Why You Should Never Dry Your Hair with A Regular Towel

The best way known to men and women to dry wet hair is by air drying. In reality, we often don’t have the time to practice the best method. So, regular towels or cotton clothes come into the picture. Saving time and effort can cause damage to your hair.

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For your interest, we’ve gathered 5 reasons for which you should never dry your hair with a regular towel or cotton clothes. Let’s find out.

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Reason 1

When you use regular towels to dry your hair, it absorbs water and gets heavier. The cotton towel or terry cloth towel already contains some weight on them. Consuming water, they become so massive that it causes the strands to break.

Moist hair tends to be more elastic and vulnerable. So, the gravitational pull in wet condition can cause considerable damage.

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Reason 2

If you don’t want to ruffle up the cuticles of your hair, you will stop using regular bath towels now. You like to bind your wet hair with a towel and carry out your routine tasks. But it produces some severe damage to your hair if it’s a cotton towel.

Small cotton loops sometimes get entangled with dripping hair and cause harm.

Reason 3

Drying wet hair by rubbing a cotton towel is a straight NO. It causes the hair-ends to split and small craters all the way. Without rubbing might retain you from this but you can’t avoid other damages that are mentioned here.

These regular towels have large loops and loosely woven and causes a great deal of damage to your hair.

Reason 4

Everyone expects to have their hair smooth and defined all the time. But washing hair with super-hot water, using a product that contains alcohol or sulfate, or drying with a cotton towel will lead to frizzy hair.

Your hair is at the most vulnerable state when they are saturated. Managing it with a Terry cloth towel is unhealthy as it is made of cotton as well.

Reason 5

All those reasons described above steer it to the last and the most obvious reason. It weakens the hair pretty severely. All the reasons we’ve seen leads to weakening the hair and hair loss.

So, do you know how it ends? Having weak hair will result in hair loss. No one desires that. Step up and stop using bath towels now.

Reasons for different hair types

We all inevitably have different hair types. A list of those types is given below. The description will tell you what damages regular towels do to your hair type. You’ll also find which used towel would be best suited for your particular hair type.

Straight Hair

Straight hair owners are gifted with natural shiny and smooth hair. If you’re a straight hair man or woman, you can quickly lose that feature by only using regular bath towels. You should try using such cloth that doesn’t create friction while rubbing and cotton towels are perfect for friction.

Straight Hair

Wavy & Curly Hair

Wavy and curly hair should not be rubbed in any case. It causes frizz and breakage. So you need using such a towel that doesn’t need to be massaged to absorb water. Also, wavy and curly hair contains less moisture than straight hair. Using a regular towel will make it over dried and cause harm. You guys with wavy or curly hair should stay miles away from any cotton towel to dry your hair.

Wavy & Curly Hair

Thick Hair

Thick Hair

Think hair is a blessing as it says out loud that your hair is healthy. It won’t stay as a blessing anymore if you’re using bath towels to dry them out.

The hair can get small cuts along the way and have split ends. It also weakens from the base.

Thin/Fine Hair

Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, you’ll affect the most than others using cotton towels. All the reasons stated above are valid for you.

We’re not repeating as you’ve already seen those points. You must use microfiber towels starting right now.


Afro-textured hair tends to stay dry and rough. So, drying should not be too much. The end of afro-textured hair breaks easily. So, you’ve to be careful about that. But using regular bath towels, you can never be cautious with your hair.

Afro-textured Hair

So, why should you never dry your hair with a regular towel? We hope you get the answer now. Stop using the towel to dry your hair, which you use to do other things.


Hair and teeth comprise two very significant parts of our body. We’ve to maintain them with care regularly. For hair, we frequently make a mistake, thinking it can be managed with typical items. Ultimately, that doesn’t go well in the long run.

Bath towels are mainly made of cotton or cotton blends. Whatever it is, we should avoid those. Instead, we should use microfiber towels. That way, we can prevent the damage possibilities described above.