How To Make A Retractable Cord Reel

Long extensions cables are always a mess. They inevitably tangle themselves up within itself. And we, as a matter of fact, are all tired of electrical power cords laying all around our homes and offices. We use electronic equipment, such as phone chargers, hair straighteners, hair dryers etc. The long unused cords of this equipment create a mess all the time. An easy solution to this problem is a retractable cord reel!

Featured Image Of How To Make A Retractable Cord Reel

Coming to the point, let’s first make a clear conception of what a retractable cord reel is. This is actually an equipment that coils the unused portion of the long electrical cord within itself either automatically, or we can even do it manually. Only the required length of the cord for appliances is exposed. This not only prevents tangling of the cable but also prevents chances of tripping over the tangled cord at bay. So, now, let’s directly jump to the required equipment to make a retractable cord reel. They are listed below:

  1. Two pieces of hardboard or wood.
  2. A portion of hollow PVC pipe or a can
  3. Screws and screwdriver
  4. Hammer
  5. Small Jigsaw
  6. Hot glue
  7. A hook
  8. A knob

Firstly, take the hard boards or wood and cut them into a circular shape with the help of a jigsaw. Then, properly file the edges and make them smooth, so that, you don’t get hurt while using them. The PVC can/pipe be leveled off on both sides.

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Now, attach the hook in the pipe/can with screws on one side and make a hole on the can, big enough to put the plug of a wire through it. Afterward, place the can or the portion of the PVC pipe in between the two circular pieces of hard boards and use hot glue to attach it to the circular boards. Don’t forget to place the can/pipe exactly at the center. Then, mount a knob on either of the hardboard/wood. The knob must be on the outer side. The wheel is almost done here.

Next what you can do is, fix a pipe on the wall or floor and mount it strongly. You can also mount the pipe on a rigid stand or holder. Remember that, the width of the pipe should be very close to the width of the can you used before. It should not be wider. And the length should be maximum two inches longer than the can and of course not shorter than the can.

The final step is that you have to put the wheel you made on the mounted pipe, through the hollow area of the can/pipe. You will find the mounted pipe is a bit longer. This extra length is required to lock the wheel from coming out or falling off from the pipe. Lock the pipe with a cap or you can attach two screws straight upright at the outer end. Afterward, take the wire you intend to use and make it through the hole you initially made on the can and pull it outside. Attach the wire to the hook you attached initially at the inside of the wheel. And voila! You are done making the retractable cord reel. You just need to rotate the wheel by grasping the handle and you will see that the extra unused length of the wire is coiling around the can inside the wheel!

You can easily use this homemade retractable cord reel to organize the cords of the daily electronic equipment at your home. It may be the unnecessary long cord of hair dryers, hair straighteners or even other electrical wires around the house and office. You just need to make the retractable cord reel according to the size you need. For example, for hair dryers, you can make a small retractable cord reel and place it in your dressing room for convenience.