of the ingredients.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Honey mixed with ingredients like Avocado, Coconut oil, Olive oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Mayonnaise and eggs

Instructions for deep conditioning:

  • Wash hair with a mild shampoo and skip conditioning
  • Properly dry your hair with a blow dryer containing tourmaline materials
  • Apply your prepared deep conditioning mixture from the roots to the ends
  • Use a plastic cap or deep conditioning cap to cover your hair
  • Use a soft bonnet hair dryer. That will speed up the total deep condition process
  • Wait for 20-45 minutes
  • Rinse off the hair with a shampoo and use a regular conditioner

You may buy alternative deep conditioning products if you want to skip the prep stage at home. These are not less good than homemade deep conditioners. But we recommend natural ingredients for your natural hair.

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4. The Famous LOC Method

Many experts have spoken about this excellent LOC method, which can moisturize your natural hair. This method is very easy to apply and mostly organic. The LOC method consists of three ingredients, such as liquid, oil, and cream. The combination of these three ingredients will seal your hair to moisturize. Water can be the perfect choice for liquid as water is the best natural moisturizer. Jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil; any of them can be used. But you should be careful in this regard because of hair porosity. This method will make your hair soft and will retain a natural hairstyle.

LOC Method
  • Wet your hair with liquid
  • Apply oil to your natural hair to hold on to water molecules
  • Then apply a moisturizing hair cream to lock the moisture
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5. Applying the Maximum Hydration Method

The idea of this method is to add maximum hydration to your natural hair. Using ‘sulfate’ contained products for a long time makes your hair dehydrated and fragile. So that means there is a lack of care, and your hair needs additional moisture. This hydration method will get you healthy hair. You should follow it 7 days consecutively for the best results if you do it for the first time. You will need some ingredients like yogurt, baking soda, liquid amino, ACV, clay powder, etc. There are main 5 steps to follow this hydration method

  • Apply the CLT method the first day and skip step 1, where you need yogurt, baking soda, and liquid amino. We will discuss it later
  • Apply the mixture of baking soda, water, and silicon-free conditioner to your hair from the root to the tip. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash your hair using warm water
  • Apply warm silicon-free conditioner to your wet hair; wear a plastic cap or a conditioning cap. You have to wait for 15-20 minutes and rinse off hair after that.
  • Mix warm water and clay powder. Apply it in the wet hair sections from the roots to the ends
  • Apply silicon-free conditioner one part at a time while soaking wet.
  • Apply gel on your hair. Wet hair dissolves the products and does not leave residuary. Distribute the gel evenly. After that, let the hair air dry or towel dry

6. The GreenHouse Method

You may have heard the name ‘Green House Method’ for the first time, but it is an advantageous moisture-rich method to your dull, dry, and brittle hair. It is a way of infusing moisture into the hair that makes your hair strong and causes hair growth. You do not need too many ingredients for this. Any oil and cream will be enough for this. It is suitable for low porosity hair. Please follow this method at night just before you go to sleep.

Greenhouse Method
  • Divide your hair into several sections
  • Spray a little amount of water and then oil to your hair
  • Apply the hair moisturizing cream properly
  • Wear a plastic cap to cover hair and hold body heat
  • Leave it as the same and open it in the morning
  • Rinse it off with water and shampoo

7. Experimenting the Method of Bag

By using a sandwich bag or a plastic cap, you can lock your moisture. This is an effortless technique to moisturize natural hair. You need a moisturizing hair conditioner with that. In this process, you may apply the products to the ends of your hair, or if you think necessary, then you may apply all over the hair. Unlike the GHM, it uses a moisturizing conditioner.

  • Apply a moisturizing hair conditioner to your dry, clean hair
  • Tie a sandwich bag or a plastic cap using a hair tie around the area where the conditioner is applied
  • Keep it for 30-45 minutes.
  • For maximum benefit, keep it overnight

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8. Cherry Lola Treatment

Cherry Lola Treatment is a combination of protein, moisture, and hair treatment. You need liquid aminos, yogurt, and baking soda for this treatment method. The mixture of these ingredients will penetrate moisture into the hair shaft. Like the Green House Method, this also holds moisture best in lower porosity hairs. Though protein is beneficial for your hair health, too much protein is harmful. We recommend you to do this process once every 2 weeks.

Cherry Lola Treatment
  • Take 16 Oz. plain yogurt, 2 tbsp of liquid aminos, 2 tbsp of baking soda and make a mixture of it
  • Apply the mixture to the dry hair tips from the roots properly
  • Wear a plastic cap and keep it for 20-45 minutes
  • Rinse off it with water after that, or you may have deep conditioning

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9. Using Water-based Moisturizer

Unlike other methods that require multiple products, the water-based moisturizing is very uncomplicated and effortless. You need to buy a moisturizing product from the market, which has water as its first ingredient, and we will help in that — no hassle of mixing ingredients or waiting. Water is the best natural moisturizer. So, you can do it whenever you want to.

  • Take the right amount of your water-based moisturizer
  • Distribute it evenly to the hair ends from the roots

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10. Using Sealants

Sealants are not moisturizers, but they are used to seal the hair shaft to add moisture in the hair. For this process, your perfect sealant can be oil or butter. Applying this will seal the water molecules so that it can easily retain the moisture in the hair. You can make your sealants at home, or entirely rely on market products.

Butter & Oil
  • Properly wet your hair sections
  • Use any oil according to your preference or buttercream and apply that to your hair strands to seal
  • Cover your hair with a plastic cap and keep it for 20-30 minutes
  • Wash the hair

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11. Try Hot Oil Treatment

This is another hassle-free method to moisturize natural hair. Like the sealants, oils are not moisturizers, but they are beneficial in many ways. You may use castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil. You have to make a mixture of these oils. Applying this mixture will open hair cuticles and penetrate moisture easily.

  • Take plain water and hit it until it is boiled
  • Keep the oil mixture in the warm water until it warms up
  • Make sections of your hair and apply the oil evenly
  • Use a plastic cap to cover your hair and wait for 30 minutes
  • Shampoo your hair with cold water

Special Remark

  • As we said earlier, water is the best natural moisturizer. Keep your body dehydrated. 75% of our body is water. Drink as much water as you can for extra moisture
  • Use a special shower filter to prevent chlorinated water from damaging your hair.
  • Use Satin pillowcases to retain moisture

12. Hair Steaming

Steaming is also an easy option to moisturize your natural hair. After applying deep conditioning packs or oils, you may have hair steaming with a steaming machine or directly with a warm towel. This will raise the hair cuticles and will enable the products to penetrate the hair shafts. But when using a steaming machine, temperature shall not be suitable and according to your hair type.

Hair Steaming

Bonus Tip

Regularly (once in 6-8 weeks) trim to get rid of dry split ends

Final Thoughts

All the methods to get moisturized natural hair have been stated above. Some of them are time-consuming; some of them are not. If you have enough time to spend on your hair, we recommend you to go through the detailed processes. We guarantee you that you will get maximum moisture to your natural hair at the end of the day.